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Friday, November 4, 2016

Chili Publish produces guide to the digital packaging opportunity

CHILI publish today announced that it has published a new educational white paper on the digital packaging opportunity. Titled “Digital Packaging: A Box Full of – ization Potential,” this document gives suppliers and print customers a comprehensive look at the trends that are driving packaging production today, and the technology needed to succeed in this new paradigm. The white paper is available now for download on the CHILI publish website.

Geert Fransen, Product Manager CHILI publish, authored the white paper. He notes, “There was a time when the purpose of packaging was simple: to contain the product and tell the consumer what’s inside. But today, packaging has evolved and is now a marketing channel in and of itself. As a result, packaging now needs to keep pace with the marketing trends that help brands to get – and keep – a prosperous connection with the consumer. It’s a much more complex process, and that’s why CHILI publish developed this white paper. We wanted to give suppliers and print customers a solid understanding of the technology they need to succeed in this new packaging paradigm.”

The Digital Packaging Opportunity
In this newly published white paper, CHILI publish helps suppliers and print customers understand the processes and technical solutions that are needed to fully employ these “– ization” differentiators and create digital packaging that speaks to the consumer in a variety of ways, including:

Customization - seasonal or promotional elements that are added to a standard package design for a temporary campaign, or colors that are altered for a limited edition.
Regionalization – elements on the packaging that differ from region to region, especially legally required labeling information.

Individualization – going beyond personalization and tailoring an entire package to one person, including their favorite color, the shape they best respond to, fonts, mood, images they like and ofcourse their name.

Digital communications have transformed the relationship between brands and consumers. Marketers are now able to capture and use more consumer data than ever before. In exchange for all this data, consumers expect to receive targeted, personal communications from their brands at each stage of the buying process - including packaging.

To meet this demand for individualized products, it is not enough for packaging providers to understand the need for personalization; they must also fully embrace the technology required to create packaging that goes beyond personalization and to “the –ization of differentiators.”

The right technology for the job
There is now a range of technologies available that let users easily and effectively achieve this type of individualized packaging. In the white paper, readers will find a vendor-agnostic discussion about these technologies and how they can be employed to ensure that packaging acts as a powerful marketing tool.

Geert Fransen, continues, “Making packaging part of your marketing effort is daunting for many brands and packaging suppliers. The goal of this white paper is to remove that challenge by giving readers an understanding of current technology that can best support the “– ization” of packaging at each step in the production process.”

To learn More About the –ization, Chili Publish is hosting a series of webinars that discuss the opportunities –ization presents for packaging suppliers and customers.

Schreiner group partners with Esko to optimize workflow

A strong, collaborative partnership with Esko is at the heart of Schreiner Group’s development of an optimized prepress-workflow in a fast-paced and complex production environment. Schreiner Group - the German specialist in customized products, solutions and services supports a number of sectors including pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, logistics and engineering. Customers include telecommunications businesses, banks and government agencies. Its product portfolio is comprised of innovative specialty labels, including self-adhesive functional parts, RFID labels, printed electronics and security solutions.

The Schreiner Group has been an Esko customer for around 15 years and has high confidence in the Esko’s products, services and staff.

Markus Petratschek, Schreiner Group’s Head of Prepress, says, “Recently, we had been searching for a better collaboration and communication tool and wanted something for internal use, but also to help us communicate more effectively externally. We wanted to be able to keep the internal team up to date on our own communication, as well as project planning and status. Further, we also wanted to allow external parties to see the latest updates on the latter. It ensures up to the moment transparency, which keeps clients fully informed.

The Schreiner Group chose Esko WebCenter to meet these challenges. WebCenter manages packaging production, approval and project life cycle. From specification and execution to design and content management, it makes easy work of handling, classifying and organizing all packaging assets.”

He continues, “We needed a solution that could easily be customized to our business and be integrated with our existing IT-systems. WebCenter offered smooth and simple installation.”

Other solutions the company has in place from Esko include ArtPro, a packaging preproduction editor offering dedicated tools that reduces cost and increases efficiency of packaging prepress software. DeskPack, a collection of packaging prepress plugins for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that fit any prepress environment and Automation Engine, a modular workflow server for prepress workflow automation that is easy to set up and operate, reduces error and increases efficiency. It also has a CDI Spark for the in-house production of flexo plates.

“Esko offers a complete solution and a future oriented tool,” Petratschek adds. “The products can easily be customized to exactly fit our process workflow. We also work closely with the Esko experts who are behind the product to get the most from the development process. This collaboration benefits both organizations and is a key element of our close partnership.”

“The watchword these days is ‘Industry 4.0,’ or the fourth industrial revolution,” Petratschek explains. “This means that all hardware and software must be able to integrate and communicate. The aim of our customers and of Schreiner Group is highest quality runs completed faster and just in time – with a minimum of human interaction. Having clear workflow processes is crucial, and our Esko suite of solutions gives us a robust platform to work from in achieving these goals.”

Eva Jarošová-Korte, Sales Account Manager of Esko says: “Through our close working relationship with the Schreiner Group, we help them further improve their day-to-day production. At the same time, they challenge us and raise critical questions that help us further develop future Esko products, keeping us on our toes and helping us make sure that we continue to lead the market with our solutions.”

UniNet Continues Collaboration with UPM Raflatac by Featuring the iColor 700 Digital Label Press

UniNet will be demonstrating their iColor 700 digital LED toner-based printer in UPM Raflatac’s booth at Pack Expo Show from November 6th to the 9th in Chicago. Situated in Booth N-6275, the teams will be highlighting short run digital label printing using a variety of label stocks from UPM Raflatac’s Print-On-Demand line. This range provides a selection of innovative paper and film combinations that offer high quality imaging and excellent durability for labeling & packaging. Applications include food and beverage, health and beauty, product and shipping, as well as the recently approved polyester (PET) that is now BS5609, section 3 GHS certified for chemical and drum labeling.

UniNet partnered with UPM Raflatac, global supplier of pressure sensitive label materials, to create worldwide solutions for converters and customers that ensures professional results using the iColor digital label printers. The iColor 700 low fuser temperature technology supports printing production on a broader range of both standard and specialty substrates including BOPP, PET, vinyl and more.

“The printing capabilities of the iColor series continue to grow based on our collaboration with UPM Raflatac. By partnering with them we are able to offer a diverse selection of substrates for converters and commercial printers looking to expand their product offering, or brand owners looking to create the perfect image for their packaging. We look forward to demonstrating the iColor 700 in their booth and our continued partnership in the future,” said Joe Dovi, COO at UniNet.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

LAST FEW DAYS: Advertising opportunities still open for Indian Label Directory

After the stupendous success of the earlier four editions, Eon Infomedia - the publishers of Labels India - will be releasing a Limited Edition of the Indian Label Directory during Labelexpo India at New Delhi. This Limited Edition will be for circulation just during the expo before the final print version of the Fifth edition is released at the end of 2016 or in January 2017.

Speaking about this Limited Edition of the Indian Label Directory, Mahua Mazumdar says: “This is a deliberate attempt on our part as we wanted to also incorporate major changes that may take place during the show or even those new entrants into the industry. Labelexpo India has over the years has undoubtedly become the most important window on the Indian and International label printing field. And no label printer or converter can afford to miss it.”
A bible for the Indian Label industry, the Indian Label Directory is a one-stop reference manual for the Indian label industry, giving one instant access to information on equipment manufacturers, materials and services suppliers and printers operating globally with a special emphasis on India and Asia Pacific.

This easy-to-use, quick reference guide publishes all the information you need to access Indian label printing and converting industry and featuring manufacturers, dealers, and most importantly, major suppliers of consumables, equipment and services that one can use to make their purchasing decisions in an easy to use “handy” format. It lists and evaluates all relevant data for the label industry, clearly arranged according to product areas, thus enabling rapid access to competent information offers. This is an unprecedented opportunity for industry entrants to get all suppliers info in a directory targeted exclusively to their requirements as the directory will offer an in-depth look at prominent suppliers to the narrow web industry.

To advertise in this edition, contact: Gargi Bhattacharya on +91-9004330381 / Email: gargi@labelsind.com FINAL CLOSING DATE FOR ADVERTISEMENTS: 8th November 2016

To BUY a Copy of the INDIAN LABEL DIRECTORY - visit the LABELS INDIA Stand at N/16 at LABELEXPO INDIA 2016 SHOW...

Hubergroup presents new PU-based printing ink for flexographic printing

The flexible packaging industry has to meet ever increasing demands both with respect to design and technical requirements. Clients want excellent-quality fine raster prints produced at high speed, combined with easy handling and high lamination bond strength. When it comes to versatile film laminates for use in demanding applications, such as sterilisation, this combination of ink characteristics has to date been almost impossible to achieve in the flexographic segment and chiefly been the preserve of the gravure segment.

The printing-ink manufacturer hubergroup is now launching a new ink series under the brand name "Gecko Platinum" that blends perfectly into its existing family of "Gecko" flexo and gravure inks. On 25 October 2016, more than 100 clients from the international printing industry who specialise in flexible packagings came to Lengerich/Germany in order to learn more about the properties of these inks. The product presentation was supported by a graphic live demonstration at Windmöller & Hölscher, the press manufacturer and systems supplier for flexible packaging.

Whereas the classic Gecko series are based on nitrocellulose (NC), this new series uses a polyurethane (PU) binder system. Lutz Frischmann, Director Technology Management Liquid Inks at hubergroup, explains why the company chose to use PU, which has been optimised for this demanding application: "For standard applications, such as packaging for dry package contents, we already have well-established NC ink systems. However, NC systems cannot be used for applications involving sterilisation due to the limited thermostability of nitrocellulose. Until now, specialised ink series based on polyvinylbutyral (PVB) or polyvinylchloride (PVC) have been used for such high-performance laminations. However, flexo printers are either not able to use these specialised inks at all (PVC-based inks) or only to a very limited extent (PVB inks). Moreover, brand owners are increasingly demanding chlorine-free binders and pushing the established PVC systems in gravure to the limits of their capabilities. Extensive field trials in combination with various solvent-based and solvent-free adhesive systems have confirmed that Gecko Platinum offers consistently high bond strength values in both standard and high-performance applications, including sterilisation. Print quality is excellent even in fine halftone designs with 60 lines/cm or more."

At the product launch, Dr Giuseppe Gianetti, Director Product Management Liquid Inks at hubergroup, spoke about the market opportunities of the new product development. "The downsizing of print runs is a key factor in Europe, and retortability is supporting this concept very well thanks to the wide range of applications open. The availability of high-performance inks for sterilisation applications now enables flexo to fight for a share of this market, too. Gecko Platinum Flexo opens up new market opportunities for forward-thinking flexo printers in areas that until now have been the preserve of gravure printers."

The new Platinum series is currently available as ready-to-use inks.

DuPont to showcase Cyrel Easy at Labelexpo India 2016

DuPont Advanced Printing will showcase DuPont Cyrel Easy flexographic printing plates - The latest addition is advancing flexography by delivering color complexity and workflow simplicity at Labelexpo India 2016. Cyrel Easy plates simplify the prepress process with flat top digital dots that are built directly into the plates. Developed for flexible packaging, tags and labels, these plates are based on a new polymer technology that produces higher ink transfer, color saturation and resolution.

It is claimed that significantly higher solid ink density has been demonstrated in customer testing, without compromising on highlights. The plates are available globally for Fast/thermal and solvent processing in engineered and smooth surfaces. Additional Cyrel Easy flexographic printing products are currently in development for the corrugated, beverage and folding carton markets.

Siming Luo, regional marketing manager for the Asia-Pacific region at DuPont Advanced Printing, said: ‘Most printers are looking for a product that can bring high quality at high speed. Specifically in the tag and label market, printers require coming to color fast and running at high speed on press. Easy flexographic plate technology meets customers’ requirements.’

DuPont has introduced Easy plates in India and commercialized them at several large trade shops and in-house convertors. ‘Initial responses are very encouraging and trials are underway at other places,’ said Luo.

The company launched DuPont Cyrel Fast 2000 TD system, its newest equipment offering, at drupa earlier this year. "The customer feedback in the EMEA region has been positive and we have to work very closely with our machinery partner to ramp up the production quicker to fulfill the order needs, not only from existing customers but also for the new customers who have tested Easy plates processed by Fast 2000 TD," added Luo. "The combination of our new plates and new machine has delivered highest performance expectation in the market, which will certainly be acknowledged likewise in India market once the machines come in."

DuPont will also show its new anti-counterfeiting film for packaging, DuPont Izon 3D security film. This anti-counterfeit technology enables fast, overt product authentication using unique 3D holograms, custom designed for simple and intuitive visual verification.

UPM Raflatac at Pack Expo International 2016: A perfect fit for packaging decoration

At this year's Pack Expo International in Chicago, UPM Raflatac will proudly feature a multi-faceted approach to helping packaging companies find new ways to distinguish their brands and capture consumer attention at the point of sale. Expo attendees are invited to visit UPM Raflatac's team of experts at Booth N6275 in the Containers and Materials Pavilion to discover how the company's labeling solutions are a perfect fit for the world of packaging decoration, from sustainability and efficiency to design and functionality.

Upon entering the booth, guests will see four distinct areas where they will be led through the material and packaging value chain. The first stop is sustainability, where UPM Raflatac's innovative Label Life tool will be on display. Then, they will move on to efficiency, where they will learn about the productivity gains from thinner materials and will be able to demo efficiency calculators. At this point, visitors will receive an empty candy jar with a clear film front label fresh off UPM Raflatac's on-site label applicator. Next stop is design, where they can print a unique label on demand and apply it to the top of their jar by hand. Best of all, the final stop is functionality, where guests can fill their jars with delicious color-coordinated candy and learn about label application tips and techniques.

New film solutions for a perfect fit for product decoration
UPM Raflatac is excited to welcome new PP and PET options to its metalized and foil product family. With their bright, shiny appearance, these materials are the perfect canvas for graphics that "pop" - and offer the ultimate experience in product decoration and shelf appeal. 

Introducing Vanish 120 - Invisible still never looked so good
UPM Raflatac's new Vanish 120 products offers all of the benefits of Vanish 92 materials, but with increased stiffness for better dispensing on standard equipment. These thin, yet robust products provide the perfect canvas for innovative imagery previously considered unattainable by creative designers. 

A recipe for success in the food packaging industry
UPM Raflatac's label materials for the food segment perform in a variety of packaging types - including glass, hard and soft plastics, metals and ­fiber-based materials, such as paper and corrugated ­fiberboard - provide eye-catching branding to motivate point-of-sale purchases; and communicate critical nutrition information, such as product ingredients and "sell-by" dates. 

Meeting the demands of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry
UPM Raflatac is poised to meet the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry labeling demands with their high-performance paper and film materials are backed by decades of global R&D and designed to excel in even the most demanding applications.

Protect your brand - security labels for any application
UPM Raflatac offers a comprehensive portfolio for a variety of end-uses in the diverse brand protection and secure labeling market, such as wine and spirits, cosmetics, electronics, and many more. Come learn how products like Raflasec Holo can be your perfect fit for anti-counterfeiting.

Sustainable by design - APR-approved films featuring RW85C adhesive
The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has recently recognized UPM Raflatac's 2.6 mil PP Pearlescent TC and 1.6 mil PP Clear TC label stocks constructed with RW85C wash-off adhesive as meeting or exceeding the APR Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label for PET Bottles Critical Guidance Document requirements. Ideal for labeling PET bottles, where major international beverage brands are moving to more recyclable materials to improve their branding and sustainability initiatives. These clear and white polypropylene product combinations can undergo common PET recycling processes without contaminating any of the PET flake by-products.

Stop by Booth N6275 in the Containers and Materials Pavilion to see the Label Life tool in action!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

IPAMA elects new office bearers for the term 2016-2018

At the recently held 101st meeting of the Governing Council of Indian Printing Packaging & Allied Machinery Manufacturers' Association (IPAMA)held on October 27, 2016 at C-54, Sector-62, Institutional Area, Noida for electing the office bearers, for the term 2016-2018, the following incumbents were unanimously elected. 
Mr. H.V. Sheth, President, Sheth Printograph Pvt. Ltd., Noida
Mr. P.K. Bhalla, Vice President (West), Manugraph India Ltd., New Delhi
Mr. Vinay Kumar Gupta, Vice President (North), AEC Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. Amritsar
Mr. C.N. Ashok, Vice President (South), Autoprint Machinery Mfrs. (P) Ltd., Coimbatore
Mr. Jaiveer Singh, Vice President (East), Rotta Print India Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad
Mr.  Balkrishan Khindria, Honorary General Secretary, Memory Repro Systems (P) Ltd., New Delhi
Mr. Satish Kaushik, Joint Secretary (West), Web Masters, Faridabad
Mr. Naveen Gupta, Joint Secretary (North), Prakash Offset Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad
Mr. Dayaker Reddy, Joint Secretary (South), Gutenberg Machinery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.   Hyderabad
Mr. Iqbal Singh, Joint Secretary (East), Sond Associates (Engg.) Pvt. Ltd. Amritsar
Mr. Dharmesh Arora, Treasurer, Fair Deal Engineers, Faridabad

In the opening address, Mr. H.V. Sheth, President emphasized the need for technological up-gradation and development, smooth coordination with the members of the Association and also to educate them on different aspects of the industry.  He also highlighted the need to open an Institute for imparting technical training for the betterment of the industry.

Davis Graphics to showcase Rotoflex VSI Slitter Rewinder at Print Santiago

The flagship Rotoflex VSI slitter rewinder is set for live demonstrations on the Davis Graphics stand at Print Santiago 2016. Taking place 16-18 November in Santiago, Chile, Print Santiago is a meeting point of technological innovations related to the world of print including commercial, advertising, editorial, packaging, labels, large format and digital printing. 

With origins dating back to 1899, Davis Graphics S.A. was formerly established in 1968 and serves customers in flexographic printing, offset printing, digital and pre-press. Their mission is to provide reliable and timely solutions to customers at every stage of the production process. Key narrow web industry companies represented by Davis Graphics include Mark Andy, Rotoflex, Flexo Concepts, Flint Group, Xeikon, Harper and more.

Felipe Arias, general manager of Davis Graphics and his team of specialists will present their latest solutions for printing and label finishing at Print Santiago 2016, with the Rotoflex VSI slitter rewinder making its second appearance at the show (previously at the 2014 edition). Francisco Soto, Rotoflex sales manager for Latin America & Caribbean will once again join Davis Graphics on stand.

Known for a high level of accuracy in demanding production environments, the servo-driven VSI is the Rotoflex flagship slitter rewinder for traditional roll-to-roll label inspection and finishing. Features of the VSI include a small footprint design to maximize valuable production space, low working heights for efficient operator use, and ease of accessibility to the web path maximizing set-up and change-over efficiency. The VSI can also be integrated with a variety of vision systems for automatic label defect detection and inspection.

Soto comments: "Rotoflex has a rich presence in Chile, with numerous finishing machine installations over the last 15 years. Davis Graphics has provided exceptional local service and support to Rotoflex customers and is well connected to the industry. It is an honour to exhibit the VSI label slitting and rewinding capabilities and present the range of Rotoflex business responsive technologies once again on the Davis Graphics stand at Print Santiago, and meet with leading Chilean printers and converters."

With more than 8000 installations globally, Rotoflex is a world leader in inspection, slitting, rewinding and die cutting equipment. Rotoflex looks beyond the machine to the ultimate needs of its customers. We work in partnership to serve your unique, specific requirements. Our customer driven approach has made us the finishing partner of choice - for over 40 years. Rotoflex equipment is supported globally by the largest OEM Customer Support team in the industry. 

A proud brand of Mark Andy Inc., Rotoflex is an important aspect of the company's Total Solution Partner strategy. The business is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, with sales and distribution offices worldwide.

Trelleborg takes part in Asia CanTech event

Trelleborg will show its new Printec 8263 offset blanket at the forthcoming Asia CanTech event, which takes place in Malaysia between 7th – 9th November. The consumption of canned drinks in South East Asia is expected to increase significantly over the next few years and Printec 8263 is designed specifically for two-piece can production.

“As a major player in the global offset blanket market Trelleborg is in an ideal position to develop solutions for specialist printing applications that require very specific features,” says Marco Carlini, Regional Sales Director for Trelleborg in Asia Pacific. “We launched Printec 8263 at Drupa 2016 and have since received extremely positive feedback from printers operating in the two-piece can printing sector. It’s the perfect blanket for printers who need to meet the latest demands for personalization of cans.”

Printec 8263 is a self-adhesive blanket designed for laser-engraved personalization. It has an advanced, stable adhesive layer that provides a strong adhesion, leaving no residue on the cylinder. The cream color of the layer under the top face allows accurate control of the engraved design. The blanket offers an extremely high mechanical resistance and the top face can be laser-engraved with very fine precision.

Successfully used in Europe and America by the biggest aluminum can printers, Printec 8263 has been fully validated in the field and is today one of the most innovative blanket solutions for beverage can printing.

Andrea Trevisi is South East Asia Sales Manager for Trelleborg. “The worldwide packaging sector continues to grow strongly and metal sheet printing is an important part of that industry. Customers expect first class print quality on cans and the relevant consumable and equipment suppliers have all had to raise the bar to meet these required standards. Trelleborg also continues to improve and develop new offset blanket solutions and we will be showing a range of products at Asia CanTech. We look forward to discussing with visitors how we can help their business,” says Andrea Trevisi.

Xerox Technology Business President Jeff Jacobson to Deliver Keynote Address at EFI Connect 2017

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. announced that Jeff Jacobson, president, Xerox Technology, will be a keynote speaker at EFI Connect 2017 – the EFI users’ group conference taking place Jan. 17-20, 2017, at Wynn Las Vegas. Jacobson, who will be CEO of Xerox following the completion of the company’s separation into two independent, publicly traded companies, has a rich career history as an executive and leader in the graphic arts industry.

“It’s an exciting time in our industry as we usher in new ways for print providers to transform and grow their businesses. Disruptive printing technologies, high-value applications and workflow advancements are among the driving forces shaping the future of print and business for customers,” said Jacobson. “I look forward to connecting with industry colleagues and customers at EFI Connect and exploring what the latest industry trends and advancements mean for their businesses.”

In his current role, Jacobson leads Xerox’s technology business and is responsible for worldwide strategy, operations, and product development, manufacturing and distribution. Jacobson joined Xerox in 2012 as the president of Global Graphic Communications Operations. Prior to Xerox, he served as the president and chief executive officer of Presstek, adding the title of chairman in 2009. Previously, Jacobson was chief operating officer of Eastman Kodak Company's Graphic Communications Group. He also served for five years as CEO of Kodak Polychrome Graphics.

A long-time supporter of EFI Connect, Xerox is once again a Platinum Sponsor of the event. Xerox customers benefit from several advanced technology integrations available with EFI Fiery® digital front ends (DFEs) used to drive Xerox multifunction printers and digital production presses.

“We are delighted that Jeff will be joining us at Connect 2017 and are eager to have him share his valuable insights about the industry in one of his first public appearances after becoming CEO,” said Guy Gecht, CEO of EFI. “Connect attendees will be very interested in hearing latest news and advancements from Xerox – a company that plays a critical role in the future of digital print.”

Other presentations currently scheduled for Connect 2017 include sessions from Gecht, EFI CFO Marc Olin, and Gabriel Matsliach, senior vice president and general manager, EFI Productivity Software. Additional Connect 2017 speakers will be announced over the next few months.

EFI Connect is the printing industry's best venue for open dialogue and idea exchange, giving global business leaders a valuable opportunity to participate in educational sessions, receive hands-on experience, discuss industry trends, network with peers, voice their opinions, and learn from others. 

SPGPrints enhances rotaLEN direct HD laser engraver for narrow-web rotary screens

SPGPrints has introduced quality and productivity enhancements to its flagship direct laser engraver for digitally imaging narrow-web rotary screens. Debuting at Labelexpo Americas 2016, the new version of the rotaLEN features an improved laser that images to high-definition (HD) standards, and an extended engraving width that accommodates wider screens and - in some cases - two meshes simultaneously.

Featuring a sealed CO2 laser that ablates the printed areas without film, chemicals or water, rotaLEN images SPGPrints’ non-woven nickel re-engravable RotaMesh and reusable RotaPlate screens with resolutions of up to 4000dpi in a single, fully digital step.

Arno Bouwmeester, managing director, SPGPrints Austria, comments: “With its fully automated, simplified workflow, the rotaLEN engraver has been adopted as the standard rotary screen imaging process by several of the world’s leading label converters.  It has proven capable of delivering repeatable quality consistency, significantly increased throughput and reductions in costs and emissions.”

The enhanced laser system was developed in response to demand from personal care brand owners and their suppliers seeking solutions for providing more information on a label, often in multiple languages, with optimum clarity.  The laser meets this requirement by engraving screens to HD quality standards and facilitating precise reproduction of fine characters, including oriental text, where accuracy is vital to legibility.

The enhanced rotaLEN engraver accommodates RotaMesh screens up to 660mm (26in.) in length, and a wider drum that allows two RotaPlate engraving jobs to be completed in a single engraving cycle, thereby reducing handling times and improving the efficiency of the pre-press stage.

rotaLEN is compatible with the complete rotary screen range, from the finest meshes available, such as SPGPrints’ RotaMesh 405 and RotaPlate 355F screens, to RotaMesh 75 for 250 micron-thick Braille dot reproduction.

Furthermore, files processed by rotaLEN can be prepared with SPGPrints’ software, providing optimum control when creating fine positive and negative images.

Arno Bouwmeester concludes: “Rotary screen printing is recognised as an essential means of productively achieving high-value packaging effects, including tactile varnishes, metallic finishes and striking opaque graphics that communicate the promise of quality and generate retail sales. The introduction of the enhanced rotaLEN engraver, complementing SPGPrints’ integration modules and screen programme, brings further advances in process efficiency, simplification and quality control in the rotary screen workflow.”

Tresu’s new XL5i coating circulator regulates unblemished application of high-viscosity, sensitive packaging varnishes

Tresu Group's new XL5i Coating Circulator ensures precisely regulated, stable flow, and uncontaminated print and coating, when applying sensitive UV and water-based varnishes for packaging and label applications.

A compact system with two speed-controlled peristaltic pumps, Tresu XL5i is easy to operate thanks to semi-automatic cleaning and timer settings.

Used in combination with a chamber doctor blade and customized open-cell anilox roll, Tresu XL5i provides fully enclosed circulation from the bucket to the point where the ink or varnish fills the anilox cells, thereby enabling pressure and control needed to delicately handle the medium. The enclosed system prevents contamination of air inside the chamber that can lead to foaming and undesired blistering of the printwork.

Printing applications for which the XL5i are suitable include opaque white, gold and silver metalure, pearl lustre, blister coating, scented, high-gloss, scented or silky soft touch effects, on folding carton, self-adhesive labels or metallised papers.

Henrik Kristensen, vice-president, Tresu Ancillary, comments: “Varnishes responsible for high lustre, brilliant colours and appealing tactile effects are powerful ways of adding brand value - especially for luxury and personal care packaging, where a striking point of sale impact is crucial to achieve sales. However, the functionality of these varnish types depends on relatively large particles that are delicate. Tresu’s XL5i circulator ensures these coating media are carefully handled with care, at precise viscosity and pressure levels, so the desired print result can be achieved without disturbance at high production speeds.”

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Xeikon takes what’s next campaign to all4pack

Adopting creative ways to address today’s challenges to be showcased in Paris, Xeikon, a market leader in digital color printing technology for the labels and packaging industry, is taking its worldwide What’s Next campaign to All4Pack. The show is taking place in Paris Nord, Villepinte, France, from November 14th until November 17th. Xeikon will be located on stand 6 L 136.

The focus of the four-day event will be on how operations can best position themselves for the future, which perfectly fits in the What’s Next campaign. All4Pack is the perfect occasion for customers to discover how they can stay on top of the market trends in the labelling and packaging industry. Xeikon’s answer is the cost-effective, efficient and highly flexible production of short runs. The company will also demonstrate how creative digital printing solutions and robust tracking can support brands via features such as variable information and coding on a wide range of board types.

At the show, Xeikon will demonstrate the capabilities of its flagship five-color Xeikon 3500 digital press for folding carton applications. It will show how easy it is to produce eye-catching folding carton applications on the 1600 B2 sheets/hour system that has a variable width of 250mm (9.8”) up to 516mm (20.3”). With CMYK + Orange toners as an example, the color gamut can be extended to achieve more than 72% of Pantone colors.

The Xeikon 3500 will be demonstrated in a fully functional end-to-end configuration with a Web Varnishing Module water based inline varnish unit for spot and flood coating with UV and aqueous varnishes. A pile high stacker will collect the printed sheets.

Xeikon experts will also discuss with visitors the value of the Xeikon Folding Carton Suite for an end-to-end solution. This includes the press, workflow with dedicated folding carton software and components, toners ideally suited for folding carton production, a range of print media and converting equipment. The Xeikon X-800 DFE also offers significant value, including rapid processing speeds and market-leading color management.

Gert Geens, Business Development Manager, Folding Cartons, says, “We are delighted to be returning to the show for the second time. We are looking forward to presenting our solutions that cut to the heart of the production challenges our customers are facing today. Customers see us as a trusted advisor in digital production and applications. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise and helping visitors find ways to identify what they can offer next as part of their print production portfolio.”

Pantec to show in-line performance with RHINO II at Labelexpo India

Pantec (Stand H37) will showcase the unbeatable in-line performance of Rhino II with a live production of a luxury spirit label combining patch registration and multiple color foil application.

Manufacturers of wine, tequila and whiskey labels as well as luxury packaging producers should schedule a visit to Pantec GS Systems where its flatbed foil-embossing system Rhino II is demonstrated live. The system provides registered holographic patches and multi-stepping application of different foils. Its record high stroke frequency of 25’000 strokes per hour allows manufacturing of highly decorated premium labels and luxury packaging in single pass in-line at speeds that make such labels viable for new markets.

Rhino 410 is known in the label market for its efficient foil embossing in-line for 430 mm web. The addition - registered patches - opens up new fancy design opportunities for brand owners. With Rhino 510 Pantec even prepares the way for foil embossing and hologram registration for carton packaging on 530 mm web.

At the exhibition Stand, manufacturers of luxury body care, cosmetic or security labels will find solutions for economic in-line production of labels with registered holographic effects, security labels powerful foil saving. And also manufacturers of large volumes of carton and flexible packaging should stop by to get the latest information about the rotary wide web system Cheetah which applies holograms for security and design aspects at incredible speed and accuracy.

SMI introducing two new tools at the Labelexpo India show

In continuation of its policy to be transparent and educational, SMI is introducing two new tools at the Labelexpo India show. The transparency displayed in their specification sheets, curved diameter indicator, sample sets and industry brochures are already well appreciated in the industry.

With a set of leading 7 questions in the newly introduced user friendly SMI product selector app, the user is easily led to the appropriate SMI product that is suitable for the application. Further the user can straightaway ask for specification sheet, samples or order through the app. In addition to the product selector industry related calculators are also present.

One of the calculator is simple and is designed to calculate the length of a roll. Just by feeding the width, height, matrix widths, number of labels, the second calculator gives the running length, square meters as well as wastage due to matrix for a particular job. It also shows the wastage for a job if printed in different ups, thus helping the printer to decide which combination of ups and running meters will have the minimum wastage. In a cost conscious industry these are very simple to use but effective tools.

SMI has plans to introduce more tools to aid the industry in the near future. Appreciating the rise in filmic labels, they are launching a new sample set showing different types of Filmic Label stock solutions only. The specification sheets accompanying the samples highlight the important characteristics and uses of these materials.

Nilpeter to print labels live on FB-3300 servo press at Labelexpo India 2016

Nilpeter (Stand F15) will demonstrate a 6-color FB-3300 servo press at Labelexpo India 2016, which will be printing multiple jobs across the four days of the show. The 6-color UV flexo press with short web path features a gravure unit as the last printing unit a value-adding unit for metallic inks, solids, and coatings; and a new rail-based cross-over unit that can be placed above any printing unit for flexibility. The press is also equipped with corona treater, web cleaner, chill drums on all units, movable cold foil, an automatic plate positioning system, two die slots, and a 100 percent inspection system. The FB-3300S will produce pressure-sensitive labels with cold foil as well as metallic gold ink printed in gravure.

Manish Kapoor, country manager for sales at Nilpeter, said: ‘We are expecting serious visitors as always at the show this year. We are positive about the success of the show and hope to announce a couple of sales during the four days of the exhibition.’

Nilpeter is working with multiple supply chain partners on the show floor for the demonstrations, including: Avery Dennison and UPM Raflatac for labelstock; Ankit Graphics for plate processing; Flint for inks; rotary dies from RotoMetrics; and Univacco for cold foil.

Flexographic Ink Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025 report out

Increasing consumer spending for purchase of goods and services has led to improvement in offerings by manufacturers and various service providers such as retailers and logistic service providers, as major focus on providing better packaging to guarantee quality of product and service. Thus players in printing industry are focusing to provide attractive printing solutions. Packaging applications account for approximately 50 percent of market share in the global flexographic ink market. Flexographic inks are transferred on to the substrate by the process of flexography. Flexographic inks are primarily used in printing of packaging solutions. Further flexographic inks are used in printing of plastic and paper bags, cardboard box, catalogues, banners and hoardings. Depending upon application of flexographic ink and printing surfaces, several types of inks are available in market. Price is another major factors that influence the adoption of a particular flexographic printing ink.

Flexographic Ink Market: Drivers & Restraints
Low cost and environment friendly product offerings is likely to drive the demand for these flexographic inks in turn driving the growth of flexographic ink market during the forecast period. The growing demand for flexographic inks owing to the growth of printing industry is another factor likely to drive the growth of flexographic ink market. Increasing FDI investments in emerging economies and stabilizing U.S. economy further optimizes the chances of the growth of the market during the forecast period. However, recent downturn in Europe and China is likely to hamper growth of the market over the forecast period.

Flexographic Ink Market: Segmentation 
On the basis of type of ink, the Flexographic Ink market is segmented as:
•           Solvent Based Flexographic Ink
•           Water Based Flexographic Ink
•           UV- Cured Flexographic Ink
On the basis of application, the Flexographic Ink market is segmented as:
•           Corrugated Containers
•           Cartons
•           Flexible Packaging
•           Tags & Labels
•           Paper & Plastic Bags
•           Others (Newspapers, Catalogues etc.)

Flexographic Ink Market: Region-wise Outlook 
Region-wise the global flexographic ink market is segmented into prominent regions such as North America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, Japan, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. The global flexographic ink market is expected to witness a moderate growth during the forecast period. However region in Asia Pacific (such as China and India) and in MEA (South Africa and Turkey) are expected to register healthy growth during the forecast period. Europe is projected to be the largest market for the flexographic ink. Countries such as Germany, France, and U.K. are markets with strong growth potential for flexographic ink. Following Europe, the next major market for flexographic inks is North America with prominent countries such as U.S. and Canada. Asia Pacific flexographic ink market is also expected to witness high growth rate with china being the major contributor of growth. In Latin America, Brazil, Peru, Chile are among the countries with potential demand for flexographic inks. Japan is another significant market for flexographic ink, with majority of manufacturers located in the region.   

Flexographic Ink Market: Key Players
The key players identified in the Global Flexographic Ink market are listed below-
•           Sun Chemical Corp.Inc.
•           Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA
•           DIC Corporation
•           Flint Group
•           Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co.
•           RUCO Druckfarben
•           T&K TOKA Corporation
•           Wikoff Color Corporation
•           INX International Ink Co.
•           Sakata Inx (India) Pvt. Ltd.
•           Toyo Ink S.C. Holdings

The research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. It also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The research report provides analysis and information according to categories such as market segments, geographies, types, technology and applications.

The report covers exhaustive analysis on:
•           Market Segments
•           Market Dynamics
•           Market Size
•           Supply & Demand
•           Current Trends/Issues/Challenges
•           Competition & Companies involved
•           Technology
•           Value Chain

The report is a compilation of first-hand information, qualitative and quantitative assessment by industry analysts, inputs from industry experts and industry participants across the value chain. The report provides in-depth analysis of parent market trends, macro-economic indicators and governing factors along with market attractiveness as per segments. The report also maps the qualitative impact of various market factors on market segments and geographies.

Report Highlights:
The report covers a detailed overview of parent market, the changing market dynamics in the industry, an in-depth market segmentation, Historical, current and projected market size in terms of volume and value, the recent industry trends and developments, Competitive landscape, Strategies of key players and products offered, Potential and niche segments, geographical regions exhibiting promising growth, A neutral perspective on market performance and all the Must-have information for market players to sustain and enhance their market footprint

Sunday, October 23, 2016


As the largest label and packaging printing event in South Asia, Labelexpo India 2016 is all set to open its doors to the industry; everything at this edition of the show seems to be bigger than its previous editions. With the latest label printing, converting and finishing technology put together, Labelexpo India is the place where printers, converters, brand owners and designers come to discover new developments that can grow their businesses. The show is being held at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida (albeit a shift from its regular venue Pragati Maidan) from 17 to 20 November 2016. It’s where one can see the latest innovations from indigenous to leading international manufacturers than any other show in the region.

With over 200 exhibitors, including 45 new entrants to the show, Labelexpo India offers valuable networking opportunities for visitors and exhibitors alike all under one roof. Be it choosing machinery or materials, this show is vital for any label converter to see all the options together in one place. Yes, Labelexpo India provides the best platform for domestic and international companies to showcase their expertise, products and technology innovations as the show not only brings technology, innovations and standards in label and package printing for converters to help transform businesses, but also offers a great place to meet, share ideas and build business relationships.

According to Labelexpo India organisers, “The show is focused to provide a label converter how his business can increase its product and service capabilities; reduce costs and be more profitable; become more innovative; raise quality levels; secure new clients and business partners and produce the competitor-beating solutions your clients demand. With live demonstrations of new digital and conventional printing presses accompanied with high-tech label and packaging materials; pre-press and plate-making technology; finishing and converting systems; inspection, overprinting and label application equipment; dies, cutters, rollers; inks and coatings; RFID and security solutions; software and interactive technology, among others; this is the show to be as Indian and International label printers/converters, suppliers and brand owners are expected to attend the show.”

Supported by the LMAI, AIFMP, DPA and the ASPA, Labelexpo India is the show if you want to be if one wants to enter niche markets as the show is pulsating with information, trends and new opportunities. This year’s show is set to see a wave of new machinery and technological developments. Many press developments will be unveiled from leading manufacturers including the bigwigs like Nilpeter, Omet, Bobst, HP, Konica Minolta as we;; as indigenous manufacturers like Webtech Engineering, Monotech, Multitech, Vinsak and others that will add to the fare. Not only press developments, the focus will also be on new technologies.

As usual the show will host the prestigious LMAI Avery Dennison Label Awards where Awards for excellence are doled out for the best in printing categories in flexo, letterpress, offset, combination printing, digital and by gold sponsor Avery Dennison. Even we at Labels India will be there at Stand No. N/16 and will be launching the 5th edition of the Indian Label Directory. We look forward to welcoming you there.