Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Honb’le Union Minister Suresh Prabhu inaugurates The Authentication Forum 2018 in New Delhi

In a strong move against counterfeiting and solutions to eradicate this menace, a two-day event, International Leadership Summit on Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection “The Authentication Forum 2018” was held on March 15-16, 2018 at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, India. Organised by Authentication Solutions Providers Association (ASPA), the second edition of the Authentication forum was inaugurated by Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister, Ministry of Commerce & Industry & Civil Aviation, Government of India.

In his inaugural address, Prabhu reiterated the government's resolve to deal harshly with the rising menace of counterfeiting.  "We are going to make a very modern Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) era in India and that would lead to creating people investing into the brand and that will lead to a knowledge economy which in turn will make India a far better place and developed place," he said. 

To make Brand India a clearly acceptable brand we must first protect IPR because countries, companies, even Indian companies that are going to invest huge amount of money into brand building, creating new rights in form of patents, copyrights or new product development or molecule development all of them would need IPR protection. "If Indian brands want to become global then they must also be able to respect global brands in India," he added. 

Besides, Union Minister, eminent dignities including Registrar General, Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Right Authority, Central Board of Excise & Customs, Hyundai, Society of Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Ernst & Young, KPMG, Hero Motor Corp., FMC Corporation, Pesticide Manufacturers Association of India (PMFAI), Anand & Anand and others also shared their viewpoints at the summit.

Dr. R.C. Agrawal, Registrar General, Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Right Authority, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare said: “Even as industry revenues take a major hit by counterfeits, the biggest loss is to the consumer. All of us need to work together to address this growing concern and the panel discussion with various cross-sector stakeholders at this important forum will serve this purpose.”

At the occasion, Dr. S K Singh, Scientific Advisor, Union Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers, said, “Indian government is taking big steps in digitising agriculture sector to ensure farmers rights. He also emphasis need of that measures like traceability & anti-counterfeiting solutions which will ensure the quality commitment of agricultural products produce in India”. It is being noted that the size of the spurious pesticide market in India is as high as 30% by volume and 25% by value. It is predicted that the market for spurious Agrochemicals will reach 40% by value of pesticides sold in the country by 2019.

At the occasion, Mr. U.K. Gupta, President, ASPA, said, “Counterfeiting is increasing globally. In India also, the problem is growing with an alarming rate of almost 44% per year. As per industry body FICCI-CASCADE, from the counterfeiting activity the Government of India incurred a loss of 26,190 crores in fiscal year 2011-12 which has increased to 39,239 crores in 2013-14, a growth of 49.8% in two years. The market for fakes are on a constant rise in India and has surpassed over Rs 40,000 crore in the organised sector alone, as law enforcement remains weak and fraudsters freely make inroads into the market."

Day one of the summit witnesses three panel discussion Role of Govt. & Industry in fighting fake and protecting consumer, understanding 5W’s of Counterfeiting and engaging consumers in fight against counterfeiting. At the last session of day companies including Holostik, Manipal Technologies and Rolling Optics delivered presentation on current authentication solutions against counterfeiting.

The day two of summit started with case studies from brand owners understanding their perspectives. Whilst, Dr. Bakul Joshi, Brand Protection Expert, FMC Corporation shared case study on protecting Agrochemicals products, Mr. Naveen Chauhan, Head Sales & Marketing (parts Business) shared automotive perspective. Presenting pharma perspective Mr. Sourav Mitra, Associate Vice-President Packaging Strategy – OSD said, Health is Wealth and to ensure it we need to firm stand against fakes. The event also witnessed a dedicated session on future of anti-counterfeiting technologies including blockchain, NFC, Optical and offline authentication. The audience also got a chance to have presentation on importance of branding, IPR and effective intelligence.

The forum ended with a The Big Debate - Global Growth of Counterfeiting Trade - Why is it increasing – lack of intent, of action or of awareness? In the debate a major question arose as to who is important -consumer or profit" Replying to it one of moderator mentioned that both are important but, we must keep in mind that if consumer survives, then the profit exists. One of panellist expressed his views as that sometime consumer himself buys counterfeit products especially in electronics products like mobile. Answering this one of delegate disagreed with speakers and questioned as to whether any parent will buy a fake medicine for his/her child. The brand is baby of brand owners and it is he, who is mainly responsible for its protection. The debate ended with conclusion is that Today, having an effective anti-counterfeiting and brand protection strategy is no longer an option but an essential part of any business strategy. Consumer protection is very important and authentication solutions in integration with digital technologies can play a vital and important role in it.

Color-Logic certifies HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press for metallic packaging applications

Color-Logic has certified the HP Indigo 30000 digital press for metallic carton applications. Confirming the certification, Color-Logic CTO Richard Ainge commented: "Test forms and samples files from the HP Indigo 30000 have confirmed the ability of the press to produce all Color-Logic decorative effects and our 250 metallic colors with excellent results. The digital HP Indigo 30000 also enables brands to take advantage of Color-Logic Security-FX techniques in the design and use of variable metallic data for addition security capabilities. The Color-Logic system and design tools are perfect for any brand desiring to differentiate themselves from the competition. The size and format of the HP Indigo 30000, together with its production speed, open up new markets for licensed Color-Logic printers in the packaging and POP markets.

Color-Logic develops color communication systems and software tool sets for a variety of special effect printing applications. Color-Logic provides brand owners, product managers, corporations, and their advertising agencies the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results. Color-Logic decorative effects utilize the existing workflows of printers and designers, yielding dynamic results without the use of special equipment. Color-Logic supports the value of print and works with designers and printers to enhance their printed media.

10 Years of Continuing Success: The Kodak Flexcel NX System transforming flexo with game changing technology

This year, it’s a decade ago that Kodak started pushing back the traditional quality and performance limits of flexographic printing with a revolutionary technological approach to digital flexo platemaking: the Kodak Flexcel NX System made its debut at drupa 2008. For the first time, this solution from the Kodak stable enabled flexo printers and repro service providers to develop high-res flexo printing capabilities and implement them in a commercial, standard production environment.

Kodak’s Flexcel NX System offered a solution to some of the limitations of the established digital LAMS technology, and pioneered the use of the digital flat top dots in the flexo industry. Kodak Flexcel NX Plates allowed packaging printers to achieve unprecedented levels of quality, and removed some of the key variables in plate production. As a result, flexo printers have not only raised the standard for flexo printing but now also compete for work traditionally produced with gravure, offset or digital print processes; a goal that was previously beyond their reach.

Kodak originally launched the Flexcel NX System as a solution for small to medium format plate making but continued to develop the platform, multiplying the initial successes. During the next few years, the Flexcel NX System family was extended with large-format versions, leading to full coverage of all segments – from narrow through medium to wide web – in the flexo packaging printing sector. The Flexcel NX System technology gained a global reputation as a process that cuts costs and enables greater efficiency and standardization in the pressroom – with flexible packaging, folding carton, labels and corrugated packaging (pre- and postprint).

Flexo innovation with unmatched market and growth momentum
“The Flexcel NX System technology developed into a tremendous success story that is still unfolding – for Kodak itself, for our customers in the flexo industry and for their customers too. We’ve sold more than 500 Flexcel NX Systems worldwide in the meantime, and we regularly record double-digit growth rates per annum in Flexcel NX Plate sales. That is way above the average for the industry as a whole,” said Chris Payne, President, Flexographic Packaging Division and Vice President of Kodak. “More and more flexo printers, brand owners and industry technology suppliers around the world are realizing how our Flexcel NX System technology is helping to turn flexo into an industrial printing process that combines consistently high-quality production with numerous cost and sustainability benefits.”

The core Flexcel NX System technology has been refined and advanced by Kodak over the years so that, time and time again, customers have had a real differentiator to set themselves apart from their competitors in the dynamic market environment. Kodak’s NX Advantage technology – advanced plate surface patterning which controls and optimizes the delivery of ink from Flexcel NX Plates to the substrate – is only one example here. Yet progress is not an end in itself: Kodak has been at great pains to ensure that every new innovation is also accessible to existing Flexcel NX System users. Even the original systems in the market can take advantage of the latest technology to give the first-class results which are nowadays taken for granted.

Exclusive 10 Year Anniversary announcements:
10 years of the Flexcel NX System provide Kodak with an incredible opportunity to shine a spotlight on this pioneering technology with two very special campaigns:

To mark the tenth anniversary, Kodak is launching a ‘Limited Edition’ of the Flexcel NX System into the market. Limited to just 25 units worldwide, this system will feature unique styling with an attractive modern design symbolic of flexography, packaging and Kodak’s unique technology. The limited edition Flexcel NX system will be available from April 2, 2018.

Parallel to this, Kodak is launching the new Kodak Global Flexo Innovation Awards. This innovative competition will be open to entrants throughout the world, and will celebrate the transformation of flexography over the last decade. It aims to honor achievements and advances in packaging design, production workflow and sustainable printing made possible by the latest developments in flexography. Any commercial packaging project printed using Kodak Flexcel NX Plates will be eligible. The winners in various categories will be selected by an independent jury of experts and showcased at a special ceremony early in 2019. Information on how to enter will be available in April.

“We are more than ever convinced that there’s a fantastic future in store for flexographic printing. Kodak will continue to drive the ‘Transformation of Flexo’ in all packaging segments,” commented Chris Payne. “Our strong commitment and the importance we place on collaboration throughout this journey is clear and we very much look forward to the next 10 years in Flexo.”

For more information on the 10-year anniversary and for updates on Kodak’s Global Flexo Innovation Awards program visit;

HP Indigo digital presses demonstrate consistent capability to print to specified color spaces

Idealliance, a global thought leader in the graphic communications industry and a non-profit organization with 11 strategically located offices around the world, announces that both the HP Indigo commercial digital presses and the HP Indigo Label & Packaging presses have been certified with Master Elite Level ISO/PAS 15339 Certification designations. Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification is an element of the Idealliance Digital Press Certification for digital printing press manufacturers, allowing OEMs to certify and demonstrate press aptitude capability as it relates to capability to print to specified color spaces and color tolerance control.

By achieving the highest level of the Idealliance Digital Press and Master Elite Level of Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification, HP Indigo presses clearly demonstrated not only their capability to print to the largest color gamut, Universal Extra Large CRPC 7, within CIEDE2000 tolerances as specified in CGATS TR 016-2014, but also their capability to hold color consistently.

“This certification is a significant differentiator for OEMs such as HP Indigo,” said Timothy Baechle, Idealliance Vice President, Global Print Technologies & Workflows. “It offers buyers of technology empirical data upon which to base their purchasing decisions as well as offering print specifiers great confidence in production coming from HP Indigo technology. It is important to note that in achieving this certification, HP Indigo sheetfed presses driven by the HP SmartStream digital front end, held tighter tolerances than outlined in the Idealliance ISO PAS 15339 Master Elite bracket, which is an outstanding achievement. Our congratulations go out to HP Indigo and its entire technical staff for their tremendous work in achieving this status.”

“We are proud to be the first digital printing company to have received the Idealliance ISO PAS 15339 Certification,” said Aviram Iluz, Color Management Product Marketing Manager, HP Indigo. “This achievement is a testament to our commitment to continuously innovate in the realm of color and print quality and enable our customers to drive higher margins and grow their businesses by winning color critical clients. The ability to provide superior color that is accurate, consistent, and repeatable, sets our customers a step ahead of their competition. We are grateful for Idealliance’s consistent effort in driving the printing industry to achieve the highest performance in creation, production, and delivery of graphic communications.”

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Reflex Label Plus targets rapid growth and expansion with new FA from Nilpeter

Reflex Label Plus has acquired a new 14-colour FA flexo press from Nilpeter, for its Keighley site in England, to meet customer demands for unique designs, high quality and embellishments, and achieve ambitious business expansion goals.

Initial thoughts – shelf appeal and wow factor
"The label sells the product. In this ever-growing market, there are more and more craft breweries and distilleries, all looking for shelf appeal, wow factor, and differentiation from competitors. At the same time, labels are getting very complicated, and the use of multiple print processes is often necessary to meet customer demands with regards to unique designs, high quality and embellishments,” says Shaun Hanson, Operations Manager, Reflex Label Plus.

“Although our existing press bank is quite comprehensive, there are limits, and we want to future-proof with this new investment – by having many print processes combined to produce complicated labels in one single pass. And also adding additional capacity to cope with our ambitious expansion targets,” he continues.

“Our challenges relate to how many different embellishments we can do in one pass. The new press will alleviate these issues, and save us a lot of time. We are looking to expand this exciting business through innovation – our customers want labels that make their products stand out, and this new investment will enable us to meet and exceed those expectations,” Shaun Hanson explains.

The most versatile flexo press on the market
Reflex Label Plus’ new FA is a 14-colour press, with 10 flexo printing units, two hot foil/embossing units, cold foil, and two fully independent RSI screens. The press will primarily be used for high-end beverage labels, craft beers, wine, spirits, cosmetics, and high-end combination labels. Installation has been planned for April.

The new FA is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls. The FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units, Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget. All main components are manufactured in-house at Nilpeter, meaning higher production quality and control.

Opportunities in high-end label production
“Our new press will be the sixth Nilpeter press on this site over 20 years. Reflex Label Plus went on an extensive tour of Europe, looking at press manufacturers, print shops, and processes. Important decision factors in acquiring another Nilpeter press was build quality, first and foremost, but also technical ability, know-how in single-pass printing and combining different print processes,” Shaun Hanson explains.

“Another big factor was support and service, not just from the parent company, but local "feet on the ground" – Nilpeter is the only company to offer 24/7/365 service and support, and they have skilled engineers living locally, frankly ticking all our boxes,” he continues.

“This FA press represents a major investment and a big vote of confidence in the Keighley site, which was acquired by Reflex in 2015. This press will give us both opportunity and capacity for rapid growth in high-end label production,” he concludes.

Group CEO happy to invest
Reflex Group CEO, Ian Kendall, added, “we are delighted to be investing yet again in Shaun and his team. This machine is not only about giving our customers more of what they currently want; it’s also about anticipating future market requirements in advance. We are totally focused on efficiency in our business, and this machine is going to help use materials more effectively.”

Kala expands Digital Printing with HP Indigo 6900

Kala is growing its digital printing fleet with an HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press, the newly released narrow-web press driving data for labels and packaging with higher speed and performance. The Utah-based labels and packaging converter recently rebranded from FlexTech. Kala will operate five HP Indigo labels and packaging presses for its growing business, already 90% digital, with the addition of the HP Indigo 6900.

“HP Indigo digital technology enables us to offer data-rich applications for brands to deliver value to their customers, including with variable data printing, personalized packaging and hyper-localized campaigns,” said Maui Chai, President and CEO, Kala, serving nutraceuticals, food and beverage, and cosmetic brands. “The HP Indigo 6900 advanced capabilities, including the new high-performance print server, Pack Ready for high-resistance labels, and integration with the HP Indigo GEM for digital embellishing, will serve as a growth platform for Kala’s innovative narrow-web label printing services.”

HP Production Pro for Labels and Packaging, the new Digital Front End onboard the HP Indigo 6900, delivers five times faster RIP power, higher productivity and scalability, including management of digital production across multiple presses. Kala has already expanded into flexible packaging with an HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, adding pouching lines, offering high quality with fast-turnaround.

In 2002, the company purchased one of the first Indigo digital presses in North America and has built a business that has radically simplified print packaging, gaining an international client base.

Case Paper intensifies commitment to paper and packaging

As part of its ongoing growth initiatives, in the Spring of 2018, Case Paper will complete the installation of another Marquip Ward United sheeter at its Philadelphia, Pa., plant. The new sheeter will increase the plant’s sheeting capacity to 92,000 tons a year.

The seventh sheeter to be installed at the Philadelphia plant and the eleventh sheeter purchased over the past decade, Case Paper’s latest acquisition utilizes industry-leading knife technology. Moreover, a three-pocket slitting system and series of pulsed air jets improve reliability at higher running speeds, and side and lateral jogging mechanisms allow operators to stack the sheets more efficiently.

“Combined with a skilled workforce and a solutions-based management team, this new sheeter will improve our ability to quickly and efficiently deliver paper and board to our customers,” said Robin Schaffer, President and CEO of Case Paper.

As the paper and board markets continue to contract, the investment in state-of-the-art technologies has positioned Case Paper as one of the only distributors that can convert and deliver skids or rolls anywhere in the U.S., usually within 48 hours or less. Their previous equipment installation in mid-2017 at the Chicago, Ill., plant, increased capacity at that site by 30%.