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Monday, December 31, 2018

The "Transformation of Flexo" enters a new phase with Kodak's Flexcel NX Ultra Solution

Over the past decade, the Kodak Flexcel NX System has revolutionized the flexo industry, bringing an unprecedented level of quality and performance to flexo printing for the benefit of everyone involved in the packaging value chain. Kodak is now announcing another revolutionary innovation – its Kodak Flexcel NX Ultra Solution. This new solution is the result of Kodak's continued R&D investment in flexo, which has repeatedly produced progressive advancements in recent years.

Next phase in the continuing success story of Flexcel NX
The Flexcel NX Ultra Solution enables the outstanding and proven print performance for which Flexcel NX Plates have become well known, with solvent-free, VOC-free, water-based processing that can deliver a press-ready plate in less than an hour and sustain clean, consistent plates in a high-volume production environment.