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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

New Dates announced for Labelexpo India - To happen in November 2021

Tarsus Group, organizer of Labelexpo India, has confirmed that the upcoming edition of the show will now take place from November 16-19, 2021, at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.

‘The health and safety of exhibitors, visitors and staff remains our top priority and we have been monitoring the ongoing impact of coronavirus in India over the last few months. Postponing Labelexpo India by a year means that we will be able to run the safest and the highest quality event the industry expects from us,’ said Lisa Milburn, managing director of Labelexpo Global Series.

‘In taking this decision we considered our wider show portfolio and acted on the advice of our local partners, the venue, the health authorities, and exhibitors. We are grateful to them all for their continued support and look forward to working with them on the 2021 edition of the show. Crucially, this event, as is the case with our other Labelexpo shows around the world, will play a vital role in driving the economic recovery of the region’s label and package printing industry, plus its supply chain, post Covid-19,’ added Milburn.

Kuldip Goel, president of the Label Manufacturers Association of India (LMAI) commented: ‘From a converter perspective, I, as well as the industry, are very much looking forward to Labelexpo India 2021, which will be an extremely important catalyst in the industry’s recovery post coronavirus. We are delighted to lend our support to this much-needed event and urge the industry at all levels to get involved, suppliers, manufacturers and converters.”

The previous edition of Labelexpo India in 2018 attracted 9,851 visitors from 55 countries, who came to see over 250 exhibitors occupying over 7,073 sqm (76,100 sqft) of space.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Labelexpo is excited to bring the label industry back together

Tarsus Group, organiser of Labelexpo Europe, is planning to deliver its most ambitious show to date in a year from now, bringing the global industry back together after the challenges faced from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lisa Milburn, managing director, Labelexpo Global Series, said: “While the label and package printing industry has shown incredible ingenuity during the Covid-19 pandemic, there is simply no substitute for the face-to-face contact that only a unique trade show like Labelexpo can bring. Labelexpo Europe 2021 promises to showcase the very latest advancements in label and package printing. With an abundance of working machinery showing the latest technology, design solutions and feature areas, Labelexpo will bring the future of the industry to life.”

One film does not fit all—Why Specialist Products can pay off

A multi-purpose graphics film could seem like a good deal, but you may end up spending more money and time than you bargained for. Jerry Hill from Drytac explains why.

The term 'multi-purpose' sounds great. One product for different applications, helping your business keep costs low and stock keeping units (SKU) simple - what's not to like? However, in reality, that smart multi-functional product will be better for some jobs than others, in terms of appearance, performance, cost efficiency and longevity. This might seem like an acceptable balance, but some products claiming to be effective across multiple applications might do well for some jobs but perform downright poorly for others.

This is especially important when choosing graphics media. The type of product, and particularly its adhesive element, should be dictated by the application's environment and required longevity. A multi-use product might perform well for a few weeks but may cause problems if left in place for months, after which the adhesive will fail. In the case of floor graphics, curling edges would pose a safety risk aside from looking unsightly. Conversely, the product may be designed for long-term or permanent use when the application is short-term. If so, you will spend more time and money removing it than you expected.

Global Flexo Innovation Awards now open for entries

Miraclon recently announced that the Global Flexo Innovation Awards – to honor businesses that are pioneering the transformation of the flexo industry – are open for submissions from companies wishing to be recognized for their exciting, creative and innovative commercial packaging projects printed using Kodak Flexcel NX Plates.

The awards, which are open to any prepress provider, printer or brand (team entries are encouraged), bring together the whole flexo community, creating opportunities to build new contacts, relationships and partnerships across the print and packaging industry. Entries will be judged by an independent panel of nine highly experienced flexo industry experts on four criteria: the degree of creativity in the graphic design of the project, conversion from other print processes to flexo, the efficiency of the company’s workflow and the level of sustainable print in the project. Entries establishing excellence in two categories will receive a silver award, in three categories a gold award and in all four categories a platinum award, demonstrating to the industry and to the winner’s customers a commitment to the highest level of print production in all aspects.

“The Global Flexo Innovation Awards is different from other competitions. It’s not about one company beating another; it’s about highlighting companies doing great work. Our goal is to demonstrate how the flexo process continues to innovate and grow, becoming more powerful as a tool,” says Christopher Horton, chair of the judging panel. “Most of the potential participants operate in the food packaging value chain, and in the current difficult environment, these companies are essential. They are working, many under difficult circumstances, to supply their product so that people can eat. While the Covid-19 crisis has been undeniably disruptive, the flexo printing value chain has played a key role in helping the world’s response. I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing award entries displaying genuine innovations, ones with real strategic substance, which show companies driving efficient, consistent and sustainable manufacturing processes.”

Cosmo Films launches BOPP Clear Thermal Lamination Film with Antimicrobial Properties

Cosmo Films Ltd., a global leader in specialty films for packaging, lamination & labeling applications and synthetic paper, has developed a novel BOPP based clear thermal lamination antimicrobial film. The film has an extrusion coated surface with low temperature melting resin, which enables easy lamination of film on paper products by heat and pressure. This technology is safe, affordable and can be easily replicated into all types of labels, flexible packaging solutions, and synthetic paper.

The antimicrobial technology used in this film tackles the globally growing problem of bacterial infections on packaged items, by providing a completely new approach of preventing microbial colonization on the surface. This antimicrobial film is effective against a broad range of bacteria, inhibits germ growth and supports optimum hygiene. It also shows a positive effect against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 and Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 as per JIS Z 2801 certification.

Friday, September 18, 2020

17th Label Industry Global Awards Winners Revealed

GMG Color, Lenze SE, Paper Machine Converting Company and Avery Dennison Brazil are among the category winners for this year’s prestigious Label Industry Global Awards, which have been honored in a special online video announcement. Now in its 17th edition, the awards recognize the most innovative, influential and successful work from the label and package printing industry across the globe in the last twelve months.

The Award for Innovation (for companies with up to 300 employees) went to GMG Color for its GMG ColorCard digital proofing system, which impressed judges with its ability to enable printers to achieve significant time and cost savings. Proofs are color accurate first time, with very tight delta tolerances, and substrate changes can be quickly recalculated and printed.

The Award for Innovation (for companies with more than 300 employees) went jointly to Lenze SE and Paper Machine Converting Company. Lenze SE was recognized for its use of data already available in a press servo drive to provide Smart Condition Monitoring instead of adding extra sensors. This innovation was regarded by the judges as a look to the future with its potential to transform how machines are built and maintained. Paper Machine Converting Company was recognized for its Meridian Elite laser ablation technology for anilox cleaning, developed completely in-house. The judges were impressed with how this innovation completely eliminates the possibility of hotspots, provides higher performance and reliability, and allows customers to have complete documentation of the cleaning process for the life cycle of their anilox.

Avery Dennison Brazil won the Environmental & Sustainability Award for its implementation of a Circular Program to connect converters, brand owners, recyclers and others, to direct waste that would have previously been discarded in landfills into the production of cellulose paper and paper towels. It was recognized by the judges as a blueprint for the future development of the industry.

Printed Label Market Unidentified Segments – The Biggest Opportunity

According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Printed Label Market is accounted for $38.02 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $67.02 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for manufactured goods and an upsurge in the disposable income of people worldwide are the key driving factors for the market growth. However, Rise in raw material cost such as plastics in various forms increases overall cost of the labels is some of the factors hindering the market growth.

A label is a piece of paper, metal, cloth or polymer which is attached to a container or box of a product which is printed with information about the product. These labels are known as printed labels. Information printed directly on the container of the product can also be considered as printed labeling. Printed labeling is used to identify products and to avoid counterfeiting of products and maintain credibility. They are also essential for creating brand identity and impart useful information to consumers. 

Cosmo Films to invest Rs 300 crore to set up a new line of speciality polyester films

Packaging products maker Cosmo Films has announced that it will invest Rs 300 crore to set up a new line of speciality polyester films. In a regulatory filing, the company said it plans to set up a new line of speciality polyester films (Biaxially-Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate or BOPET) by the second quarter of 2022-23. 

“The new line will be commissioned at the Waluj plant site in Aurangabad, Maharashtra with capacity of 30,000 MT (metric tons) per annum...,” the filing said. “The project cost is estimated to be Rs 300 crore, which will be financed through a mix of internal accruals and loans,” it added. 

"Speciality BOPET is a niche segment which caters to multiple application segments, with high margins and opportunities for import substitution as well as worldwide exports," Cosmo Films Ltd CEO Pankaj Poddar said. 

BOPET films offer high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties and electrical insulation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

ET Packaging Summit 2020 : Packaging the Unpacked, the Smart and Sustainable Way

Considered to be the ultimate opportunity for marketers to visually describe the brand’s message, positioning the same as a better choice than any of its competitors, packaging industry in India is one of the industries which is witnessing a strong growth. Sustainability, branding and smart packaging technologies are the buzzwords resonating among the professionals for building the future. This creates opportunity for the vendors with innovative solutions to gain the competitive advantage in the local market, as well as gain the market share with strategic partnerships of long-term material supply. With the rising demand for packaging applications, along with technological advancement across the Indian economy, many companies are increasing their market presence by expanding their business footprint across various end-user markets.

Tarsus postpones Labelexpo India 2020 and Brand Print India 2020

Tarsus Group, organizer of Labelexpo India 2020 and Brand Print India 2020, has today confirmed that the upcoming editions of the co-located shows, due to take place at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR from 02–05 December, have been postponed in light of ongoing concerns over coronavirus/COVID-19.

Markem-Imaje joins EuPIA as part of ongoing commitment to ink safety

To help drive the change to more sustainable business practices and help its customers better navigate the associated compliance issues, Markem-Imaje has joined the European Printing Inks Association (EuPIA). Concerns about safety and sustainability have become increasingly important stakes for governments and consumers worldwide. Everything is under scrutiny, even down to the inks used to code products with data such as best before dates and traceability details. Joining EuPIA reinforces Markem-Imaje’s already strong position on ink compliance by enabling it to directly shape regulations and make its advice to manufacturers even better.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Holography in India: Fishing for New Opportunities

Investment in materials and technologies alongside new applications, is driving growth for holography in India, says Dr Paul Dunn, chair of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).

Demand continues to strengthen the market in India for holography as we see continued integration of holography alongside other authentication and track and trace technologies driving growth. In turn, this will herald sustained growth and progress, revealing a technology set to forge ahead in the coming years; underpinning moves to support overt and covert protection strategies by authorities, local government and law and enforcement agencies seeking quick and effective security solutions.

Indeed, it is throughout Asia, where counterfeiting remains pervasive, where we can see unmitigated commercial potential for holography. India will continue to offer widescale growth as law enforcement and national government intensify their war on counterfeiting and the supporting criminal infrastructures - it’s expected increased integration of holograms in these territories as part of brand protection strategies will be adopted by those looking to tackle the problem. With several regulatory bodies in India and abroad laying out stringent rules and standards and manufacturers realising the importance of authentication, the business is set to grow, providing growth opportunities for existing and even new entrepreneurs.

Importance of barcode and development in barcode labelling

Use of GS1 barcodes on product labels ensures 100% accurate & automated data capture

If you are a brand owner, running a successful business is never an easy task. It includes managing data and record-keeping for products. Manual processes make it time consuming and tedious. On the other hand, barcodes help businesses in capturing accurate data with a simple scan.

GS1, a global standards organisation, develops the standards for barcodes, besides allocating unique barcode numbers to help brand owners assign a unique identity to their products. GS1 barcode number is a de-facto retailing standard and enables companies to sell their products through modern retail channels (in-store and online), besides helping them enhance the visibility of their product pages. In India, GS1 India is only authorised body to allocate GS1 barcode numbers. 

Set up in India by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, GS1 India is a standards organisation that works in tandem along with other apex bodies and institutions, with an objective to help Indian Industry in adopting global GS1 standards in their supply chains to enhance efficiency and profitability.

It’s time to send your entries to Asian Print Awards

The annual Asian Print Awards was founded to recognise outstanding achievement in the print and packaging industries across Asia. With more than half the world’s population represented in this fast growing area, communication in the form of printed matter links Asia’s diverse cultures. It is imperative that such print achievements do not go unrecognised, especially among the population base that Asia enjoys. The Awards are judged on a wholly quality-oriented set of criteria to ensure that fair play is enacted at all times.

The Independent Judging Panel comprises highly qualified personnel from within Asia and around the world. The independent judging panel has no knowledge of the actual entrants details. ALL ENTRIES ARE NUMBER-CODED. Entries must be commercially produced work.

The Asian Print Awards is the only regional print quality competition of its kind in Asia. Supported by leading industry-supply companies, any progressive quality print house should enter and prove that they are the best - by winning the Gold, Silver or Bronze award. Proving pride in quality awareness is what customers love to see. It’s not just empty words, you can prove it.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the judging will be done in Australia. The Awards Gala Dinner will continue to be held in Southeast Asia.

To enter and for the full terms & conditions, download the entry form: Click here

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Zero-fault packaging – Myth or Reality?

Quality is one of the biggest differentiators in the packaging industry. Other factors matter too of course – cost efficiency, sustainability, lead times – but ultimately if packaging fails the quality test, it can jeopardize a whole run, and a customer relationship with it. In some sectors – pharmaceuticals for example – packaging faults can have even more significant consequences. 

But how can manufacturers maintain quality control in an increasingly competitive environment where margins are being squeezed and short runs with short lead times are becoming more common? In this environment, most companies cannot afford the luxury of Quality Control personnel carefully checking their packing process. The onus is now on the manufacturer to provide completely fault-free packaging in short lead times.

Saturday, July 4, 2020


Cambridge, UK-based inkjet printhead specialist celebrates its 30th birthday and its role in pioneering the use of industrial inkjet technologies.

‘30 years is a significant milestone for any business, and we were all extremely keen to mark the occasion and celebrate our accomplishments as a team – despite many of us still working in separate locations,’ said John Mills, CEO of Xaar. ‘It has been a real joy reviewing the many achievements from over the last 30 years and through this, acknowledging the unique heritage, we have in the development and use of inkjet technology worldwide.’

Aztec Label invests in sustainable Toyobo water wash flexo plates

UK-based Aztec Label has invested in Toyobo water wash plate technology to further boost its sustainability strategy, increase performance, quality and minimize downtime.

‘Our latest investment in Toyobo water washable plate technology has had a significant impact on the business. It’s a major improvement on the material we were using previously, with better all-round performance and plate quality,’ commented Colin Le Gresley, managing director of Aztec Label. ‘The plates are easy to process and use delivering a huge reduction in downtime for us due to the much cleaner wastewater effluent. This has resulted in a substantial time saving in processor cleaning, which in turn has lowered our costs. It’s great when a solution meets the needs of our business, customers and the environment.’

Toyobo, a Japanese platemaking specialist, commercialized Cosmolight technology, to produce water washable plates that are resistant to solvent, UV and water-based inks. With an integrated flat top dot, Cosmolight keeps stable small dots on the plate with near 1:1 reproduction, low dot-gain and prints fine screens and smooth vignettes. Efficient ink transfer enabled Aztec Label to achieve great solid area densities, as well as deliver an improvement to the operators’ working environment with no solvent emissions from the washout process. Additionally, the water washable flexo plate can be made press ready in 45 minutes.

Master Label installs largest Nilpeter press in Indonesia

Master Label has acquired a 22in Nilpeter FA-Line with 12 UV-flexo printing units, gravure, and cold foil making it the largest flexo press installation in Indonesia for the Danish manufacturer.

A Trusted Label Consultant
Like Nilpeter, Master Label is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. A trusted label consultant to numerous local and international premium brands and promising start-ups, Master Label supplies Health & Beauty labels for all high-end brand owners in the region, in addition to labels and flexible packaging products in Food & Beverage, Household Care, Pharmaceuticals, Special Chemicals, Specialty and Smart Packaging. To remain Indonesia’s leading label supplier, by providing high quality value-adding solutions to their customers, Master Label has established working relationships with a variety of qualified suppliers and market leaders in the industry, both locally and internationally.

Friday, July 3, 2020

ASPA & GS1 India Signs MoU To Strengthen Anti-Counterfeiting Eco-Systems

Counterfeit products across various sectors in India are causing losses of over 1 trillion INR every year to the government and the number of counterfeit cases has increased by nearly 24 percent in 2019 as compared to 2018. This causes business to lose brand equity and revenues, besides putting consumer safety at risk.

Realising the magnitude of damage caused by counterfeiting to the Indian economy, brands and consumers, Authentication Solutions Providers’ Association (ASPA) and GS1 India have joined hands to take the fight against counterfeiting to the next level in India.

UFlex beats market woes with several ground breaking innovations

India’s largest multinational flexible packaging company and a global player in polymer sciences, today declared its earnings for Q4 (January-March) and FY2019-20. The company has had a strong quarter with a surge in consolidated Net Profit by 43.5% YoY to 100.6 cr for Q4 FY19-20; whereas it’s consolidated EBITDA rose by 6.3% YoY to 276.4 cr and EBITDA margin improved to 15.6% from 12.6% last year.

Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director, UFlex Limited stated, “The year that went by brought its own set of challenges starting with slowdown in the economy to rising debate on plastic waste management and lastly the unexpected disruptions caused by COVID 19 pandemic. As a focused group, these challenges have formed to be a flagpole to our innovation for tomorrow. Even during this crisis, we continued our operations such that supply chain of essential commodities like food and pharma wasn’t completely interrupted and these packaged goods reached public at large.”

Paper not film: KHS launches ecofriendly can packaging system

The KHS Group has added a further environmentally-friendly system to its portfolio. With its tried-and-tested Innopack Kisters tray packers the systems supplier now enables cans of food and beverage to be wrapped in paper. The new technology provides an alternative to shrink film or wrap-around cartons. Regarding stability the results are the same yet compared to cardboard costs are lower as less energy and fewer materials are used. With a few minor adjustments existing machines can also be converted to the new setup.

The idea of using paper as a secondary packaging is not new; KHS first experimented with this around 20 years ago. “Back then, this technology didn’t catch on, however, as paper was a cost-intensive raw material and wrapping containers in film yielded better results regarding stability,” says Karl-Heinz Klumpe, packaging product manager at KHS. The beverage industry thus opted for different systems and solutions. 

Birografika MB purchases and installs their first MPS flexo press

Birografika MB in Serbia purchased and installed their first MPS flexo press, an 8-colour EFS 430 multi-substrate press. The deal was signed at Labelexpo Europe 2019. The newly installed MPS EFS 430 flexo press was chosen as an extension of Birografika’s current capacity, with a primary purpose for longer runs of high quality films, such as wrap-around labels and shrink sleeves. The printer is located in Subotica, Serbia.  Founded in 1920 as Birografika Subotica, the printing house transformed into Birografika MB in 2006 as a trading company to successfully secure the well-known brand and employees, which led to their success as a leading printer today.

The company’s main activity is the production of printed materials (flexible packaging and labels) with comprehensive services and equipment in flexo, digital and offset printing. Birografika takes pride in supplying large print orders, customization to meet customer needs, and boasts a number of reputable references in all sectors.

QLM Label Makers opens new facility in Brisbane

QLM Label Makers has opened a new head office and manufacturing facility in Berrinba, Brisbane. Its new corporate head office in Brisbane focuses on flexographic printing, while its hub in Melbourne houses its HP Indigo technology, focusing on digital. At a virtual opening, QLM Label Makers general manager Andrew Siwicki said the purpose-built premises is three times the size of its previous facility and houses the latest innovations in labelling and packaging, including Mark Andy flexo presses.

“QLM is a passionate company and we are so excited to finally open our virtual doors to our world-class operations,” he said. “We have a vision to be market leaders in our industry and fast-forward to today, we have some of the most advanced label manufacturing technology in Australia. Each and every one of our staff plays a key role in the success of what we do and our clients’ brands.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Finewebtech invests in Nilpeter FA-17 press, Socipack installs second Nilpeter 22” wide FA-Line

South Korean converter Finewebtech has seen a 20 percent increase in production capacity following the installation of its new Nilpeter FA-17 press. The company has already signed on for two additional Nilpeter presses to further expand and streamline the business. Finewebtech, founded in 1987 in the capital city of Seoul is an award-winning label and flexible packaging printer focusing primarily on cosmetics, household items, foods, and pharmaceuticals.

After a comprehensive market search, Finewebtech decided to invest in a Nilpeter FA-17 press in the second half of 2019, which has also marked the first new Nilpeter FA-line installation in the country.

‘The flexibility of the new FA press has cut our production times significantly,’ said Jang Tae-Soo, president and CEO of Finewebtech Label Solution System. ‘For example, having the option to add a rotary screen with its own dedicated UV lamp system, has cut down our preparation time by at least 20 percent and increased our production capacity by more than 20 percent. Our 9-color press is working as a 13-color press as we do not have to compromise print stations for a rotary screen. The ability to put most of the embellishment options in-line has given our production team the confidence to offer our customers shorter lead times.’

Monday, June 22, 2020

Packaging LIVE brings you the next webinar in its series on digital packaging

Over the years Digital Packaging formats have allowed Brand's to accelerate their activities, processes and competencies. Has Digital Packaging now come to the forefront, as businesses are affected by the Covid19 pandemic? Exploring the Digital Packaging advantage in the current scenario and what it holds for the future, Pack Plus is back with another power packed expert panel debating how Digital Packaging is creating brand new opportunities, in the 3rd edition of Packaging Live webinar series.

Join the Free-to-Attend Webinar on 24 June 2020, Wednesday at 11:00 am India to discuss Digital packaging creating brand new opportunities. Major topics to be discussed include:

  • Brand Owner Perspective of the Digital Packaging format for their products?
  • Is digital a game changer in the Covid Era and there after?
  • Global Innovations in Digital Packaging Formats.
Some of the renowned speakers include experts from Godrej Consumer Products, Mondelez International, Johnson & Johnson - Pharma (Janseen), Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, Marico Limited, HP India, Huhtamaki, Weldon Celloplast & PwC:
  • Nitin Nair, Associate Vice President - Packaging Development, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.
  • Yogesh Bambal, Senior Group Leader - Packaging Chocolate AMEA Region, Mondelez International
  • Himanshu Maloo, Director – Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson, Pharma (Janseen) India
  • Sridhar Janardhana, Head-Packaging (Domestic, International & Foods) Marico Limited
  • Achintya Lahiri, National Head-Packaging Development and Engineering, Hindustan Coca-cola Beverages
  • Meenakshi Sapru, Head Sales, Huhtamaki
  • Harveer Sahni, Chairman, Weldon Celloplast
  • Appadurai, Country Business Manager, HP Indigo Digital Press- India & Sri Lanka, HP India
  • Jayesh Pandey, Partner - Management Consulting, PwC India (Moderator)
Hurry! Register now for this free to attend webinar, limited seats:

Schreiner Protech develops protective, tamper-resistant and anti-counterfeiting labelling solutions for electric bike motors

The global e-bike industry is booming: Their number has nearly doubled in the last three years in Germany alone and, in North America, their popularity is surging especially in congestion-prone urban areas like New York and Los Angeles.

Schreiner ProTech, a Germany-based global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for the automotive and engineering-based industries, has developed three labeling solutions for German manufacturer Brose Antriebstechnik’s e-bike drive systems. The solutions protect electric components against weather and mechanical impact while incorporating tamper-evidence and anti-counterfeiting attributes.

Schreiner ProTech’s solution was developed for Brose, the world’s fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier. In addition to electric motors, Brose manufactures mechatronic systems for vehicle doors and seats as well as electronics for steering systems, brakes, transmissions and engine cooling. The company has transferred this know-how to e-bikes and designed an innovative drive system for electric bicycles. Brose Antriebstechnik, a division of the Brose Group, has been producing e-bike drives in Berlin since 2014.  Brose Antriebstechnik applies the high quality standards of the automotive industry to e-bike drives, with systematic laboratory and extensive load tests to ensure the quality and durability of its products.

Bostik launches Born2Bond, a range of new engineering adhesives

A leading global adhesive specialist in construction, consumer and industrial markets Bostik “Born2Bond” - a new range of innovative engineering adhesives with, designed for ‘by-the-dot’ bonding applications in selected industries, such as automotive, electronics, luxury packaging, medical devices, and MRO.

Today, engineering adhesives are the primary solution for assembling smartphones, medical and electronic devices, electric vehicles and luxury packs. Engineers are facing critical challenges such as smaller and more complex designs, the need for more adaptable and faster curing process as well as more demanding environmental and health and safety regulations. Bostik’s new Born2Bond products are designed to address these challenges.

Packaging and labelling applications drive demand of Global Specialty Papers Market, finds Fact.MR

Worldwide demand for specialty papers surpassed 25,354 tons in 2018, with a veritable proliferation anticipated over the upcoming years. Lowering preference for plastics across diverse end-use verticals, ranging from packaging and labelling to pharmaceuticals, has induced a shift toward viable alternatives, such as specialty paper. These insights are according to the latest Fact.MR study, which positions the specialty papers market for a bullish run in the upcoming years.

Fact.MR study opines that sales of specialty papers are surging in the wake of associated beneficial attributes, ranging from enhanced strength to smoothness. Use of MFCs has witnessed a considerable uptick on the back of its high material strength, which has been identified as a pervasive trend gaining momentum in the global market space. Moreover, increasing sensitivity toward environmental sustainability is one of the overarching trends contributing to the growth of specialty papers market.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Herma US introduces self-adjusting system for high-precision top labeling

Herma Inc., the subsidiary of Herma GmbH – a Germany-based provider of labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace - has introduced a self-adjusting system for high-precision top labeling. Now available on the company’s premium 452E Top Labeler, the novel system automatically adjusts on-product label position to ensure tight tolerances, even with particularly challenging applications.

With an output of up to 250 products per minute, the aesthetics-minded 452E Top Labeler is ideally suited for applications in which final presentation and appearance is paramount. Herma is the first in the industry to introduce a self-adjusting system for tracking and automatically adjusting label position in this type of application. The flexible setup can also compensate for production tolerances of labels and product packaging.

The system works as follows: A camera first inspects the products after labeling, checking not only for the presence of the labels but also their positioning. The data collected regarding the label position is subsequently used for fully-automated adjustment of ensuing label applications.

The tracking system can intervene to make corrections in two ways: It achieves the adaptation in the run direction of the products by advancing or retarding the label start signal; in a lateral direction, it can readjust the two side belts that guide products using a linear servo motor. This system enables the labeling machine to apply round or rectangular labels to product surfaces, while keeping labeling tolerances at a very low level.

EBM’s to present its maiden “Pharma GMP, GCP & Quality Management 2020” at Hotel Westin, Mumbai

Eminence Business Media is all set to proudly present its “Pharma GMP, GCP & Quality Management 2020” scheduled for September 24th-25th, 2020 at Hotel Westin Mumbai Garden City. The summit is aimed to bring together the senior practitioners across the pharmaceutical industry to discover the best strategies and approaches in order to remain competitive while meeting the industry’s ever-evolving quality standards. For this constantly evolving business turf, this Summit addresses the need to be currently relevant and find opportunities of growth in aspects of Quality Management, Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Clinical Practices, as well as Risk &Regulatory Affairs.

The regulators and pharma experts will share their insights and convey recent innovations in pharmaceutical sciences, manufacturing, quality control aspects with strong emphasis on originality and scientific quality, ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Positive ID Labels moves into Dry Toner Printing complementing their Digital UV Inkjet, water-based and UV Flexo

Positive ID Labels have announced the addition of a new press to their growing facility in Melbourne, Derbyshire. This latest investment is the Xeikon 3030 dry-toner print engine with inline GM finishing unit. This investment opens a new channel of label print options to their 5000+ customers. This investment means the company now offers 4 print technologies for customers. Positive ID Labels manufacture labels using flexographic and digital print technologies. They operate seven flexo presses, three plain label converters, and 2 digital presses. Their flagship flexo press is an 8-colour MPS EB370B. Their digital offering now includes the 5 colour Xeikon 3030 dry-toner press. This complements their established Jetrion 4900 with laser die cutting capability.

The company is well-positioned to serve a range of market sectors and customers. This is thanks to the wide range of press technologies it has to hand - whether short or long run too. Sectors the company focuses on include food, beverage, cosmetics, chemical and hygiene. The company caters to any order size, thanks to the range of equipment available to them. Inkjet and toner technologies have been in use in offices for decades now. These print methods are now available in industrial label production.

EBM’s Webinar on “Advanced Pharma Tech: IT & CSV” on June 25th & 26th, 2020

The current pandemic situation has revolutionised adaption of technology at an unprecedented rate. Looking at the current scenario amidst Covid 19 lockdown and social distancing norms, Eminence Business Media is all set to present a Webinar on “Advanced Pharma Tech: IT & CSV” on June 25th & 26th, 2020 instead of a normal conference. With this webinar, focussing specifically on practical challenges and solutions on adaptability of IT and CSV, will be an opportunity to step up and take action in adapting the technology in our daily tasks. Over the interactive sessions, experts from India and across the globe will discuss the new normal and how pharma companies can maximize strategic adoption of technology that optimizes value chains and increases operational efficiency.

This 2-day knowledge exchange forum will address the Regulatory Expectations and the Changing Application of IT; CSV to CSA: A Paradigm Shift in Computerized Systems’ Approaches; IT - OT Integration; Regulatory Compliance meets Agile: A new approach for Software Testing best practices for Pharma Computerised Systems Validation and much more. This is the Best Opportunity for CTO/CIO/Head IT, Tech Transfer, Directors, Managers, and Personnel working in the CSV, QA, Data Integrity, Validation and IT units in pharmaceutical plants to arrive at the biggest virtual consortium that will discuss Organisational Culture Change and adapting to changing IT dynamics and analysing SoP’s in current pandemic situation.

Cosmo Films reports profit of Rs 113 crore for FY20 - An increase by 55%

Cosmo Films Ltd, a global leader in films for packaging, labeling & lamination applications and synthetic paper declared that the company’s consolidated profit after tax increased by 85% from Rs 61 crores to Rs 113 crores for FY20. Net revenue has also increased from Rs 2,156 crores to Rs 2,203 crores for FY20. During the period EBITDA has increased by 55% to Rs 280 crores. For Q4FY20 company has reported standalone profit after tax of Rs 29 crore, PAT was Rs 28.63 crore during the same quarter in FY19.   

The company has posted Rs.78 crores EBITDA during Q4 FY20 (34% higher on YOY). Better operational margins, better operational efficiencies and improved performance by subsidiaries contributed to higher EBIDTA. Provisioning towards one-time impairment in market value of assets in overseas subsidiaries impacted the PBT and PAT. PAT was further impacted due to higher deferred tax provisioning on temporary timing differences relating to the SEZ unit.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Labelexpo Global Series announces date changes for 2020/21 shows

Tarsus Group, the organizer of the Labelexpo/Brand Print Global Series of trade shows, has confirmed date changes to several of its 2020/21 events, taking place in India, Mexico, Thailand and the US, as a result of the ongoing coronavirus/COVID-19 situation. The New Dates are as follows:

Labelexpo Americas/Brand Print Americas: 23 - 25 March 2021 in Rosemont, US
Labelexpo Southeast Asia: 12 - 14 May 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand
Labelexpo India/Brand Print India: 2 - 5 December 2020 in Greater Noida, India
Labelexpo Mexico/Brand Print Mexico: Early 2022 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Meanwhile Labelexpo South China/Brand Print South China will go ahead as currently planned in 2020, between 8 - 10 December.

UK printer Delga Group launches Delga Labels

The Delga Group are excited to announce a new business enterprise which will join the current group of print and packaging companies. Delga Labels will launch this May and will be based at the Rochester location alongside Delga Press.

Using the widely respected HP Indigo 6900, Delga Labels will be able to produce a vast range of high quality, bespoke labels for its significant customer base. This will provide a valuable additional resource to the print and packaging group, which has already seen a rise in demand with current customers for the new complementary business.

Rise in alcohol prices creates financial impact for packaging companies

For flexographic companies using solvent-based platemaking processes, the sharp rise in alcohol prices we are seeing in several EU countries increases the cost of flexographic plates by as much as 3 EUR per square meter. To get to this number, we did the following calculations:

• In several European markets, the cost of alcohol has doubled, from 1 to 2 EUR per litre.
• It typically requires 15 litres of washout solvent per square meter of plate.
• 20% of that 15 litres is typically alcohol used to remove the black mask layer, meaning an average consumption of 3 litres of alcohol per square meter of plate material.
• The result is an increase in cost of 3 EUR per square meter of plate material in the solvent wash process.

Dr. Reinhard A. Ulbrich dies at 89

Dr. Reinhard Ulbrich, the former Business Director of DuPont’s Cyrel flexo printing plates division in Europe passed away. He was 89. Widely known throughout the printing and packaging industry around the world and played a major role in the development of flexo printing from being almost a cottage industry to the high precision printing technique it is today, Dr. Ulbrich is still regarded as the “King of European Flexo”.

Joining DuPont in the Mylar film division in Switzerland in the early 1960’s, Reinhard progressed up the corporate ladder, moving to Düsseldorf in 1969 as the manager for films in Germany. A short spell at DuPont’s US corporate headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, he returned to the Photo Products department in Frankfurt, Germany and eventually took on the role of Business Manager for the Cyrel business in 1982.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Tarsus postpones Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2020 from May to September

Tarsus Group has confirmed that its upcoming edition of Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2020, due to take place at Bangkok’s International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC) from 7–9 May 2020, has been postponed in light of concerns over coronavirus/COVID-19. The show will now take place on 10–12 September 2020.

Innovations optimizing production efficiency to be launched at interpack

Products being launched at the interpack Processing & Packaging Expo in Dusseldorf 7-13, May, 2020, along with existing solutions shown there, will help manufacturers cost-effectively maximize uptime, performance and quality. This applies not only to product coding, but also more widely, by making it easier for producers to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through quicker access to packaging line insights overall.

Maximizing productivity and ensuring quality, while minimizing costs, are critical for profitable growth. Innovations at interpack will address these key priorities by providing new solutions to increase uptime and decrease costs within continuous inkjet (CIJ) product coding and print & apply labelling.

Tresu invites for “Flexo Tech” event to focus on flexo innovation and integration

Tresu, a leading provider of flexographic printing technology and coating solutions will be hosting a pre-drupa 2020 “Flexo Tech” event featuring its latest solutions together with suppliers and business partners on 31 March 2020. The “Flexo Tech” event, which will include the participation of the Danish Flexographic Association will be held in Tresu’s new headquarters and production facility, in Kolding.

Visitors will have previews of technologies to be launched at drupa 2020 including the latest solutions to improve print quality, accelerate production, reduce costs, energy and waste, while increasing throughput and competitiveness. Live demonstrations featuring the company’s machine and ancillary systems, using materials, equipment and automation solutions will show the value of flexo, not only for packaging and graphics, but a host of converting applications as well.