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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TOPP Digital Label Solutions Earns G7 Certification to Get Even More from its Xeikon Press

Xeikon NV, an innovator in digital color printing technology, announced today that TOPP Digital Label Solutions, a Xeikon 3050 customer in Miami, FL, has received G7 certification from the IDEAlliance. G7 certification means that TOPP's print personnel are experts, trained in the field of color management, process and quality control for proofing and printing equipment.

TOPP is more than a name to the Florida-based printing company, it's an aspiration. The company prides itself on providing a combination of value, technology and education to its customers, acting like a business partner with an expertise in labels rather than a vendor. Xeikon has been a valuable partner for TOPP as the company serves a wide variety of customer needs. Its Xeikon 3050 press enables the company to provide variable QR codes, security enhancements, eco-friendly toner, and the ability to incorporate RFID features.

"Yes, we produce great labels, but we're just as focused on providing business value. And Value means quality, consistency and branding. G7 certification allows us to be at the top of our game," said Sean Cummins, president of TOPP Digital Label Solutions.

"We're one of the very few digital shops that has gone out and pursued G7 certification. G7 means you're the best in color, and that color and consistency will be outstanding with any printer that has that certification. Brands and corporate identity have very specific requirements and the fact that we can produce what they want all the time, every time, means a lot to them. The long and short of it is that the combination of G7 certification coupled with Xeikon's reputation will open many more doors for us," said TOPP's vice president of operations, Bob Reilly.

The Xeikon 3050, boasting a unique combination of 1200 × 3600 DPI addressability and 4-bit variable dot density, offers rich color depth and subtle contrasts. Sharp and crisp details enable adding micro text which can help prevent counterfeiting. Its full rotary technology combined with variable repeat length allows printing at maximum speed, regardless of the size of the labels and/or number of colors.

According to Michael V. Ring, president of Xeikon America, Inc., "TOPP Digital Label Solutions is a prime example of a company that puts its customers first. They truly understand the needs of their customers and invest in technology and solutions accordingly to provide top notch products. Their G7 certification on the Xeikon 3050 press is another step in their customer-centric approach. We wish them continued success."

Live label workflow and print demo at DSCOOP8

HP Indigo, Esko Artwork, ABG International and Label Traxx will be teaming up at DSCOOP8 2013 for a live workflow demo. The "Unleash the power of digital workflow" presentation on Friday 22 February at 10:00 will show a label print job progress from artwork, to order, to prepress and then on to the digital press and digital finishing equipment.

Label Traxx MIS will process the order and pass the job details via JDF to Esko Artwork’s Automation Engine 12 software. AE12 will process the art files and create the step and repeat according to Label Traxx’s instructions. Once the job is approved, the finished files will be passed on to the HP Indigo’s DFE. The job will then be printed and finished in real time.

As a special twist, all of the equipment will be operated by experienced digital label converters. Representatives from Innovative Labeling Solutions, OH, CL&D, WI and Matlet Group of Rhode Island will be running the MIS programme, prepress software and the HP Indigo.

Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt commented: "We are really excited about this live demo. It will be a great opportunity for label converters who are thinking about digital or looking to streamline their existing digital business, to see the entire workflow in action."

Creative Labels purchases Epson SurePress for high quality digital label printing across wide array of applications

Epson America, Inc. today announced that leading converter, Creative Labels Inc., has purchased and installed the Epson SurePress L-4033A. Creative Labels will be using the inkjet digital label press to produce vibrant, high-quality labels for numerous applications, including food and beverage, health and beauty, and technical goods.

“The current prime label market is very competitive and the Epson SurePress allows us to respond to small run jobs that demand high quality,” said Sandy Franzen, President and co-owner, Creative Labels. “We spent over a year testing label systems that lacked the commercial quality we were looking for. With the Epson SurePress, we are able to concentrate on sales, as we know we are producing labels that are both first class in quality and cost effective.”

Designed for prime label converters and commercial printers, the Epson SurePress L-4033A, as well as the recently introduced Epson SurePress L-4033AW with White ink, delivers innovative printing features that expand printing capabilities, making it a cost-effective and reliable solution. The Epson SurePress also offers short-runs for easier and more efficient label printing, as well as Variable Data Printing for maximum label customization.

“After looking at all the options in the market, the Epson SurePress provides us with better print quality than anyone else,” said Chris Martin, vice president and co-owner, Creative Labels. “We were especially impressed with the quality looking as if it could have been printed on a flexo press, but in perfect register, with no quality problems generally associated with flexo. In addition, the price point is something we can actually see a return on investment from in the short run label market.”

Franzen added, “We just acquired a new customer that had such complex graphic files for three labels that we would have had to not accept the job if it had not been for our SurePress. These labels had reversed out four point type in what was supplied as a four color process graphic file with the label backgrounds done in various screens and shades of either orange, green or brown. Printing in Hexachrome made these colors really pop, and when compared to a four color process print from our press proofer, we were blown away not only by the oranges and greens, but the depth and warmth of the browns as well.” 

Additional Epson SurePress features include:
  • High-Quality Labels: Epson’s acclaimed MicroPiezo inkjet technology with variable-size droplets as small as three picoliters provides ultra-precise drop formation and placement to deliver smooth gradations, remarkable color quality, and sharp detail for easy bar code readability, plus crisp small type and line work
  • Industrial Quality Inks: Six-color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, and Green), durable, water-based, resin-coated pigment inks provide superior adhesion and reproduce a wide range of colors; SurePress L-4033AW adds White ink
  • Versatile Substrate Support: Prints on a range of standard, off-the-shelf materials including gloss, semi-gloss, matte, film, and clear, and metallic substrates
  • Variable Web Width: Supports rolls from 3.15 to 13-inches wide up to 0.013-inches (0.32 mm) thick
  • Enhanced Productivity: Time-consuming, short-run jobs can be transferred to SurePress for more flexibility and timely results at speeds up to 16 feet per minute
  • Less Waste: No chemicals or plates are required in the pre-press process and less substrate and ink is used in make-ready for short-run jobs

“Unlike entry-level label systems, the Epson SurePress delivers precise color matching and accurate reproduction of spot and specialty colors to create high quality labels with commercial results,” said Mark Elsbernd, North America region sales manager, Epson America. “SurePress fits right into the demanding work environment of Creative Labels to boost profits and label quality.”

Pamarco Global Graphics teams up with Nilpeter

Over the past two years, Nilpeter and Pamarco Global Graphics have worked together to develop a strong presence in the South East Asian region and as a result of the success are extending the coverage to the Middle East region. The two companies have developed an efficient working relationship. Graham Harrison, International Sales Manager for Pamarco stated, “The cooperation with Nilpeter Middle East will enable Pamarco to better service their existing label customers and continue to develop the region.”

For over fifty years, Pamarco’s anilox rollers have been performing in presses all over the world, and because of Pamarco’s dedication to quality its products have earned the reputation as a leader in the flexo printing industry.

Cloud-based system improves digitally printed label color matching

UK specialist manufacturer of self-adhesive label solutions Mercian Labels has invested in the Xeikon Color Control, the latest color matching system from Xeikon. The tool enables printers to offer their customers repeatable and predictable colors, and the best simulation of custom spot colors all through the simplicity of a cloud-based application. As such,  Xeikon Color Control allows the closest possible matching of colors to both the full Pantone book as well as to hard copies of previously printed packaging and labels provided by customers.

“In today’s competitive environment, print buyers are asking their suppliers for the highest quality and accurate reproduction of brand colors,” explains Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Product Management at Xeikon.  “With Xeikon Color Control, our customers have a smart and easy way to reproduce even their most complex jobs - the ones with  the  highest color requirements. With minimal time and effort, they can profile their environment and ensure customer specific colors can be reproduced with the closest possible match. It’s one of those small, but powerful tools that makes our customers’ lives easier.”

Color matching made better, quicker and more consistent
Xeikon Color Control enables printers to profile their Xeikon presses and create color tables for specific colors. Having printed a target, the measured values are uploaded to a central server where a new profile is created, together with a library of named colors. This enables printers to have much better control over their output quality and match the output with conventional jobs that have been printed previously. Furthermore, quality reports as well as an overview of the stability of the production environment, can easily be made available by the press room operator for others.

Color matching is a well acknowledged challenge by the industry. Xeikon Color Control was developed to eliminate human error in color matching. Furthermore, it maximizes the gamut of the Xeikon dry toner digital printing technology. The Xeikon system can be profiled for any substrate by uploading the color values of a printed test-chart. Together with a new output profile for the press, the operator will be given a color lookup table. In addition, an on the spot • E figure can be accurately given to assess the color accuracy of the Xeikon 3300 digital press installed at Mercian Labels.

Dr. Adrian Steele, Managing Director of the Mercian Labels Group, commented: "This is a really useful development enabling us to perform even better when facing color matching challenges from our customers. Nothing will extend the physical limitations of a CMYK color process gamut beyond its theoretical maximum, but using Xeikon Color Control we are really pushing the barriers of color matching to the limit. In one recent case we were asked to match an injection moulded plastic lid and a litho printed carton to that of a color known to be tough to print on a digital engine, even one as good as the Xeikon. Using Xeikon Color Control we quickly determined that we could get to a • E of 3 without printing anything on press. Once matched, that is exactly what it did – with a very impressive color accuracy! Whilst we may have got there eventually with a lot of expensive operator and press time undertaking iterative testing and assessment under different light conditions, Xeikon Color Control makes color matching of digitally printed labels better, quicker and more consistent. It’s going to make us a lot more effective  at color matching which can only be good for our customers."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Edale to exhibit at Gulf Print & Pack 2013

Edale look forward to welcoming visitors to their booth at the forthcoming Gulf Print & Pack show, held at Dubai World Trade Center between 8-11 April 2013. The event is the first of this series that UK-based Edale have participated in, but is gearing up to be an important addition in the company’s event calendar due to the rapid growth territory that the Middle East proposes.

Edale’s main objective for exhibiting is to continue building on the companies key brand messages and demonstrating their extensive knowledge and experience of their machines for the production of labels, packaging – including folding cartons, and single pass telecom recharge card production.

Edale have been keenly following a number of studies and research into emerging worldwide markets and the Middle East is a territory of much interest. Bernhard Grob, Export Sales Director says “Edale’s range of flexo presses and converting equipment have been welcomed in the Middle East; I visited existing and potential customers in the region on a number of occasions in 2012, and look forward to re-meeting these people and welcoming new customers to our stand at the Gulf Print and Pack show”

With a number of recent machine installations in the area, Edale are keen to build on this momentum and increase the awareness of their product offerings within UAE and the surrounding areas. Grob continues “Flexo is favoured for its reliability – digital does not stand up against the other conventional methods, which is where Edale’s FL-3 printing press comes into its own; Edale’s offering is digital performance by a technology you trust”.

Edale’s Managing Director James Boughton says “At this stage the Middle East is still a relatively small market for Edale, however we do not measure in terms of market share but in customer satisfaction, and we have many customers in Middle Eastern countries that have been working alongside Edale for a number of years, and are relationships in which we continue to grow together”.

Monini runs PE Labellers

The Monini oil mill has been bottling and marketing high quality extra-virgin olive oil in Italy's and the Mediterranean's major production areas for 3 generations. In the Poggiolo mill, the company is committed to developing the culture of extra-virgin olive oil, raising awareness, examining and controlling all the parameters of the production chain: from the selection of the plants to grow to the verification and adaptation of harvesting, processing, and pressing methods.

Over the past few years, P.E. Labellers has supplied the Monini oil mill with three cold glue labelling machines for their 8,000, 18,000 and 10,000 bph lines. The P.E. Labellers cold glue units stand out for their cutting edge structural and conceptual features: sturdiness, durability, reliability, thanks to the widespread use of low wear materials and almost no maintenance required. Besides the cold glue stations, the last labelling machine, supplied in 2012, is equipped with three adhesive stations, out of which one is for applying the U-shaped seal. The installed adhesive stations are among the most advanced available on the market. All parameters can be adjusted from the control panel with the possibility to store up to 200 different labels.

Impostrip OnDemand Automation integration with Enfocus Switch assures increasingly complex printing projects can be delivered on time and on budget

Enfocus is pleased to announce the availability of highly automated imposition workflows via Enfocus Switch, thanks to the integration with Impostrip OnDemand Automation from Ultimate Technographics. Impostrip OnDemand Automation empowers Switch users with the flexibility and dynamic intelligence needed to automate imposition flows to meet today’s demand for shorter runs, varying output sizes, multiple different orders each day and ease of finishing. Impostrip users gain an increased return on investment, while Switch customers receive new capabilities and benefits.

"This new partnership will bring significant benefits to the user community," says Joanne David, President and CEO of Ultimate Technographics. "Adding Impostrip OnDemand Automation to Enfocus Switch creates a platform where automatic preflighting and other processes can be linked to form one unified process addressing all types of printing projects. Ease of integration has always been important to us, and Switch connectivity achieves that goal."

"Crossroads was conceived to provide an integration platform for users looking to resolve their automation challenges with minimal effort and cost, and by not tying them to a single-solution offering or vendor. With Ultimate now joining the Crossroads community, mutual customers benefit from the additional integration choices given to them," comments Angelo Manno, Enfocus Global Account Manager Crossroads and OEM.

"Switch easily integrates with Ultimate's Impostrip OnDemand Automation out-of-thebox, thanks to the Impostrip OnDemand configurator. The configurator will come standard with Switch and is also available through the Crossroads web portal. To ease the integration and support efforts even further, sample flows are provided to help build customer flows that maximize print production automation all the way to imposition."

Powerful imposition capabilities on demand Impostrip OnDemand Automation gives users peace of mind by ensuring consistency from one project to another - without operator intervention or having to search for files or apply extra settings. It optimizes every aspect of prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy to use and highly versatile, and provides numerous advantages:
  • Enhances the quality of each print for improved profitability
  • Optimizes production for store-fronts by grouping various orders of different quantity and sizes automatically taking advantage of digital press width
  • Increases margins for on-demand books by grouping and stacking books together automatically
  • Intelligent booklet configurator allows automatic production of variable booklets for finishers
  • Tracking capability using dynamic content barcode generator for multiple component projects
  • Provides automatic control over page positioning, banner sheet and markings to maximize efficiency
  • Optimizes PDF output capability for personalized books and campaigns using PDF/VT or PDF optimized for high speed
  • Connects to MIS or storefront for workflow automation making short run jobs more profitable via JDF/XML
  • Enables easy upgrades to Impostrip OnDemand Scalable, allowing over 100,000 pages to be printed in less than 10 minutes.

Ms. David adds: "Impostrip OnDemand Automation provides users with production efficiency to deliver short runs on time, all the time. Users get full control over page position, variable gutters, bleeds, page-spread, page scaling, sets of marks, and barcodes or banner sheets for best quality. Its intelligent stacking options allow a more efficient production flow for e-books, personalized books or a book with a print run of just one."

"With Switch connectivity, we move closer to universal open prepress automation," Ms. David concludes. "Users can now manage more prepress tasks from a single platform, expanding the possibilities for monitoring tasks and reporting production data back to management. Our customers will be able to add new tools to improve the quality of their prints, while continuing to leverage all the advanced features of our software solutions."

Ultimate Technographics invented digital imposition with the first release of Impostrip in 1989, and has continued to play a leading role in the market ever since while offering the most innovative and progressive imposition products. Ultimate today leads in imposition and finishing automation software solutions. The company has a rich history of providing and integrating imposition technologies into hardware and software workflow solutions for print industry leaders including Avanti, Duplo, Glunz&Jensen, HP, Muller Martini, Ricoh-InfoPrint, Xerox, and others.

Enfocus provides modular and affordable tools safeguarding job quality and enabling automation throughout the complete production chain. Innovative solutions improve communication between design and production while enhancing productivity and predictability through automation of routine tasks. Step-by-step deployment dramatically increases added value without forcing users to completely rethink their way of doing business. Well-known brands include Instant PDF, PitStop and Switch. Enfocus is a business unit of Esko and has its headquarters in Gent, Belgium.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Reifenhauser India sells latest version of Combat M1 press

Reifenhauser India Marketing has sold the first latest version of Gidue Combat M1 narrow web flexo press to Mumbai-based Kem Cards, the label printing firm. The latest version of Combat M1 press was launched at Labelexpo India 2012.

M1 is synonym of quality: indeed, it guarantees an accurate print register during the manufacturing processes and during the years. Extremely robust and reliable, this press requires almost no maintenance, delivering excellent print quality standards. Being definitely reliable and easy to use, the Combat M1 represents the most efficient press conceived for the self-adhesive labels industry. With a 370 wide path, the GIDUE Combat M1 is fully UV equipped, provided with 8 colours, with 3 servo-driven die-cutting station. This groundbreaking printing machine comes with cold-foil stamping application on a movable rail, the GIDUE SnowBall waste-stripping technology, conceived for significantly increasing the productivity of the press, and the new Bambi tool, ideal for further improving the efficiency while running the machine.

Furthermore, flexibility is the main feature of the M1: fully customizable, the M1 press offers a complete list of advanced accessories, so that its range of technical solutions and applications is definitely wide: silk screen, cold foil, hot stamping, automatic register control, chilled drums, 3 die-cutting servo driven units, servo driven outfeed, full colour touch screen independent panels for each print unit (to have access to every individual operation), PC controlled main operating panel, Internet 24 hours/7 days connectivity for help-on-line service.

Sudhir Samant, Business Unit Head at Reifenhauser India, said, “After evaluating the options available in Indian market, Kem Cards decided on Combat M1 press. The Gidue press will aid to reduce lead time by increasing the production quality and capacity. This is the first Gidue press at Kem Cards that ventured into label printing business with installation of KDO ten inch wide rotary flexo press 13 years ago. Starting off printing beer and liquor labels, mainly wet glue, the label printing firm continued to add KDO presses and went on to become one of the largest label printers with four KDO installations. The Gidue press will enable to expand their turnover and boost production.”

Constantly investing in highly advanced manufacturing systems to ensure the best quality throughout all production steps, with the installation of the Gidue Combat M1 press, Kem Cards have the most suitable answer to all their labelling and packaging needs now. Appreciated for its toughness and efficiency, and also because it requires almost no technical maintenance, guaranteeing a long-lasting printing quality and a precise register control, Gidue Combat M1 press is capable of producing self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, wrap around labels and flexible packaging. A part of TM Enterprises, Kem Card who is mainly in the playing card business for over four decades, ventured into label printing 13 years ago.