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Friday, January 27, 2012

Alpha adds to adhesives applications

In response to a request from French adhesive tape converter Lima SAS, Calemard has developed a heavy duty slitter rewinder to handle different materials, such as textiles, nonwovens and plastics films. The new Alpha slitter is fitted with a separate unwinder to handle mother rolls of 1,600mm width, 1,000mm diameter and 1,000kg weight with automatic guiding of the web. An integrated cantilever type lifting system provides easy loading and handling of these rolls directly from the ground.

A universal 3-6 inch core adaptor (without any tubing or adaptation) enables the handling of different diameter shafts, and a lateral pintle motion, through brushless motors, allows handling of rolls from 1,600-800mm width without any manual position adjustments.

The separate unwinder also includes a manual splicing table, and to eliminate static electricity the Alpha is supplied with a complete deionization system installed at different positions on the product path. There are three cutting systems - shear, crush and razor blades - on a swivelling rail to manage different product thicknesses of most products down to 19mm. A rapid slitting width adjustment system helps to reduce downtime and improve productivity during production changes.

Private Label will control 50% share of Food Retail Market by 2025

According to a recent study, the global market share of private/own label food products is set to double from the current 25% to 50% in 2025. However, A-brands will retain their importance for retailers to anchor categories’ price levels and give consumers choice and familiarity, according to a recent global research report titled ‘Private label vs Brands - an inseparable combination’ from Rabobank’s Food and Agri Research division.

The report shows that smaller secondary brands (B-brands) will have to strategically reposition to avoid being squeezed out of the market. Two strategies are open to B-brands suppliers - either invest in quality  and target the premium market, or specialise in private label. A consolidation spree among private label specialists is inevitable to achieve economies of scale and to reduce the cost base.

Rabobank’s conclusion that global private-label penetration will reach50% by 2025 is based on assumptions about food retail market structure. The report lists 11 drivers for private-label growth including:
  • Continued industry consolidation in developed food retail markets (Western Europe, the US and Australia)
  • Adoption of modern retail in developing markets (CEE, Russia and Turkey).
  • Increased consumer acceptance of private label following the recession.
  • Further growth of the hard discount segment.
  • Professionalisation of private label supply.

Author of the report Sebastiaan Schreijen, associate director processed food & retail at Rabobank, comments: “Our research shows that private label and A-brands are an inseparable combination. Like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other. But where two’s company, three’s a crowd. This report is an early warning to B-brand suppliers to adapt their strategies to survive.”

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Payne printed message tape and labels offer ideal solution for QR codes

Brand owners are ideally placed to take advantage of the growing popularity of hi-tech Quick Response (QR) codes using printed message tape and labels from Payne. A QR code is a type of matrix barcode or 2D code which can be read by a smartphone or webcam, and is most commonly used to allow the consumer to access extra interactive information about the product or brand. The codes appear as a black and white block, which can be scanned by users with an enabled camera phone or webcam to link to digital audio or video content, display text, open up messaging applications on their device or open a web page in their browser.

In addition to branding and communication uses, they can also be utilised for promotions and competitions, or for stock tracking. QR codes hold many times more characters than traditional linear barcodes. So the sophisticated digital print capabilities of Payne’s tape and labels, combined with the ability to add either to existing packaging, offers an ideal solution to brands looking to exploit the benefits of QR codes on their packaging. Adding the QR code using a printed tape or label from Payne means the QR code can be changed quickly to adapt to changing interactive content. Only the tape or label design needs to be changed, saving money on origination of a new pack. This also has potential to avoid packaging waste.

Simon Wildash, head of marketing at Payne, explains: “QR codes not only allow consumers to access extra content, which adds value to brands; they encourage them to share that content, which can create an interactive community around a brand or product. In addition to encouraging greater brand loyalty, this boosts on-shelf presence and influences the decision-making of buyers at the point of purchase, and we are seeing a lot of interest from customers in adding QR codes to their products.”

The use of printed tapes or labels also ensures the code is at the consumer’s fingertips for entering promotions online or via SMS registration, providing a valuable tool for brands to engage with their consumers. Payne’s solutions are based on extensive research with customers to assess their needs, and hold advantages for retailers, brand owners and end users.

Payne is recognised globally as the leading manufacturer and supplier of pressure sensitive tear tape and a growing provider of labels, closures and seals. Payne tear tape and labels not only provide functional advantages for packaged consumer goods such as easy opening or resealability, they are also the ideal medium to carry branding and communication messages or brand protection technology from Payne Security. Supported by an in-house design studio, R&D facilities and multi-million pound print facilities, Payne is positioned to deliver the very best in quality, service and reliability through its worldwide manufacturing and sales structure.

SIMEI 2011 - P.E. Labellers presents the new modular labeling machine

Fully satisfying results for PE Labellers who presented itself with a new booth, an image change that follows the continue innovation of PE Family. A particular thanks to the numerous customers who visited our booth confirming once more that PE brand is, more than ever, a byword for technology and quality in labelling field.

In this occasion in fact, PE presented the new modular labeller for mid-low speeds, equipped with servomotors with integrated drive for plates rotation, thanks to an electronic cam system, programmable by touch screen “visual cam” panel, which has been expressly studied for middle and low sized wineries and oil mills, allowing them the maximum flexibility in operation with a reasonable investment.

This is the evolution of the standard modular labeller, the only one labelling machine that gives you the total freedom to decide how to fit your labeller at any time (before, during or after purchasing) and to choose the kind of modules to be installed, fixed or on trolley. Just so! Thanks to the new Modular Plus it is possible to choose the type of labelling that better meet your needs of the moment. If you need to change the current application due to the marketing requirements, it wouldn’t take to replace the entire labeller, in fact, even after purchasing, at any time, you can replace the existing labelling units with a different technology ones, still having the possibility to decide between fixed ones or on trolley, exactly like at the first purchasing time. Modules on trolley and fixed stations are obviously available for all technologies: cold glue, hot-melt, self-adhesive (even no-stop), and roll-fed.

Modular Plus is available also for high speeds, up to 72.000 bph, to warrant very high quality level performances. If necessary, we can install electronic spotting systems, also with cameras.

UPM sells its RFID business to SMARTRAC and sees value potential in the new combination

UPM has reached an agreement with SMARTRAC N.V. today whereby UPM sells its RFID business to SMARTRAC. UPM will become an indirect shareholder of SMARTRAC with a 10.6 percent economic interest through the company OEP Technologie B.V. The closing of the deal is expected to take place during the first quarter of 2012. The transaction is still subject to regulatory approvals.

SMARTRAC is registered in the Netherlands, and is one of the global market leaders in high-quality RFID inlays for electronic passports and contactless credit cards as well as for RFID transponders for public transport applications.

“UPM has been developing and investing in its RFID inlay business for a number of years. The business unit has evolved from a small venture to a sizeable business and is now recognised as the market leader in its field. Combining the business unit with a company with the industry’s widest RFID business portfolio, we give it new leverage to continue to develop successfully. We see significant value increase potential in this new combination. Therefore we are pleased to become an indirect shareholder of SMARTRAC,” says Jussi Vanhanen, President, Engineered Materials, UPM.

“Becoming part of the leading player in the RFID industry opens up totally new possibilities for us. I am convinced that this new setup will be a strong player in the growing RFID market place, ready to offer support and solutions to customers around the world,” says Marcus Vaenerberg, Senior Vice President, UPM RFID.

“UPM RFID is a true pioneer in the global RFID tags and inlay business. We are delighted to add such an experienced and capable crew to our global team. The transaction will provide us with a strong product offering for NFC and UHF RFID tags and inlays and will furnish us with favourable additional manufacturing capacities in strategically important markets. The combination of SMARTRAC and UPM RFID will significantly accelerate our momentum as a developer and supplier of passive RFID tags and inlays for all relevant application fields of today and tomorrow”, said Dr. Christian Fischer, CEO of SMARTRAC.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Iwasaki introduces new MDT Series of finishing machines

Internationally renowned for its meticulous service on Drent Goebel machines, DG press ServiceS is pleased to announce an agreement with renowned Japanese press and finishing machine manufacturer Iwasaki Tekko for distribution and maintenance of narrow web label presses and finishing machinery.

With over 60 years of experience in the label printing and post press industry, Japanese manufacturer Iwasaki Tekko celebrated its comeback to the northern European market at LabelExpo Europe 2011. With its new agent, DG press ServiceS from the Netherlands, the company plant to re-enter the markets in Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Benelux after a period of silence.

At Labelexpo visitors could experience the TR2, a cost-effective, high quality intermittent UV offset press. Among others the TR2 features printing unit temperature control, a mobile touch panel and servo drive technology enabling printers to efficiently run their presses while saving on waste and costs.

Most striking news at Iwasaki’s booth however, was the presence of the new generation of the new MDT, a full rotary die-cutting machine. This stand-alone die cutting machine can be installed on the customer’s magnet cylinder, meaning there is no need for buying a new one. Also, the new MDT can follow the mark registration by full rotary driving and can die cut at 60 metres per minute at 330 webwidth. Also worth mentioning was the presence of the Iwasaki MD250.

“The MD series is ideally suited to be driven inline with a wide range of digital label presses”, says Richard Miedema, Marketing and Sales engineer at DG press Services. “At Labelexpo, the MD250 was showcased inline with the Labelmeister, a digital UV inkjet press from Iwatsu at Kanematsu Digital’s booth. By employing the MD250 die-cutting & semi rotary lamination solution, European label printers can thus profit from the advantages of digital printing in combination with the reliability and durability of well-established Iwasaki Tekko machines.”

DG press ServiceS  is a specialist in engineering, installation, servicing and maintaining Drent-Goebel printing presses and is the distributor for Iwasaki presses and finishing solutions in Benelux, UK, Scandinavia and Germany. In addition DGpS has developed the Vision SP range of narrow web offset presses. The company was established in August 2009 and has experienced a healthy growth. DGpS has a large warehouse and manufacturing workshop in Eerbeek (The Netherlands). All Iwasaki presses as well as post-press equipment is available from DG press Services as of now.

DGpS excited to launch digital UV inkjet label press

DG press ServiceS have finally announced the launch of the Iwatsu LabelMeister, a digital UV-Inkjet label machine.  After a highly succesfull launch of the LabelMeister EM-250A in Japan, Iwatsu Electric together with DG press ServiceS is ready to sell the LabelMeister  in northern Europe. The LabelMeister adopts a high-resolution and single pass inkjet technology, and realizes high quality and high-speed printing.

The LabelMeister is designed to meet all needs, from ease of use, cost reduction, while contributing to the environment by reducing wasted paper or other materials. The machine is able to print at a speed of 50m/m at 600dpi. "After showing the LabelMeister at the LabelExpo Europe, we are excited to offer the LabelMeister. We expect this machine to add significant value to our customers." Richard Miedema, sales engineer from DG press ServiceS.

BST International and X-Rite announce strategic co-development partnership

BST International GmbH, leading manufacturer of quality assurance systems for the web processing industry and X-Rite, the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies are jointly developing a true real-time inline spectral color measurement system. The cooperation of the two global players will yield value creation beyond the current offering: for the first time both inline spectral measurement system and stationary handhelds will deliver comparable results. This will set a new industrial standard for color quality control and workflow simplification, as the system provides an answer to the ever growing need to provide both reliable inline and offline data on specified colors over the entire print production.

The partnership enabled to assemble a world class team of engineers from both companies to solve a tough challenge: to develop a fully automated and real time accurate spectral inline system that can deliver the precision and exact results required in the flexo, gravure and narrow web market.

“Ensuring color control is the decisive key issue for the flexo, gravure and narrow web printing industry community”, says Percy Dengler, BST International’s Managing Director. “We at BST International are thrilled to be working with X-Rite to bring a jointly devised concept to X-Rite’s industry-leading color measurement technology.”

“Combined with our extensive experience in web quality assuring technology this will result in a system creating a new era in press color control in this field.” states Michael Wiebe, BST’s CTO.”

“We are very excited to partner with BST and through the association of our know how, IP and talents, to build a solution that sets new milestones in color driven value creation in flexo and gravure workflows.” comments Dr. Francis Lamy, X-Rite’s CTO. “Through our partnership with BST International, we are expanding and leveraging our reach and leading position in inline color control technology into the flexo, gravure and narrow web printing market.

The increasing demand in the packaging field makes it not only a very attractive large growth segment in the printing business, but it also represents a segment  that values greatly accurate color: brand color reliability is an essential element of the customers’ perception that enables brand loyalty.

Through these types of systems, associated to the Pantone standards, and all the tools that XRITE develops around the Pantone standard to increase its relevance and ease of use in specifications and design application, we believe this will facilitate and enable value creation for brand owners and all actors in this ecosystem at large”

BST International GmbH is the leading manufacturer of quality assuring systems for the web processing industry. The company is specialised on web guiding, video web inspection, print management, print defect detection, register control, colour measurement and automation systems. BST’s products set the standard in the most diverse industrial sectors, such as printing, foil, rubber and tire industries. BST’s portfolio ranges from single components and standard applications to print management systems and complex process control systems. More than 170 employees work at the headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany, and the company employs over 350 employees worldwide.

X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology, which now includes design industry color leader Pantone, Inc., develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color solutions through
  measurement systems, software, color standards and services. X-Rite’s expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical. 

OPM backs its latest Nilpeter FA-4 with cutting edge technology

Expansion in specific packaging markets prompted the OPM Group to install a seven-unit Nilpeter FA-4 UV-Flexo press at its main plant in Keighley, West Yorkshire. It has, however, gone several stages further by becoming the first UK label converter to adopt Nilpeter's new CLEANINKING anilox system. Furthermore, it is also the first UK label converter to use Kodak's Spotless Flexographic Solution, a software package integrated with its Prinergy system designed to work with Kodak Flexcel NX plates.

The independent OPM Group was established nearly 40 years ago and now has around 60 employees. Current group production divides roughly 50/50 between flexible packaging and label products. Besides commodity food and beverage labels, the company develops specific added-value markets, such as the automotive, security, data processing and industrial market sectors.
A new project involves producing packaging products, including laminates for pouches and sachets, with low migration properties using dedicated UV-cured inks.

The new servo-driven FA-4 has a web width of 420 mm (16.5 inches) and top speed of 175 m/minute (575 feet/minute). OPM's version is fitted with the new energy-saving MBS-6 lamp modules from IST Metz. The press replaces an existing Nilpeter press and complements a nine-unit FA-4 installed two years ago at OPM Flexibles. Formed eleven years ago as separate division, it is located outside nearby Bradford. This plant also includes a servo-driven FA-3300S and an FA-3300, both with nine UV-Flexo units. The group has a total of six Nilpeter presses.

OPM and its repro partner, Reproflex3, were the UK beta testers for Kodak's Spotless colour management software. It accurately predicts spot colour requirements to help reduce press downtime, based on Delta E Value 1 to calculate highlight and shadow colour differences.

Spotless leverages the extended colour gamut of the Flexcel NX plates. OPM can therefore obtain 95 per cent of all Pantone colours from CMYK, which meant it could specify seven flexo print units for its latest FA-4, whereas nine were required before.

'One of our objectives in testing the system was to achieve accurate spot colours based on constant density and constant dot gain. We wanted to achieve absolute repeatability at print speeds of 120 m/minute or so', said Chris Ellison, managing director. He added that the exercise also introduced another dimension: 'With high press speeds there is often the risk of slight plate lifting. You can overcome it with higher plate press pressures, but you lose repeatability.

This factor was among the issues which led the company to adopt Nilpeter's CLEANINKING anilox system, launched at the recent Labelexpo Europe. It features an open/close doctor blade chamber with two blades in contact with the anilox roll. A major innovation is the Dynamic Print Adjustment, which applies pressure – measured in microns – to the impression cylinder acting against the substrate and anilox roll. The system therefore ensures constant overall inking, so avoiding ink density problems with solids even when plate lifting occurs. As a sealed anilox system, ink supply can remain in the press or stored in the chamber off-press. This arrangement facilitates easier job changes; only the plates are changed.

'Today's trading conditions demand that converters like us must have the right kind of equipment to achieve a Lean Manufacturing approach to improving margins. Our latest FA-4 setup represents a phenomenal piece of technology in this respect. We can achieve a near offset standard of printing, aided by 275 line/inch screen counts from the Flexcel NX plates, at relatively high press speeds. The press control system allows us to recall all settings covering all functions, which makes the production of repeat jobs more efficient', Mr Ellison adds.

Hammer expands flexo operations at Rochester Technology Park

Hammer Packaging, a high-quality packaging printer, has completed its second major expansion in three years at Rochester Technology Park (RTP), with an additional 60,000 square feet of space to house their Flexo Operations. Hammer’s Flexo Operations has moved to Rochester Tech Park from its former location at 330 Metro Park.

The expansion adds 50% more square footage with an option to double in size. “This additional space will allow Hammer to keep pace with the growth of our flexo operations while expanding our market share.” says James E. Hammer, President & CEO. The added space also adds a more efficient work flow based on a lean management strategy.

The Flexo Operations will join Hammer’s Finishing and Warehouse Operations, which are already located at the Tech Park, bringing the total number of Hammer Packaging employees at RTP to 200 with over 270,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Daco sign partnership agreement with Rotary Technology

Daco Solutions, a British designer and manufacturer of rotary die cutting equipment, inspection / slitter rewinders, turret rewinders and digital finishing equipment, sign an agreement with Rotary Technology Partnership to promote their range of equipment throughout Thailand.

Tony Law, Sales Manager of Rotary Technology Partnership says “Daco Solutions is an excellent addition to our existing printing related products thanks to the strength of the company’s products.”

Mark Laurence, Daco Solutions International Sales Manager comments “we are excited to have found a well-respected company in Rotary Technology Partnership to market our equipment in Thailand and to support our existing client base.  Daco during 2012 will be expanding its agent / distributor network and we are always looking for companies or individuals to work with.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mabar Cutting dies to be sold by Weldon! Their new agent in India!

Ram punching or stack cutting is an application in use in most wet glue label and packaging industry. Italian producer of such dies, Mabar s.n.c. has appointed New Delhi based Weldon Celloplast Limited as their exclusive agents in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. Mabar was established over thirty years ago by Riccardo Malagò and Gabriella Bazzoli and, thanks to the considerable industry experience, the company is able to fulfill all types of die cutting requirement.  The modern working technologies enable Mabar dies to cut every type of paper, cardboard, film and plastic with maximum precision.

Mabar products are comparable with many die cutter machines, including the fastest and most modern. Mabar’s success is based on innovation, reliability and high flexibility, which is also valued by its many successful customers. Mabar is today rich in experience, technology, quality and competitiveness.  These are the keys which confirm the leadership in the production of dies to make labels. 

Weldon Celloplast Limited is a Delhi NCR based manufacturer of self-­‐adhesive labelstocks, tamper evident security label solutions and specialty tapes. Weldon Celloplast was set up in 1982 by the present Managing Director, Harveer Singh Sahni. The company now represents some of the leading and trusted International names in consumables, materials and equipment. “This association will enable us in adding value to the list of our offerings for the label, printing and packaging production” says Harveer Sahni, Managing Director of Weldon Celloplast Limited. He further adds, “The technical excellence of Mabar will surely be recognized by the Indian printing industry, we hope to promote the sale of Mabar products in a big way”.

Francesco Malagò, Director of Mabar says, “We are delighted to start this partnership with Weldon, Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Mabar strongly believes in the importance of this expanding market and will respond rapidly to any requirement by offering assistance through Weldon”.

FINAT Biennial Technical Seminar 2012 brings a versatile and international programme

FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive label industry announces the detailed programme of its biennial technical seminar with central theme: "Self-adhesive labels and their future vs. alternative technologies - Evolution or Extinction". This year's edition, which is now open for registration, will again take place at the Fira Palace Hotel, Barcelona (Spain) from 7 - 9 March 2012. 
The Technical Seminar is always a well attended and much appreciated learning and networking opportunity. It is targeted at all levels of the technical community from R&D or production to technical and operational directors in the self-adhesive label industry. This year's programme brings a well balanced mix of international speakers and topics related to the developments and trends in the technology, in changing market use, and environmental issues. The seminar provides for simultaneous translation in Spanish, German, French and Italian. 
"We are pleased and take pride in being able to celebrate the 20th edition of FINAT's Technical Seminar this year," says Kurt Walker, FINAT President. "It demonstrates our members' continued need for updates on our industry that can help them in making their business stronger and more professional.
On March 9th, during the Technical Seminar, FINAT's Young Managers Club (YMC) meets for an informative session on "How to effectively communicate innovations to customers". "The Technical Seminar offers us a perfect ‘back-to-back' opportunity to bring together the incoming generation of business leaders. The Seminar itself covers the technology of the future for our sector, our session will cover another angle of business innovation," says Francesc Egea, of IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, Spain and chairman of YMC.

After the welcoming activities on Wednesday, the seminar starts on with a fully packed Technical Seminar programme, which is as follows:
Thursday, 8 March
  • Opening of the seminar and short FINAT introduction by Kurt Walker, FINAT President (CH)
  • Introduction of the seminar by Sean Duffy, Chairman FINAT Seminar Committee (F)
  • The history of self-adhesive labels - Sjaak Elmendorp, Avery Dennison (NL)
  • Threats & Opportunities for the self-adhesive label sector -  Corey Reardon, AWA (NL)
  • FINAT update on regulatory affairs by Mark Macaré, FINAT (NL)
  • Digital and flexo a perfect match - Jeroen Van Bauwel, Xeikon (BE)
  • Polyester Films: A 'tool box' to New Product Development - Mark Dinsdale, Polyplex (UK)
  • Future developments in Prepress & Platemaking - Mark Gration, York Reprographics (UK)
  • Press room economics - lean developments to optimise the output from narrow web presses - Jacob Sørensen, Nilpeter (DK)
  • Converting of thin liner substrates, challenges and solutions - Steve Horne, Kocher + Beck (DE)
  • Brilliance on Demand : Enhancement of label materials with Hot & Cold Foil Stamping - Trevor Hichcliffe, 3M Plc. (UK)
  • UV LED curing, the future for label printing - David Johnson, Integration Technology Ltd (UK)

Friday, 9 March 2012
  • Towards a common sustainability language for packaging - Rüdiger Hagedorn, Consumer Goods Forum (ES)
  • Linerless V/s Traditional labelling - Ian Kendal, Reflex Labels (UK)
  • Biodegradable films - Andy Sweetman, Innovia Films Ltd. (UK)
  • Sustainability considerations from the viewpoint of an adhesive manufacturer - Wolfgang Aufmuth, Collano Adhesives AG (CH)
  • Unintended consequences - Ink Technology & Environmental footprint - Jonathan Sexton, Sun chemical (F)
  • FINAT Release Liner recycling programme - Mark Macaré, FINAT (NL)
  • Closing keynote 

For full details on the Technical Seminar 2012 go to www.finat.com

Atlantic Zeiser puts spotlight on industrial digital printing for optimum late-stage customisation at FESPA Digital

The Atlantic Zeiser Group, a leading developer and supplier of integration components and end-to-end system solutions for industrial digital printing to code and serialise packaging, mailshots and 3D products, will highlight the creativity and flexibility of its integrated system solutions at FESPA Digital in Booth B51. An array of samples demonstrating the wealth of possibilities delivered by end-to-end solutions for efficient print job changes from the Digiline Single Product serieswill be put on display. The numerous four-colour samples will show visitors the variety of capabilities made possible by its optimized end-to-end Digiline Single Product and Digiline Web systems for digital late-stage customization within existing production processes. FESPA Digital is being staged in Barcelona from 21 to 24 February 2012.
The DIGILINE Single Product is based on a modular concept with flexible configuration possibilities for different feeding and transport options, printing and coding technologies for standard and security inks, camera verification as well as delivery options. It offers product widths of between 30 and 1050mm. 

The DIGILINE Web consists of a modular continuous feed unit, digital inkjet printers, curing technology and controller unit. It has an automatic splice station that detects, marks and splices printing errors within the production process and continues the print job seamlessly. 
All DIGILINE systems are available with monochrome OMEGA, DELTA and 4C GAMMA printers as integration modules. The integrated MiniController seamlessly manages the production and information flow of the end-to-end system solution, without limiting the modules to be incorporated
These solutions simplify the late-stage customization process for packages with high-quality print requirements and help create innovative applications through the integration of different modules in a ‘one-stop’ shop. They were designed to meet the increased demand for late-stage package customization, including the need to reduce costs by operating with smaller production quantities to minimize storage capacities; and just-in-time supply with short reaction times, especially with packages marked with variable data, such as barcodes and product ingredient information in different languages.
The flexible, scalable systems that are application oriented and customer focused were developed as part of Atlantic Zeiser’s close co-operation with leading brand owners, pharmaceutical and packaging producers. 

Carl-Michael Heüveldop, Head of Business Development at Atlantic Zeiser, states: “The emphasis for us at FESPA Digital is in helping customers identify how late stage customization can help their end users improve product identification more effectively and cost consciously. As such our carefully selected samples will enable them to understand the broader implications and how they can help their business identify new market potential. Our team of experts will also be on hand to guide customers through the opportunities now afforded by our creative portfolio of solutions.”
A complete overview of all product and system solutions from Atlantic Zeiser can be found at www.atlanticzeiser.com

Weldon Celloplast Limited to distribute AMC Italiana die-cutting machines of Averoldi Srl. Italy

AMC Italiana-Averoldi Srl. based in Italy has announced the signing of a commercial co-operation agreement with New Delhi based Weldon Celloplast Limited for the exclusive distribution of its AMC Italiana brand die-cutting machines in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Middle East.

AMC Italiana was founded in 1973 by Angelo Fapanni and has nearly 40 years of industry experience with a strong commitment to research and development. Their products are in line with the needs of the international printing and packaging industry. They have installed over 800 machines all over the world proving the trust of their customers have in their products :
1-HYDROMATIC: starting from square blocks .
2-MCS: starting from strips
3-NCmoving: starting from the sheets
4-MAP: starting from sheets, for envelopes
5-PA: for cardboard, automatic cutter and creaser
6-PAB: automatic die-cutting (from reel)
7-RAPID: computerized cutting and bending line from strip
8-RITMO: die – sharpening machine
9-SAP: semi-automatic envelopes die press.
AMC also specialises in custom building machine for paper industry

Weldon Celloplast Limited is a Delhi NCR based manufacturer of self-adhesive labelstocks, tamper evident security label solutions and specialty tapes. Weldon Celloplast was set up in 1982 by the present Managing Director, Harveer Singh Sahni. The company now represents some of the leading and trusted international names in consumables, materials and equipment

Harveer Sahni, Managing Director, Weldon Celloplast says, “AMC Italiana complements the range of leading brands of offerings that we bring to the Label, printing and packaging industry. The quality and performance is already accepted in the Indian market as AMC Italiana has got successful installations in India with some of the leading printers.”

"This partnership" says Mr. Carlo Fapanni, General manager of AMC italiana-Averoldi Srl, "is a part of the company's strategy to further expand the current international market share through the provision of machines with proven reliability and quality supported by a qualified technical support and after-sales service of excellence.”

Monday, January 23, 2012


Release liner in the spotlight - AWA’s annual global conference maps the market

The 2012 Global Release Conference, organized annually by AWA Conferences & Events and complemented by a concurrent exhibition, will be held this year in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22-23 February. The event will as usual provide an expert evaluation of the current market environment, growth prospects, infrastructure developments, and technology trends across the many segments in which release liner plays a part.

Following the downturn experienced in the release liner industry during the economic crisis, market growth in 2011 averaged 6-8%, but every region, and every application segment, was different – as the conference program demonstrates. Following – in the opening session --  are view of financial and business issues and of the overall state of the industry, the  agenda moves on to cover developments in packaging and labelling law;  end-use markets;  silicone and release coating technologies, issues, and challenges (including high raw material costs); and, finally, innovation and disruptive technologies such as linerless labels and direct-to-product print.

Extensive networking opportunities
The event features extensive networking opportunities, both at the exhibition and in conference breaks and during the evening cocktail receptions.   Sponsored by market-leading companies throughout the release liner supply chain, the Global Release Liner Conference 2012 takes place at the Novotel City Hotel, Amsterdam, 22-23 February. The full conference agenda is available on the AWA Alexander Watson Associates website, www.awa-bv.com, where it is also possible to register online.

Manufacturing industry recognizes sustainability efforts of Agfa Graphics

In a celebration at the Park Lane Dorchester hotel, Agfa Graphics Ltd won the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Manufacturing Excellence (MX) Award for Sustainable Manufacturing, sponsored by Arup, a global professional services firm headquartered in London. On their website, Arup justifies the sponsoring of the MX award stating that “businesses with the ability to produce first-class products, using sustainable processes, need to be seen as role models. They deserve our admiration and for their achievements to be celebrated to the wider industry.”

"We highly appreciate this award as a recognition of our focus on sustainability," said Dominiek Arnout, VP Operations at Agfa Graphics. "The manufacturing industry values our continued efforts on sustainability by awarding one of our production plants, and appreciates our concern for the environment, the people and the community Agfa Graphics is part of.”

Besides the ISO9001 quality standard, Agfa Graphics streamlines their efforts to achieve sustainability in the form of energy management, workers concern and Safety Health & Environment (SH&E) compliance across the globe over their various manufacturing plants. Throughout all their production facilities Agfa Graphics adheres to local restraints and regulations and commits to all norms regarding environmental management (ISO14001), occupational safety and health management (OHSAS18001). Moreover and by implementing SERP, a global Sustainability and Energy Reduction Program, the company intends to prepare for upcoming changes and expectations based on worldwide standards.

Dominiek Arnout continues "As a sustainable supplier Agfa Graphics will be capable of delivering the right products for the market place in general, and in particular for the graphic industry where sustainable print production becomes increasingly important. Proof of this are initiatives taken by many of the leading printing and publishing companies to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations and the announcements that sustainable production of media will be an important future-relevant subject at the upcoming drupa 2012. One of the products Leeds is involved in, is our award winning :Azura TS printing plate. This uses a water based coating process and, compared to conventionally processed plates, reduces waste generation by about 80%."

The Agfa Graphics' strategy of sustainability through ongoing innovation dovetails into this general concern of the printing industry. It encouraged a global approach under one management to streamline all efforts across Agfa Graphics' manufacturing plants and to develop synergies that can be found between the various facilities.

"All of our manufacturing plants worldwide will benefit from the work that led to this MX Award for Sustainable Manufacturing through exchanging of best practices that have been benchmarked by the award winning Agfa Graphics Ltd production plant in Leeds (UK),” said Graham Cooper, Worldwide Sustainability Manager at Agfa Graphics.

Color-Logic wins American Graphic Design Award

Color-Logic has won an American Graphic Design Award, presented by Graphic Design USA magazine. Announcing the award, Gordon Kaye, Graphic Design USA Editor and Publisher, and Rachel Goldberg, Graphic Design USA Awards Director, commented: “The American Graphic Design Award…honors outstanding work across all media: print and collateral, advertising and sales promotion, corporate identity and logos, internet and interactive design, packaging and p-o-p, broadcast and motion graphics. The 2011 American Graphic Design Awards attracted a remarkable 8,000+ entries.” Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves, upon accepting the award, said: “The winning Color-Logic entry was a cosmetic packet produced on a digital press using the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System. It may be seen at www.gdusa.com/contests/agda11/types/se.php?x=PKG1181. We are very pleased to have been recognized by the premier graphic design magazine in North America.”

Color-Logic develops color communication systems and software tool sets for a variety of special effect printing applications. Color-Logic provides brand owners, product managers, corporations, and their advertising agencies the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results. Color-Logic special effects utilize the existing workflows of printers and designers, yielding dynamic results without the use of special equipment. Color-Logic supports the value of print and works with designers and printers to enhance their printed media.

Conference Program unveiled for inaugural Label Summit Africa

Label Summit Africa 2012 is a new two-day conference and table-top exhibition for the African label and package printing industry. The conference program for the first ever Label Summit Africa has been announced. Taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 19-20 March, Label Summit Africa 2012 will examine the opportunities for the label and package printing industry as the rapid growth of supermarkets continues by both local and international chains.

The keynote address will be given by Jay Gouliard, vice president – global segment innovation at Avery Denison Label and Packaging Materials. Highlighting sustainability, Gouliard will look at eco labels and the innovative packaging market. Other presentations on day one include an overview of emerging trends and the latest developments in the African market by Corey Reardon of AWA Alexander Watson Associates and Gill Loubser of Packaging & Print Media. The virtues of installing a new digital press and creating new business opportunities will be explored through a live case study from leading Californian-based wine label printer Jay Tapp, while Calibre Brand Solutions’ Nigel Deary will discuss innovative label and packaging design and creating packaging that ‘sells’.

Day one will also feature two panel debates which will be chaired by Andy Thomas from Labels & Labeling. Thomas will be joined by Callie de Wet from Paarl Labels, Jeremy Ferrow of Ferroprint, Leal Wright from Uniprint and Interlabels Africa’s Sachen Gudka as part of the printer panel discussion. They will address the problems facing label converters and look at export and import opportunities as well as consider South Africa as an entry point for doing business in the rest of Africa. The retailer panel discussion will focus on private labels versus premium brands and personalization and short run promotions. Panellists include Mark Anley of Shoprite and Adele Carstens and Susane Exsteen from Clicks.

Day two will explore trends in the South African and global beverage labeling industry. Presentations will include Gallus’ Kishore Sarkar looking at wine bottle decoration trends and solutions and Zoyon le Sueur from Multi-Color Corporation highlighting new innovations in labeling including applications for pressure sensitive labels. The beverage panel discussion will look at new technologies and creating business opportunities. Confirmed panellists include Stefan Gerber of wine producer Boer & Brit.

Supporting the conference program, Label Summit Africa will feature a table-top exhibition with over 30 leading global suppliers. In addition, delegates will also enjoy an exclusive dinner and party on the beach at Grand Café & Beach in Granger Bay on the opening evening and an excellent networking opportunity with a tour, tasting and wine blending session at the stunning Zevenwacht wine estate.

Roger Pellow, Labelexpo Global Series managing director said: “We are delighted to be holding Label Summit Africa for the first time. Africa is an increasingly important market and South Africa is the perfect platform from which to explore why the region is showing fast growth across the label and package printing sectors of the printing industry. The event promises to serve African converters well as it will give them the chance to meet international/local suppliers, brand owners, designers and printers, as well as share best practice and learn about global branding issues, advances in technology/materials and what the biggest issues facing them are and how to deal with them.”

Delegates can register by visiting www.labelsummit.com/africa

Holograms made mandatory on all Liquor bottles in Jharkhand. J&K to follow suit..

This pic is for representational purposes only
It will be 18th state in the country to adopt the practice aimed at increasing revenue and checking sale of spurious liquor. Yes, Jharkhand will be the 18th State in the country that will be shortly making a mandate for all the liquor companies to use Hologram on their bottles to prevent counterfeiting.

The step will help the Jharkhand State Excise in increasing revenue as well as in minimizing the tragedies due to illicit liquor, a statement from Hologram Manufacturers’ Association of India (HOMAI) said.

In India more than 17 States & UT are already using hologram on liquor bottles. Mandated usage of hologram in these States like Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Pondicherry, Delhi, Chhattisgarh etc. has not only minimized the tragedies due to spurious liquor but have also substantially increased the excise revenue collection by more than 25-30 per cent.

For example the state using holograms are earning more revenue. In 2010-11 the revenue earned by Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh excise was Rs 8,115 crore & Rs 6,725 respectively, while States which are similar in capacity to population and size such as Maharashtra & West Bengal only able to peg Rs 5,800 crore and Rs 1,770 crore only.

Jammu & Kashmir also plans to follow suit

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir is also planning to introduce holograms on the liquor bottles entering the state from Lakhanpur, to rein in on the adulterated and illicit liquor, which has become a major menace for the state. Official sources said that in recent past there has been increase in the cases, where the excise department has detected adulterated liquor making its way in the state. To deal with the menace, the Excise and Taxation Department has decided to introduce tamper proof holograms on the bottles.

Despite many religious and cultural taboos, liquor consumption is showing increased trend in Jammu and Kashmir. “It is proving difficult for the department to keep a check on liquor adulteration because of the increased consumption. The problem is more in the rural areas”, said an officer.

For the purpose the department has submitted a detailed proposal to the government to get the approval for the same. Sources said that the concept has been borrowed from Punjab and Himanchal Pradesh, where the authorities are facing the menace of illegal distilleries.

As per the new concept the temper proof multi-coloured holograms seals would be put on each bottle to enable easy detection of the counterfeit products.

Finance Ministry data shows that 11, 444, 94 cases of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) were produced in 2008-09 in the state, while this number increased to 14, 23,954 cases in 2009-10.

As far as local liquor is concerned, 11, 23,112 cases were produced in 2008-09 and 13, 53, 505 cases in 2009-10. As many as 12, 44,969 cases of beer were produced in the state in 2008-09, while this number touched to 16, 10,558 cases in 2009-10.
Important to note here that since past two years government has not issued any new liquor licences, but despite this the consumption, particularly that of beer has shown increased trend, which is also a big revenue generator for the state.

As per the official figures, there are 226 liquor shops owned by private parties in the state. Of these, 135 are in Jammu city, 21 in Udhampur district and 40 in Kathua. Srinagar has 4, Baramulla one and Leh has two shops.

MetroGraphic Equipment is newest iSys Label distributer for Malaysia & Singapore.

iSys Label is proud to announce MetroGraphic Equipment as their newest distributer covering Malaysia and Singapore. MetroGraphic Equipment will provide short to mid run label solutions, enhancing customer care, while increasing the iSys Label customer base in Malaysia.

“I strongly believe this machine will sell well in our market. I have heard positive feedback on the Apex 1290 printer from Eddie of Gulmen Engineering, an iSys Label Australia Distributor. The Apex 1290 prints efficiently on non-coated label stock, which most digital label printers currently cannot do,” said Eric Goh, Director of MetroGraphic Equipment.

“iSys is truly pleased to add MetroGraphic Equipment as a distributor for Malaysia and Singapore,” said Mark Hopkins, President, iSys Label. “We are certain MetroGraphic Equipment will provide customers with superior quality and service with iSys Label printer solutions for short to mid run label production.”

MetroGraphic Equipment is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Established in 1992, they specialize in new, used & refurbished label printing machines ranging from flatbed machines, intermittent machines, full rotary machines, slitter machines and plate making machines. MetroGraphic Equipment functions as partners of printer companies to meet the requirements that enable them to effectively provide equipment at competitive prices.

iSys Label is the innovative developer and manufacturer of short to mid run digital label presses that deliver production quality labels print after print. Our focus is on developing customized product configurations to fit our customers’ needs and provide effective solutions that meet their highest expectations.

Friday, January 13, 2012

HarperScientific promotes environmentally-friendly packaging of CeramClean II

HarperScientific, a division of global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation, has recently made CeramClean II available in a more environmentally-friendly one gallon tub. CeramClean II is an anilox roll cleaner designed to remove water-based, solvent, and UV inks. Additionally, the cleaner can remove stains and target specific contaminants that machine cleaners leave behind. Safe for gravure and chrome cylinders, CeramClean II is available in three formulas: original, paste, and pourable.

To date, CeramClean II has been offered in two packs, eight packs, five gallon containers, and drums. The addition of a one gallon tub option will allow HarperScientific's green-minded customers to purchase the same amount of cleaner as provided by the eight pack, with less packaging. The new one gallon option reduces the packaging materials and decreases the overall weight of the product by 10 percent.

Customers who purchase the one gallon tub, rather than the eight pack, will enjoy a reduction in shipping weight and disposal displacement (due to the fact that the product is contained in one package, rather than eight). Additionally, HarperScientific is offering an 11 percent price reduction on the one gallon tub to promote its use in creating a greener work environment. The tub features an open top design and easily resealed lid, allowing for ease of use.

Anilox Laser Technology (ALT) installs Fiber Optic Ultra laser system

Anilox Laser Technology (ALT), new supplier of anilox rollers and sleeves, has installed a Fiber Optic Ultra laser system at its 3600 sq ft premises in Manchester, UK. The new system is capable of engraving in excess of 2000 lpi and 4700mm face length.

A choice of cell engravings available includes industry standards of 30, 45 and 60 degrees as well as tri-helical. In addition, the new Rainbow cell range has been developed for extended print runs and reduced cleaning cycles.

A volume and cell measurement system, including an AniCam 3D scanning microscope, has been set up using the latest Tri-Plex II plasma ceramic coating system – which guarantees porosity of less than one percent and hardness in excess of 1600 Vickers – to ensure maximum repeatability. Rollers can be constructed in steel, aluminum or stainless steel with a lightweight tube construction for easier handling.

Formed in 2011, the company ‘aims to supply a full technical service and lead the way in anilox cell innovation’. Directors Anthony Jewell and Chris Bryant have over 50 years of combined experience in the flexographic printing and coating industry.

Managing director Anthony Jewell said: ‘From our previous experience we feel that the industry requires an anilox company that can deliver its promises on quality and service. This is something we are committed to achieving.’