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Friday, January 4, 2013

Inkjet and digital label and packaging print: AWA US seminar

The growing applications for digital print in the label and packaging arena are today a focus for both brand owners and the converting industry – and they present both benefits and challenges. Troubleshooting these new pathways, coupled with leading-edge success stories, are the key focus of AWA Conferences & Events’ Ink Jet and Digital Label/Packaging Print Seminar 2013, which takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 29-30 January 2013, co-located with IMI’s annual Ink Jet Conference.

Broad-ranging program
The program for this established annual seminar that alternates between Europe and the USA represents an opportunity for brand owners, converters, and industry suppliers to gain an in-depth update on the increasingly-wide base of available options, from digital offset to UV ink jet, thermal transfer, and EB imaging; the pre-press platforms that underlie the print capabilities; substrates, both paper and film; and inks. Speakers include experts from many disciplines – for example, Dr Dene Taylor, President, Specialty Papers & Films Inc; Lou Lovoli, VP, Strategic Partnership & Marketing, Hammer Packaging Corp; Victor Gomez, VP, Narrow Web Products, Durst Image Technology; Tom Erickson, Plant Superintendent, The Label Printers; and Sean Skelly, VP/GM, EFI Jetrion. Leading printing substrate suppliers UPM are the seminar’s Platinum Sponsors.

Leveraging AWA expertise
The global business environment in which the industry is operating will also be examined in a review of the labeling and product decoration markets from AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ President and CEO, Corey M Reardon.

The 2013 Inkjet & Digital Label & Packaging Seminar is now open for registrations, which may be achieved online, where a full seminar prospectus, and details of all AWA Conferences & Events forthcoming events and published market reports, are also available.

Esko scores successes with Full HD Flexo

The next-generation HD Flexo technology brings breakthrough quality to flexo printing at Bischof + Klein. Esko is reporting several successes with its new Full HD Flexo technology at customer sites throughout the world. At drupa 2012, Esko first presented the next-generation HD Flexo plate imaging concept technology: Full HD Flexo. Now, 6 months later, Esko is happy to report customer acceptance and successes at several sites around the world, amongst whom is the well-known German flexo company Bischof + Klein.

Bischof + Klein: very consistently reproduced quality
Bischof + Klein (www.bk-international.com), based in Germany, is one of Europe's leading full-service suppliers of flexible plastic and paper packaging and technical films. Helmut Wenzl, Operations Manager at the Konzell printing plant of Bischof + Klein, comments: “Thanks to the installation of Esko's CDI with Inline UV2, Bischof + Klein is able to execute 'Full HD' flexo printing with high screen rulings and a convincing solid ink laydown. The first productions in higher print runs up to 250.000m also showed a very consistently reproduced quality, with print results exactly matching the proofs. We therefore already have many production jobs to be handled with Full HD Flexo in the pipeline. The positive feedback of our customers and last but not least, the DTFA-Award we've won, assured us we choose the right path with Esko's Full HD Flexo.”

DFTA-Award 2012 winning product with Full HD Flexo
"We will convert all round top HD Flexo jobs to Full HD Flexo. The exciting thing is that Full HD Flexo gives a much better long run consistency of fine highlights at high lineatures," adds André Kölker, Team Leader Repro / Project Manager at Bischof + Klein.

Full HD Flexo technology
The Full HD Flexo technology combines Inline UV2 digital main exposure inside the Cyrel Digital Flexo plate imager (CDI) with innovative HD imaging and screening technology. Full HD Flexo extends the boundaries of flexo printing for flexible packaging. By enabling the formation of different dot structures in one single plate, the combination of smooth highlight printing and gravure-like solid ink laydown can be achieved. The result is a superior flexo plate that is delivering unique print quality in highlights, midtones, shadows and solids of a print job. It raises flexo print quality to an unprecedented level - comparable to gravure, digital print and even offset - and allows customers to cost-effectively deliver against the specific requirements of brand owners. "We go beyond the binary discussion of flat top dots or round top dots, and create the best possible combination of dot structures on one and the same plate. Especially for flexible packaging converters this is a giant step forward as work can be done more cost effective without loss in quality, while gaining brand color consistency," says Dr. Thomas Klein, R&D Manager Flexo Business at Esko.

Rolling out Full HD Flexo
“The fast acceptance and excellent results of this new technology are encouraging”, concludes Juergen Andresen, Vice President Flexo Business at Esko, “Now we are finalizing installations at a range of early adopter sites, we get ready for a global rollout as from early 2013 onwards.” 


API Holographics in joint venture with IQ Structures

UK-based API Holographics, part of the API Group, has partnered with Czech Republic-based IQ Structures (IQS), led by Tomas Tethal, to launch a joint venture business, API Optix.

The new business brings together the specialist capabilities and resources of API and IQS to form a joint technology center. The venture will further enhance API’s offering of holographic originations for specialist security applications.

API says it will be able to offer its customers a broader and more innovative range of design possibilities using nano-level overt and covert security features incorporated into sharp clear holographic images.

This project is one of a number of investment strategies currently being undertaken by API. Others include the installation of a new demetallization line, an upgrade of site security accreditation and the development of a new design studio and visitors’ suite.

New 3 Sigma Coating Line In Operation

3 Sigma Corporation, a leading supplier of specialty custom adhesive and top-coated materials for the pressure-sensitive label industry, has completed installation of a wide format specialty coater, providing customers with a greater array of cost effective, custom engineered pressure sensitive adhesives and custom coated products.  The new coater, designed and built to 3 Sigma specifications, accommodates 80-inch (203-centimeter) web materials and can apply multiple coatings and/or adhesives on both the front and back of the web.  A laminating station permits producing pressure sensitive constructions with liner or multi-layered product designs.

Discussing the new equipment, Mike Sotzing, 3 Sigma Vice President of Operations, said: "This new specialty coater is our most versatile piece of equipment.  With it, 3 Sigma can produce more complex applications and constructions for new specialty and niche markets, as well as those we now serve.  We designed and built this machine to complement our existing capability and to further our growth in both the label-stock industry and additional markets. The new coating line has increased our employment, and with more staff additions planned in the near future, 3 Sigma is helping the local Miami County (Ohio) economy continue its growth."

Since 1980, 3 Sigma has been a fast-growing, resourceful innovator of specialty top-coating and pressure-sensitive adhesive coated products.  3 Sigma offers expertise in solvent, emulsion, and hot melt technologies, to provide the optimum solution for any label need.  Quality teams monitor and inspect material throughout the manufacturing process according to ISO 9001:2008 guidelines, to ensure that 3 Sigma customers receive the best label stock available.