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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Xitron acquires Computer-to-Plate and Computer-to-Film RIP business of RTI

Xitron, the leading independent developer of RIP and workflow products for commercial, digital, and high-speed inkjet printing has announced an agreement with Global Graphics Software, developer of the Harlequin RIP and parent company to RTI-RIPs.com. On January 2, 2018, Xitron acquired the Computer-to-Plate and Computer-to-Film RIP business of RTI.

Prior to the agreement, RTI sold and supported Harlequin RIPs through their website, mostly to print providers in North America. Xitron will now be responsible for all new Harlequin RIP sales, as well as upgrades for existing RTI RIPs in the commercial offset and flexo market segments. In turn, RTI’s focus will shift to light production printing applications, screen printing, and direct digital markets.

“Xitron and RTI have existed in the same vertical space together for years, with RTI selling Xitron interfaces as part of their Harlequin RIP kits,” said Karen Crews, president of Xitron. “This agreement reinforces our commitment to supplying these markets with productive, economical RIP and workflow products well into the future.”

The accord comes as many print providers find themselves in transition between traditional printing processes and digital alternatives such as high-speed inkjet and other digital press technologies. As printers migrate toward these new alternatives, continuity of workflow and operator familiarity become important keys to a successful transition.

“This is an area where Xitron continues to excel,” said Jeffrey Piestrak, Xitron product manager. “RTI’s computer-to-plate customers will find Xitron’s Navigator workflow driving many of the digital presses currently enjoying success in the inkjet market. Since that same workflow can be configured to drive their CTP engines, RTI RIP customers will find themselves in an excellent position for transition with little additional cost.”

According to Ms. Crews, Xitron will continue to pursue development paths for traditional prepress RIP and workflow products, as well as high-speed inkjet and other digital press applications. “There’s no question that digital technologies get the lion’s share of attention in print media today,” she says. “However, there are thousands of printers in the commercial and flexo markets who still need our help with conventional prepress technology.”

INX to feature solvent-based packaging and metal decoration inks at ExpoPrint Latin America

With a significant worldwide presence supported by parent company Sakata INX of Japan, INX International Ink Co. will display its strength and global reach by showcasing a complete product line of inks and coatings at ExpoPrint Latin America, being held March 20-24 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

South America’s largest industry event, ExpoPrint Latin America represents the first time INX (booth 417) will be exhibiting in South America. The product lines that will be displayed are geared to showcase the strengths of Creative Industria e Comercio Ltda., one of the leading manufacturers of flexographic and gravure packaging inks. INX acquired the company in December 2016.

“ExpoPrint is an excellent opportunity for INX to demonstrate our consistent global expansion efforts and commitment to the South American market by providing packaging solutions to our worldwide customers,” said Rick Clendenning, President and CEO.

INX will exhibit Synergy and Belle Color solvent-based inks for flexible packaging and 2-piece metal decoration inks and coatings. Synergy is a flexographic laminating ink that works well with a wide range of solvent-based and solvent-less adhesive systems. Designed to run at press speeds of 2000 feet per minute, it is a high performance product with excellent printability and heat resistance for general purpose, snack food packaging. Synergy possesses superb bond strength and resolubility, and low solvent retention is achievable with extrusion and adhesive lamination.

Belle Color solvent-based rotogravure laminating inks are the highest performing inks on the market for adhesive and extrusion lamination. These inks are specifically formulated for retort, boil-in-bag and a vast range of diverse packaging applications. A proprietary, high quality ink system, customers are impressed by how sharp it prints on many different substrates. Belle Color, like Synergy, also offers excellent heat resistance, low solvent retention, and resolves doctor blade issues that are commonly found with other inks.

INX is the largest worldwide producer of 2-piece metal decorating inks. Many popular beverage brands understand the significant value and shelf appeal that INX metal decorating inks have to offer. With outstanding bright and sharp colors, make sure to ask about the INX Color Perfection 2-Piece Metal Color Catalog, which contains over 600 metal color swatches. It is the industry’s first true color standard for beverage can design printed directly on metal.

Friday, February 2, 2018

GMG ProofControl 2.4 opens up to digital printing

Color management expert GMG is making its proof control software for digital printing future-proof with version 2.4. Product manager Jens Bloeck explains: "We are meeting industry demands with the support of the digital standard Fogra PSD (process standard for digital production): process stability and quality assurance are playing an increasingly important role in digital printing."

GMG ProofControl can be used to import and verify control strips for print standards. If the proof corresponds to the target values, then a label is printed out as a seal of approval and is attached to the proof. This is how proofs can be objectively measured and serve as a legally binding basis for an order.

Creating templates for custom print standards
GMG ProofControl can be customized even further in version 2.4. Independently created color rule sets can thus be saved as templates and applied to any output standards. This makes packaging printing easier, where individual adjustments are part of everyday business. Templates for ISO12647-7:2016 and FOGRA PSD 2016 are already pre-defined.

Useful features thanks to Microsoft Excel and XML Support
Analyses and statistics can now be collected from measurement data, for example about printing stability, by using the new Microsoft Excel Support. In addition, you can create your own print standards in this way. The print standard list can be saved and imported into other work stations via XML in order to ensure consistency.

New evaluation criteria and 64-bit support
Control strips and individual patches can now be evaluated with 95% quantiles and the weighted Delta Ch formula. That means that this complies with Fogra PSD and G7 Greyscale. GMG ProofControl 2.4 is now designed as a 64-bit application and offers noticeably better performance, especially when it comes to large quantities of measurement data.

Apex International place largest single order on Troika Systems for its AniCAM with Anilox QC

Troika Systems Limited and Apex International announced that Apex is to use the Troika anilox measurement products, the AniCAM with Anilox QC, at all of its production sites worldwide. The order for 10 systems is the largest single order placed on Troika for its flagship product.

The combined expertise of Apex International’s production processes of anilox roll manufacturing technologies and Troika’s accurate anilox measurement systems, of which over 950 units have been installed globally, will complement the requirements of many significant print groups and private converters who already manage their anilox inventories with their own AniCAM and Anilox QC systems.

Toon van Steensel, Plant Manager of Apex Europe stated: “The need to get the latest technology with the Troika AniCAM microscope will allow us to get a fully calibrated system of our present microscopes, our daily measurement on our calibrated rolls and a full integration between readings of different types of microscopes is an essential part or our QA/QC system in order to provide our customers with the best validated information on our products. Furthermore the reliability and consistency of measurements from the Troika AniCAM /Anilox QC is an essential part of the print community’s needs, but most importantly for Apex to improve our QA/QC procedures for all our plants around the world in order to assure the consistent engraving quality that our customers expect from us”.

The same can be said for any manufacturer of anilox rolls and gravure cylinders, the AniCAM with Anilox QC will help them produce consistent engraving quality. For our print customers they will be able to reduce their make ready waste and press set-up time by knowing the condition of their anilox rolls and gravure cylinders and with this ‘right first time’ process, increase profits.

Managing Director of Troika Systems, Phil Hall, stated “Many print groups globally are looking to standardize their production between plants. With a significant number now using the Troika AniCAM with Anilox QC and the Anilox Management System (AMS) for their inventory management. Using the same measurement systems will ensure compatibility and enhance confidence in what the printer measures and what anilox manufacturer’s state is the volume engraved”.

Troika’s continued development in response to the ongoing changes within the flexographic and gravure industry will prove to be of further benefit to the industry in the future. 

Pamarco invests in two new lasers for its ceramic anilox business and major plasma upgrades

As the leading anilox roll manufacturer in an expanding packaging industry, Pamarco is dedicated to exceptional service, consistency, and precision. To uphold this commitment and enable further development of its account base and flourishing clientele, the company has invested in two new lasers for its ceramic anilox business and major plasma upgrades. These acquisitions are the latest technology in hardware and software, strengthening Pamarco’s global presence.

The first laser to be installed is a 3.5 meter ALE in Pamarco’s La Palma location, in April of 2018. The second will be installed in May 2018, a 5.5 meter ALE laser in the company’s Warrington, U.K., facility. In addition to the lasers, the most recent plasma installation, a fourth Sinplex at Pamarco’s Atlanta operation, company-wide plasma improvements are officially complete; each plant is now equipped with Triplex and Sinplex systems.

The additional laser engraving capacity and plasma updates, complemented by significant investments in upstream technologies, allows Pamarco to be even more responsive to the needs of the market. Meeting ever-increasing graphic demands at increased press speeds for a growing client base means the company is positioned to remain the leader in anilox technology. Flexo Division President, John Burgess, stated, “We continue to demonstrate our commitment to the packaging industry with investments. Not just in capital, but investments in our people and in the education of the market - these will provide a return for generations to come.”

UK’s leading packaging show calls for truly innovative and sustainable solutions

The UK’s largest event for the entire packaging community, Packaging Innovations, Empack and Label&Print, returns to Birmingham’s NEC on 28 February & 1 March 2018. With the reduction of plastic packaging a current hot topic in the media, the event comes at a time when there is more attention on the packaging industry than ever before.

The two-day event, which shines a spotlight on the most cutting-edge innovations within the packaging industry, is once again calling for the most sustainable packaging solutions to come forward and take part in its highly anticipated Ecopack Challenge, which will run in collaboration with Marks & Spencer. The competition offers companies that are creating innovative and environmentally responsible products the chance to develop an idea with Marks & Spencer, as well as being crowned Ecopack Challenge champions. The Dragons’ Den style session will see four shortlisted companies demonstrate why they should be voted best in show, not only by an expert panel, but also the show’s interactive audience.

Kevin Vyse, Primary Foods Packaging Technologist & Packaging Innovation Lead at Marks & Spencer said, “Marks and Spencer is pleased to continue its support of the Ecopack Challenge and is looking forward to seeing what new sustainable packaging ideas the show has to offer this year.”

Entries are not restricted to exhibiting companies only. In fact, in the search for truly sustainable excellence, the show has opened up the Ecopack Challenge to non-exhibiting companies, who can participate at the event, as part of the Innovation Lab. The deadline for all Ecopack Challenge entries is Friday 2nd February and can completed by filling out the online application form.

Commenting on the Challenge, James Drake-Brockman, Divisional Director for Packaging at Easyfairs, said, “The Ecopack Challenge is open to anyone with a truly sustainable solution for packaging, and we welcome submissions from any companies that are creating innovative and sustainable offerings. We launched Ecopack back in 2008, when we first identified sustainability as becoming one of the biggest challenges facing the packaging industry. Ten years later, the issue of sustainability is more prolific than ever and we are excited at the prospect of discovering some of the very latest and most innovative new solutions available to the packaging community.”

New for 2018, the Innovation Lab will join the Ecopack Challenge, as part of a series of features aimed at enhancing visitor exposure to environmentally friendly packaging across a range of industries and inspiring them to take more creative and bold paths in future. This new area will showcase ground-breaking products, materials and services, providing visitors with the perfect platform and meet the great minds behind these ideas.

The Innovation Lab offers exhibiting and non-exhibiting companies the chance to showcase their products free of charge, with the winners being invited to speak as part of a panel on the Innovation Stage. The deadline for entries for Innovation Lab is 2nd February, with all sustainable or circular economy related products automatically being entered into the Ecopack Challenge. Companies can apply for Innovation Lab by filling out the online application form. The winners of both the Ecopack Challenge and the Innovation Lab will be presented live at the show on the Innovation Stage.

For further information, visit www.easyfairs.com/EmpackUK, www.easyfairs.com/Label&PrintUK and www.easyfairs.com/PIUK

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Coca-Cola conferred the WorldStar 2018 Awards for developing Made-for-India heat resistant tarpaulin

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s top 5 FMCG companies, has won the prestigious WorldStar 2018 Award, instituted by the World Packaging Organization, for developing “heat-resistant tarpaulin” – a packaging material that ensures freshness of beverage products during transportation, even in the heat conditions prevalent in India. Representatives from 16 global packaging associations chose HCCB’s nomination from a total of 318 global submissions out of 38 countries. The Award will be presented to HCCB later in the year, in Australia.

The pre-eminent international award in packaging - WorldStar – recognizes the continual advancement of the state of the packaging art and creates a living standard of international packaging excellence from which others may learn.

The heat-resistant tarpaulin - an in-house innovation of HCCB along with key partners and subject matter experts - serves the needs of beverage transportation in extreme summers. To ensure freshness of a carbonated beverage, carbon dioxide (CO2) loss owing to product exposure to extreme temperatures needs to be kept to a minimum. Conventional tarpaulins only act as a cover to dust, water and sunlight but do not offer protection from heat. This specialized heat resistant tarpaulin offers the benefits of a conventional tarpaulin and also doubles up as insulation to help reduce the temperature of a shipment to 5-6 degrees lower than outside temperature. Lowering the temperature, in turn, helps improve CO2 retention considerably, thereby improving the freshness quotient of the beverage in the hands of the consumer.

Delighted at winning the award, Mr. Dinesh Jadhav, Executive Director, Supply Chain, HCCB said, “The award recognizes the culture of continuous improvement that we are building at HCCB. The recognition will also spread the word of such an innovation to the larger global packaging ecosystem, thereby enabling the entire fraternity to benefit from this package. What makes us happier is that the consumer will now get an even better product experience. I am thankful to my team at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages for having brought together a group of in-house and external experts to bring this innovation to life.”

Founded in 1968 on the occasion of the second Japanese International Packaging Exhibition, the World Packaging Organisation is made up today of member organizations from 42 countries. Many members are packaging institutes; other significant members are national or regional trade organizations that promote their countries’ packaging products. In recent years, WPO has focused on packaging in developing nations.

With headquarters in Chicago (USA) the entity promotes projects and actions aligned to its main slogan “Better Quality of Life through Better Packaging for More People”. With that mission in mind, WPO encourages the development of packaging technology, science and engineering; stimulation of international trade; and the advancement of packaging education and training. 

Customers now can streamline anilox and gravure roll care by bundling cleaning and analysis technology

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) - a division of Barry-Wehmiller and a leading supplier of high-performance converting machinery for the tissue, nonwovens and package-printing industries worldwide - pleased to announce a strategic partnership with MicroDynamics. The two industry-leading companies are teaming up to provide customers with the option to include MicroDynamics’ 3DQC RollScope as part of a bundled package with PCMC’s Meridian laser anilox cleaner.

The Meridian uses a powerful laser to clean anilox cells without damaging them, resulting in a superior clean, improved print quality, reduced waste and a longer life for anilox rolls.

The 3DQC also reduces waste and downtime, making this bundled package an attractive option for customers. By quickly scanning the surface of anilox and gravure rolls, the 3DQC provides the measurement of cell volume that achieves repeatable results better than plus or minus 1 percent. Featuring microscope control, data collection and a visualization database, the 3DQC’s MicroScan software monitors the volume as the roll wears and reviews the measurement history, enabling customers to precisely track every roll.

“I’m very excited that we’re able to team up with the industry leader of analysis technology,” said Rodney Pennings, Printing, Coating and Laminating Sales Director for PCMC. “We’re thrilled to offer our customers this state-of-the-art tool that will help instill quality control in their tooling inventory, as well as enhance their repeatability. We are looking forward to this collaboration and creating additional value for customers.”

“This opportunity to partner with PCMC is ideal for MicroDynamics, as we promote quality across the printing industry,” said Brent Zurcher, Product Engineer at MicroDynamics. “Being able to pair our technologies means offering streamlined and cost-effective process control for customers.”

Process Label Systems acquires Domino N610i 7-Color Digital UV Inkjet Label Press

Process Label Systems, a Minneapolis-based converter of labels and tags for promotional/marketing, food & beverage, security, industrial, and automotive industries is extremely excited with the addition of their first digital label press -  The Domino N610i 7-color digital UV inkjet.

Dan Spah, General Manager at Process Label Systems (PLS) says, “My excitement for the press has been the ease of use and the short learning curve for the PLS team.”

Process Label Systems has been producing promotional marketing products including labels, decals and small signage for over 25 years. Today, they are a multi-faceted company providing many capabilities including promotional products & primary labels; rotary die-cutting & custom converted products; specialty & security products; barcoding, QR codes & sequential numbering; in-mold labeling; tag products; window & door labels and gaskets; blank & color thermal transfer roll labels; laser/inkjet pre-die cut sheets, and more. Most recently, Process Label Systems has added digital label printing to their arsenal with the Domino N610i.

“In our search for digital, we had been reviewing many digital presses and my first thought was to find a press to get PLS into the digital market. Then, we were doing homework on which markets we currently serve and which markets we would like to serve. While looking at cost of equipment, materials, ink, and support I felt we needed to purchase the Domino N610i. The speed of the press, the durable ink system, and the print quality made the decision,” says Spah.

The press was installed in October 2017. So, has the Domino N610i lived up to the expectation?

“Now that we have the Domino press we are happy to say it has worked well. We spent so much time planning for the press, that once it arrived we were ready for it. Domino’s training and install was very professional and timely. Printing high-quality labels for short and medium runs is easy now!” adds Spah.

According to Process Label, the Domino N610i has already proven to be exactly what they needed.

“We are a project focused printing/converting company creating solutions for our customers. The Domino N610i has already been a solution for PLS. From matching designer colors to standard pantone, this press does a very good job. And having the ability to print out all samples for a press approval at one time vs. running one copy at a time is also a very nice option with digital. Having this Domino digital UV inkjet press makes our life easier,” concludes Spah.

Toray Plastics launches its third generation of Torayfan polypropylene packaging films

Consumer demand for fresh, shelf-stable food in transparent packaging and CPG companies’ preference for a PVdC-free, high-barrier film that delivers extended shelf life performance have driven the development of Toray Plastics (America)’s third generation of Torayfan clear, high-barrier BOPP films. The new Torayfan CB3 portfolio is manufactured with Toray’s proprietary formulation and a patented PVdC-free coating. The films offer superior oxygen-barrier protection along with excellent moisture barrier and are available in sealable and non-sealable versions. In addition, the robust 70- and 80-gauge CB3 films are a thinner alternative to thicker OPP films and enable source reduction, yield, and economic benefits. The CB3 films’ strength also enables them to withstand the rigors of the laminating and converting processes without any degradation to barrier performance. All CB3 films are manufactured at Toray’s world-class site in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. CB3 films are suited for bags, pouches, stand-up pouches, and flow wrap. Among their applications are nuts, seeds, salted snacks, cookies, dried fruit, and confectionery items.

“The third generation of Torayfan CB films is an exciting advancement,” says Tammy Williamson, Associate Product Manager of the Torayfan Polypropylene Films Division, Toray Plastics (America), Inc. “These are very sophisticated films that combine a modified base film and complex coating to achieve impressive barrier. In addition, consumers today want to see the item they are purchasing; it helps them feel confident that the food and ingredients are fresh. CB3 films offer the transparency and freshness protection they expect.”

Williamson notes that Toray’s new CB3 technology has an oxygen transmission rate (O2TR) of 0.06 cc/100in²/day at 73° F, 0% RH, without any compromise to moisture-barrier properties. The previous generation of CB films has an O2TR value of 0.25. In cases where end users are using a lamination made with PVdC-coated PET and a sealant web, the CB3 OPP films offer a significant improvement in both moisture and oxygen barrier.

“Also important,” she says, “is CPG companies’ preference that PVdC be eliminated from packaging because of the environmental concerns associated with it. They also appreciate Toray’s commitment to sustainability. Now manufacturers are able to specify a transparent package with even greater shelf stability, without PVdC issues.”

Williamson notes that the CB3 films are also an excellent alternative to acrylic-coated and AlOx-coated films, EVOH sealant web films, and metallized BOPP films. They run on VFFS and HFFS equipment.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

IPAMA inked MoU with label, corrugation and screen printing associations for PrintPack India 2019

The Indian Printing Packaging & Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (IPAMA), which is organizing PrintPack India 2019 exhibition at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida from February 01-06, 2019, had signed agreements with various associations, as Industry Partner, for promoting this international mega event. These Associations are Association of Label Printers & Suppliers (ALPS); Indian Paper Corrugated & Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (ICPMA) and Screen Printers’ Association of India (SPAI).  Thus, most of the Associations representing different segments of the Indian Graphic Arts Industry, have agreed for providing their full support to IPAMA. Since the objective of all the Associations are same, betterment of the Industry, some of the associations have already started working to make the forthcoming PrintPack India a grand success. 

IPAMA, which is completely devoted to its one point programme for promotion of the entire Indian Graphic Arts Industry, has included all the segments of the industry in the exhibitor profile of PPI 2019. This has been done for the first time. Perhaps, there is no exhibition in the world which incorporates all the segments of the industry in its display profile.

The previous edition of Printpack achieved a massive footfall of 86,000 visitors. IPAMA plans to increase the number in 2019 and for doing so, the association is undertaking a number of steps.  IPAMA is planning to send 50 lakh (5 million) emails, 25 lakh SMS messages and 5 lakh WhatsApp texts to the prospective visitors in various parts of the world.  This is the first time that IPAMA is undertaking such a step in order to increase footfalls, and it is also planning to do roadshows.

IPAMA recently organized two major promotional meets, one at Mumbai on 19th December, 2017 and the other in Amritsar on 19th January, 2018 relating to PPI 2019.  These were represented by top and senior functionaries of different Associations, Government Departments and leading organizations.

Harwal Group orders second Bobst 20SIX CI flexo press

In 2014, Interplast, based in Sharjah, UAE, was the first member of Harwal Group that purchased a Bobst 20SIX CI flexo press. It was the first Bobst 20SIX press in the UAE and also the first 20SIX press in the GCC which used smartGPS technology in the flexible packaging industry. Recently, Riyadh Plastic Factory Company (RPF), also an associated company of Harwal Group, signed a contract for a Bobst 20SIX CI flexo press to extend their capacities for the production of flexible packaging.

Both presses are used for printing films (LDPE, BOPP, CPP, PET), foil, laminates, shrink sleeves, PVC twist wraps, metalized twist wraps and wax paper, wrap around labels, gift wraps, shopping bags and flower wraps. With its products, the company serves a wide range of industries including the packaged foods, juices, dairy, ice creams, dry foods, soft drinks, toffees, cosmetics and toiletries industries.

The second press ordered by Riyadh Plastic Factory Company is almost identical to the first one commissioned in 2014. Featuring ten colors, a print width of 1450 mm, printing speed up to 500 m/min and maximum repeat of 1200 mm, it perfectly meets the customer’s demands for a wide range of applications. Among the technical highlights of the presses is the smartGPSTM off-press set-up system that not only reduces the job change overtime and amount of waste during set-up to almost zero, but also serves as a quality control instrument for printing hardware and plate mounting.

“Ever since the first Bobst 20SIX was installed, it has performed to our full satisfaction, both in terms of print quality and productivity. When we decided to invest in a new machine to boost our capacities, the decision in favor of Bobst was an easy one,” explains Mr. Mike Koroukian, Executive Director, Packaging Materials Division of Harwal Group.

Operating from its headquarter in the UAE, Harwal Group consists of more than 40 business units with manufacturing and sales facilities around the globe and serves a diversified range of industries including building materials, industrial materials, consumer goods, furniture, refrigerators and packaging solutions. With their packaging printing and converting operations, Harwal Group has attained the position of the largest plastics converter in the Middle East converting over 200,000 metric tons of plastic.

Bobst is one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries. Founded in 1890 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Bobst has a presence in more than 50 countries, runs 12 production facilities in 8 countries and employs more than 5 000 people around the world. 

New Fespa Digital Corrugated Experience to feature at Global Print Expo 2018 in Berlin

Fespa, the global federation of national Associations for the speciality print industry, will introduce a new Digital Corrugated Experience at Fespa Global Print Expo 2018 (Messe Berlin, 15-18 May 2018).

Fespa's Digital Corrugated Experience is an educational and experiential area, which will showcase the commercial and production advantages of digital print for corrugated packaging and retail display applications, aiming to highlight to packaging converters and box-makers the benefits of integrating digital technology into their production mix.

The Digital Corrugated Experience will address all elements involved in printing corrugated materials, including: substrates; workflow solutions; digital printing technologies; materials handling; primers, inks, coatings and varnishes; and cutting and folding.  Digital print complements traditional analogue methods, enabling converters and display makers to expand their offering with prototyping, short-run, versioning or customisation of boxes and displays.

Located in Hall 5.2 at Messe Berlin, the new area will have a different format to the rest of the Fespa 2018 exhibition. It will combine short educational Print Corrugated conferences with business-building discussions with industry-leading suppliers, among them HP, Lamina, Sun Automation, Inca Digital and BCS- Autobox. Participating conference speakers will include independent industry specialists, experts and brands.

Visitors will also gain inspiration and knowledge from a showcase of digitally printed corrugated applications, such as shelf-ready and transit packaging boxes, pallet surrounds, promotional packaging and POS displays, supported by like-for-like printing comparisons, samples and narratives helping visitors to evaluate the wide range of commercially available solutions.

The launch of a Fespa Digital Corrugated Experience reflects growing interest from both the packaging and speciality printing communities in the technology solutions, materials and workflows required to take advantage of digital print for short run and customised packaging. This is supported by independent research by Smithers Pira, which predicts that digitally printed corrugated material will accelerate from a global value of $1.44 billion today to be worth over $2.35 billion by 2020.

Fespa CEO Neil Felton explains: "Fespa has been a leading force in the transition from analogue to digital print in the signage and graphics market, guiding our community of printers and sign-makers on the integration of digital inkjet technology alongside their analogue production processes as a driver of business transformation.

Felton continues: "When it comes to corrugated, many of our exhibitors have expertise in preparing, printing and finishing these materials for signage, display and packaging applications. This specialist knowledge is vital, not only for packaging converters, but also for the Fespa print service provider community, for whom short-run promotional packaging may represent a valuable new revenue opportunity capitalising on their experience of flatbed printing and cutting, and their existing supply chain relationships with brand owners and retailers."

Luis Christophe, EMEA Corrugated Segment Marketing Manager at HP, a sponsor of the new feature, comments: "HP is very pleased that Fespa is organising a dedicated Digital Corrugated Experience. We have seen a lot of interest from the corrugated industry in learning more about the economics of digital production, the potential to add value, and the workflow implications of integrating digital technologies into the existing production environment. We are excited to showcase our applications in both pre- and post-print and to offer visitors in-depth discussions with our specialists."

Fespa Head of Events Duncan MacOwan concludes:  "Fespa's Digital Corrugated Experience aims to offer an excellent return on time investment for corrugated box-makers, converters and large format print service providers who are interested in entering the short-run packaging market. In the space of a single day at Fespa Global Print Expo in Berlin, they will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the latest technological developments in digital printing and converting of corrugated board, and the chance to look at the entire corrugated production process. Through the applications showcase, they'll discover the technology behind a range of finished products, while gaining valuable insights from the expert conference sessions."

Fespa's Digital Corrugated Experience is free to attend for registered visitors to Fespa 2018 Global Print Expo. For more information visit: www.corrugatedexperience.com

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Early bird registration closes tomorrow for ASPA’s Authentication Forum 2018

 Authentication Forum 2018: International Leadership Summit on Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection
Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA) is conducting its two-day leadership summit - The Authentication Forum 2018 on Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection on March 15-16, 2018 at Hotel Taj Mahal, Man Singh, New Delhi.

The Authentication Forum 2018 this time promises to be bigger and better with over 200 delegates and eminent speakers from across the globe discussing key topics such as;
• Understand the regulatory perspective – role of Government roles to protect the interests of consumers.
• Understand the 5Ws of Counterfeiting: What, Who, When, Where, Why?
• Hear Global perspectives on the fight against counterfeiting
• Educate yourself on the future of anti-counterfeiting technologies – Can Blockchain and NFC play a part?
• Understand how to select the right Anti-counterfeiting technologies and solutions
• Learn from the practical examples of brand owners through their case studies
• Learn to devise your Enforcement Efforts and Raids

Not only the discussions, the forum also gives a chance to network and interact with the Best Minds in the industry. So be a part of The Big Debate: An Interactive Townhall Session (Who is going to take the lead against fighting Fakes) and much more!

While the normal and on-spot registrations will be on till the day of the Forum, the Early Bird Registrations close tomorrow - 31st January 2018. Hurry up and save on the discount offered…

As usual, Labels India is Media Partner to the event alongwith Labels & Labelling and Authentication News.

NBG and Webtech form a JV to provide complete label machinery solutions

NBG Printographic Machinery Co. (P) Ltd a leading manufacturer of printing and packaging machines in India and Webtech Engineering (P) Ltd, experienced manufacturer of narrow web printing machines have joined hands and entered into a JV to promote flexo label presses under one roof. NBG has developed a fully servo flexo label press and Webtech has a range of flexo label presses, now under this JV customers would get a range of label printing and converting solutions under one roof. With combined resources in development, manufacturing and service under one roof, the customers would get better solutions and service.

Under the agreement, NBG Printographic Machinery Co. (P) Ltd., would be handling complete marketing and sales activities of the JV and Webtech would be handling the manufacturing of top loading flexo presses and NBG would continue to produce Servo driven presses. Also both the companies would work together for launching advanced label solutions in future.

With aggressive approach towards business, Dr. SK Garg, Managing Director of NBG Printoghraphic Machinery says; “An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we have more than 30 years of experience in printing machinery with our presence across India and in 25 countries. The successful switch over to packaging along with commercial had prompted us at trying our hands in the label industry and we have been working in the packaging and labels industry for the last 5 years. For us at NBG, quality and service has been the topmost priority and we thus believe that this JV would add value to our product line and give our customers better products and service.”

Mr. Sabhajeet Singh of Webtech adds “Webtech has always strived to achieve 100% satisfaction of its customers, by delivering more than what our customers expect from us. Looking at the upcoming demand for quality flexo presses, this JV would enable the companies to invest into research and development of advanced and International standard machines in India and thus giving “Make in India” concept a boost”.

Troika Systems celebrates 21 years in business

In December 2017, Troika Systems Ltd. ploughed through a landmark moment by reaching 21 years in business. As a company Troika have been through many changes and developments in those years. Starting off as a one man business in the spare room of its founders home, Phil Hall has taken the company from its humble beginnings to become the global leader in providing state of the art quality control 2D & 3D Microscopes for the flexographic and gravure print packaging industry.

AniCAM with its QC products measure the surface profile of the anilox rolls, gravure cylinders, sleeves and plates used to deliver the correct volume of ink to the material to be printed helping to save press set-up time, reduce waste and increase profits. This year troika saw its largest ever single order for its flagship product the AniCAM with Anilox QC, what better way to celebrate 21 years in business.

Phil Hall, the Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Troika Systems Ltd. in the UK has been involved in the print industry for almost 40 years starting as support technician for Crossfield Electronics on the early colour separation scanners in the 1980s, then progressed into sales and marketing over the intervening years.

Phil started Troika in 1996, always having an eye for trying to improve production efficiencies, and in the last decade, with environmental considerations, reducing waste, he looked to develop products that could achieve these aims.

Working closely with a variety of universities and Troika’s excellent development team Phil has led the company to being the leader in measurement instruments, for anilox and gravure engravings, globally.

His proudest achievement was, through collaborative work with Swansea University, working out a proven accurate standard of measurement for aniloxes, this has proven to be very significant for many hundreds of individual flexo printers and major print groups who seek improved standardisation. This is the standard of measurement Phil ensured Troika adopted for its anilox and gravure QC tools.

Troika products are important for checking the integrity of anilox rolls, gravure cylinders and flexo plates before the print run to ensure good quality print output, efficiency and accuracy capturing the data and automatically collating it into easy-to- read reports with graphics for analysis. The Plate-II- Print HD units, recently modified and improved, offer customers even more accuracy and quality control over their printing flexo plates and print.  The whole Troika team support our customers with technical, training and sales advice with regards to our whole product range.

With over 900 AniCAM’s and 1000 Plate-II- Print units sold to date to the label, wide web, corrugated and security print markets globally. The AniCAM and its applications are the leading quality control management solutions on the market. 

Conference program released for Gulf Print & Pack Summit 2018

The conference program for the first edition of Gulf Print & Pack Summit has been published. Taking place at Dubai’s Roda Al Bustan Hotel on 4-5 March 2018, the two-day conference and table-top exhibition will address major technology areas and topical business issues for printers, converters, industry suppliers and design professionals based across the Middle East region.

Day one will feature presentations on market trends and new technologies. The keynote presentation will be delivered by Chris Lynch of platinum sponsor Xerox Middle East and Africa alongside Atlas Printing Press’ Amit Radia. Highlighting how digital print technology can transform the business of printing, they will examine investing and installing digital equipment, how to reduce production costs whilst improving print quality and how to serve the growing market demand for personalized, seasonal and customized products.

The opening day also features a high-level CEO printer panel discussion with confirmed participants including Vinesh Bhimani of Kimoha Entrepreneurs, Leo Pack’s Chandrasain Negandhi and Sebastian Lonth from Reprotronics. Other presentations include Stewart Johnston from the Smithers Group who will be exploring marcoeconomic trends facing the wider printing industry and discussing projected growth forecasts for the region’s market and FINAT’s president and managing director of OPM Group, Chris Ellison, who will be sharing his expertise in using MIS and workflow automation.

The second day focuses on the key challenges facing the industry and will also consider the future of print. Sessions will take in the latest developments in logistics labeling and tracking technologies, wide format printing and diversifying from commercial printing into the high growth segment of flexible packaging. Leonhard Kurz’s Ayhan Usulu is to speak about innovating for the future through anti-counterfeiting solutions, while Enayet Kabir from Landmark will give his insight into the strategic sourcing and procurement of offset and digital printing. The conference will close with a retailer and brand panel discussion where contributors including Sukhdev Singh Saini of General Mills and Unilever’s Perwaze Qaiser, will share their experiences and best practice tips touching upon a range of subjects such as private label versus premium brands and how to maximize brand enhancement by creating a premium look for products.

Supporting the conference program, the summit will also host some of the print industry’s leading manufacturers as part of its table-top exhibition. Appearing alongside headline sponsor Xerox, fellow exhibitors include AFRA International, Anoop Plastic Products, Bobst, Durst, Heidelberg, Heliozid, Konica Minolta, Nilpeter and Vinsak.

Lisa Milburn, managing director, Gulf Print & Pack said: “We have a very strong line-up of technical sessions, candid panel discussions and best practice business case studies in store for delegates. As the first dedicated summit we have organized in the region, the event will offer invaluable sourcing and networking opportunities with face-to-face interaction guaranteed between visitors, exhibitors and speakers. As well as being of significant educational value, the conference program delivers a comprehensive round-up of the latest technologies being released into the market and mix of  timely topics designed to cover and give practical advice on how to deal with the real issues, threats and opportunities facing businesses.”

Two-day delegates passes costing USD $280 are available with an early bird registration discount until 15 February. Tickets include admission, lunch and refreshments. Two-day supplier tickets cost USD $800. Registration can be made by visiting http://www.gulfprintpack.com/summit/ or visitors can register on site.

FLEXcon develops breakthrough UV Inkjet topcoat technology to further digital printing innovation

FLEXcon Company, Inc., an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, announced the introduction of FLEXcon DPM UVIJ white polyester, white polypropylene (non-vinyl alternative), and white vinyl products for narrow-format UV inkjet printing of durable goods labels.

The new product line features FLEXcon’s UV inkjet gloss topcoat designed to meet the fastest growing digital print technology, narrow-format UV inkjet. FLEXcon’s UV inkjet gloss topcoat sets a new standard in narrow-format UV inkjet printing by providing excellent ink receptivity for sharp, vibrant graphics while providing excellent ink adhesion. By leveraging FLEXcon’s industry leading UV inkjet gloss topcoat, products are printable across various digital UV inkjet platforms, as well as UV flexo.

The DPM UVIJ product line features UV inkjet topcoated 2.0 mil white polyester and 4.0 mil white polypropylene, as well as non-topcoated 4.0 mil white vinyl - all yield consistent surface smoothness and excellent dimensional stability. The polyester can endure varying temperatures.

The products are coated with FLEXcon’s industry leading V/L-344 permanent acrylic adhesive and are backed with either a roll-form liner, or a first-in-the-industry layflat liner specifically designed for narrow format UVIJ printable roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet converting. The product line is designed for durable goods and industrial labeling applications including power tools, appliances, electronics, compliance labels, and warning and instructional labels. DPM UVIJ polyester and polypropylene products are UL/cUL pending with specific OEM printers.

“In the digital sector, the fastest growing technology is narrow-format UV inkjet. FLEXcon recognized this trend and worked directly with OEM printer manufacturers to develop and qualify a UV inkjet topcoat that will work consistently across multiple platforms including narrow-format UV inkjet printers with UV flexo capabilities. In addition, by this collaborative effort, we developed the only roll-to-sheet products in the marketplace,” said Ron Ducharme, Market Development Specialist, Product Identification Business Team for FLEXcon.

Products (DPM UVIJ 1PW, 1PWS, 1PPW, 1PPWS, 1FW, and 1FWS) are available through FLEXcon’s FLEXchoice for Durables program. With the FLEXchoice for Durables program, converters can order custom widths without purchasing a whole master, with no upcharge.

Headquartered in Spencer, Mass., FLEXcon Company, Inc. is a global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesives used in graphics applications, manufactured goods and new products. A family owned company for over 60 years, FLEXcon has provided a collaborative, consultative approach to deliver unique solutions that help customers achieve better business results. FLEXcon is a trusted partner to a wide range of companies from printers and fabricators to engineers and designers developing products for existing and emerging markets with operations throughout North America and Europe and with worldwide distribution. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

ALPS & IPAMA join hands for first ever focussed “Label Zone” at Print Pack India

The Indian printing and packaging industry has gained momentum and the entire industry seems to be in acceleration mode. The industry has a huge potential to grow, as there is a big gap in export and import figures. The Print Pack team for its next edition of PrintPack India to be held at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, from 1 to 6 February 2019 is all set to tap into the same. 

To add to this focus, the 14th edition of Print Pack India series has joined hands with the Association of Label Printers & Suppliers (ALPS) to organize a first-ever grand Label Zone within PrintPack India exhibition. The Label Zone will focus on exhibiting printers, converters and suppliers from the Label Industry. An MOU has been signed with IPAMA on this accord and for the first time, visitors at Print Pack India will be able to witness the entire label stakeholders at one place. This will espsecially help the existing offset, commercial and packaging printers who wish to diversify into label production to understand and compare between their existing process and label production.

Mr. Gururaj Ballarwad, President-ALPS said” The entire management of ALPS is working very hard to promote the label industry in India. We have already done seminars and get together parties for the Label Industry in 2017 which will continue throughout 2018. In addition, we wanted to align with a show which brings new opportunities for all key stakeholders of label fraternity. Looking at brand value & number of visitors at “Print Pack India”, our management has decided to join hands with IPAMA.”

Mr. Ajay Agarwal (VP) & Mr Arunesh Bansal (Secretary) added” We have initially reserved an area of 2000 sq. meters to create this Label Zone. The whole focus will be to give exhibition spaces to our existing and future members who are all key stakeholders of the Label Industry. We will bring value to our members and the Label Fraternity overall by not only providing them a focussed service area, but also create common shared services which will ensure their participation at Printpack is more productive and beneficial. Existing commercial & Packaging printers and members of IPAMA who wish to diversify in to Label production will also be able to visit our focussed Zone and understand the entire Label production process quicker.”

The biggest printing, packaging and allied industries related event in India, PrintPack India is a big event and often compared to the world-class printing expo Drupa. The main theme of this exhibition is aligning the entire printing & packaging industry in one place. Throughout the Print Pack India journey, IPAMA has focussed on promoting In-Press, Post press, finishing, converting, and digital, signage and packaging machines etc.