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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UNO: The new line of slitters from Comexi Group

PROSLIT, the Comexi Group trademark for slitters and rewinders has launched a new product onto the market: the new UNO slitter.With this new line, Comexi takes a step forward in offering solutions for projects with long runs that require diameters greater than 800mm.

This new project was designed to offer a high performance machine with excellent regulation and fantastic results in output reels for customers who work with long runs and large output reel diameters.

It is specially designed for rigid materials although it has shown good results for more flexible materials. PROSLIT UNO is perfect for projects with paper, self­adhesive, aluminum down to 12 microns and all kinds of rigid or laminated plastics that require long runs and slit reels with a large diameter. PROSLIT UNO has already been installed in two customers’ premises (two in Mexico and one in Germany) and has shown excellent results.

UNO Features
The new PROSLIT UNO is available in 1400mm and 1700mm widths. The maximum diameter of the parent roll is between 1300mm (1,500 mm as an option) and up to 2150kg in weight (3000Kg optional). It can reach a maximum speed of 400m/min in its standard configuration and 600m/min optionally. The maximum diameter of finished reels is up to 1000mm. Reels are supported in an expandable shaft that permits uniformly distributed weights of up to 1000kg. The machine is completely controlled through a touch screen, and the length of the run can be programmed according to the diameter of the parent roll, linear meters or the diameter of the output reel. It also has an option for storing work parameters in an internal memory thus making the operator’s work easier.

Productivity and quality of UNO rewinder
The UNO includes all the standards of PROSLIT products thanks to which COMEXI GROUP has achieved a privileged position in the slitting and rewinding market. To that extent, the new UNO includes a lay-on roller with ALTS technology (Advanced Lineal Tracking System) that incorporates two bowed rollers, one prior slitting and one prior rewinding. Specially equipped with 20mm rings and a variable curvature, these bowed rollers are essential to the smooth functioning of the entire process. In addition, they are manufactured with special low inertia bearings. The objective of this entire process is to secure a good quality, rewound output reels. The ALTS system gives our customers perfect control over the rewinding process by providing permanent contact with the lay-on roller at a single point. This system guarantees an exceptional quality of the finished product.

The design of the UNO prevents vibrations with the use of 50mm frames and offers excellent accessibility for daily work and high productivity at a reasonable level of investment.

Market focus
In light of its features, the UNO is the perfect choice for several markets, from flexible packaging (both in plastic as well as paper) to almost any paper, aluminum or adhesives market.

IN-fusion papers optimized for HP Indigo presses provide a new option for label and packaging printers

SMART Papers said today that its Kromekote Label 60-lb. IN-fusion premium lightweight cast-coated label and packaging papers are now RIT certified to run on HP Indigo WS4050, WS4500 and WS6000 label and packaging presses. Kromekote cast gloss is the first lightweight cast-coated paper to be performance certified by RIT for use on HP Indigo narrow web presses. The newly certified products are Kromekote Label for cut and stack glue-applied labels as well as Kromekote Label Converting for pressure-sensitive label applications.

The certification from the RIT Printing Applications Laboratory is important for HP Indigo narrow web press owners in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific because, for the first time, they now have access to premium, high-gloss cast-coated label stock optimized and certified for their equipment.  This gives HP Indigo press owners the ability to expand their offering to customers and win new sales and profit opportunities. Pressure sensitive label converters must still qualify their own p/s label constructions with RIT. SMART Papers said it would provide R&D support to key converting customers.

SMART Papers is one of the world's top producers of premium high-gloss cast-coated printing papers. Kromekote Label coated one-side (C1S) applications include standard cut and stack label, wrap or packaging applications and pressure sensitive label stock.  RIT is the world's top printing test laboratory that certifies printing papers for use on digital printing presses.

The Kromekote Label IN-fusion certification gives HP Indigo owner/operators, specialty label and packaging printers, converters and paper/packaging distributors confidence that Kromekote Label performs well on press.

"The results were very good and this is a very good product for specialty label and packaging printers," said Tim Richardson, digital printing technologist at RIT and the chief tester of Kromekote Label.  "There are no concerns with this product on any front. In addition to providing a new option for label and packaging printers, this development is important for pressure sensitive label converters," explained Paul Simpson, executive vice president for SMART Papers. "HP Indigo paired with Kromekote IN-fusion produces a compelling label solution for label and packaging printers, converters and distributors."

RIT put Kromekote Label 60-lb. IN-fusion through an extensive battery of tests and found that it performed in the highest possible category for coated substrates. Under a variety of test conditions, ink adhesion and press runability were strong; impacts on press consumables, primarily blankets, were minimal, the RIT study found.

IN-fusion papers are optimized for HP Indigo presses and are compatible with traditional offset and laser presses.  The papers feature an additive that is infused into the paper surface and fibers, penetrating the entire sheet and eliminating the need for surface treatments that can limit shelf life.

Kromekote cast gloss is a global print industry standard, invented 80 years ago and continuously improved since.  It features a mirror-smooth print surface and delivers superior sheet stability for optimized printing, die-cutting and high-speed filling line performance.  The absorbent, fast-drying surface is compatible with HP Indigo inks, producing camera-true, super-sharp print images, brilliant color reproduction and fine screens.  Kromekote is also a top-performing media for applying embossing foils, aqueous, UV and varnish coatings.

HP Indigo digital presses are regarded worldwide as the only digital printing technology that produces a level of print quality that rivals conventional offset.  With its two label and packaging presses, HP Indigo offers the most productive, high-speed digital solutions for short and medium-run production.

Atlantic Zeiser focuses expertise on cost effective certified label printing solutions

Atlantic’s Zeiser’s wealth of technological expertise is helping label printers create a highly competitive and responsive offering. At LabelExpo 2011, Brussels, from September 28 to October 1 Atlantic Zeiser will focus on the flexible adoption of the Drop-on-Demand (DoD) Inkjet-Technology while printing  variable data on different label substrates and -formats.

At booth R95 in hall 11 it will highlight  its versatile drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet printing technology in security and commercial label printing of variable data on different substrates and formats via its integrated DIGILINE Web 300 platform. Other production possibilities being demonstrated will include the  high-speed DELTA 105i greyscale printer outputting from roll to roll equipped with a VERICAM camera-based verification system guaranteeing zero-defects in the end product. It will print and code, from the roll, industrial labels from its partner, 3M as well. With a GAMMA 70 P full-colour module for CMYK inkjet printing, the DIGILINE will also produce industrial labels for another self-adhesive 3M high-performance film.

3M Partnership Success
Paramount in high quality label production is the choice of substrate which is why Atlantic Zeiser has partnered with world leading 3M and received particular certification for use of its printing modules and inks on different foils and products. Not only does this certification guarantee performance quality but it also highlights the variety of end results possible helping printers add value.
3M’s portfolio includes white and silver polyester films resistant to media and friction with matte or gloss surface coatings, which are ideal for digital UV inkjet printing. Their exceptionally high resistance to ageing makes them the perfect label materials, as they are able to withstand most chemical reactions.  
The challenge for Atlantic Zeiser is how to permanently print the necessary information on these adhesive substrates.   To be able to guarantee performance 3M also subjects selected printing technologies to these approvals.   This enables the company to offer combination options for films, printing processes and inks that label and equipment manufacturers can rely on.
Think Ink
Atlantic Zeiser’s combination of specially developed inks and environmentally friendly UV-LED curing is virtually unbeatable. With its own in-house ink development and production departments, it has considerable expertise, particularly with challenging surfaces offering low ink adhesion.  

Also developed in-house with the label market in mind is the SmartCure AIR and  SmartCure UV-LED curing system series for virtually every printing width and printing speed.  The cost-saving systems cure UV inks in an environmentally friendly manner thanks to their low energy consumption, absence of ozone emissions and their operating life that outlasts lamp-based systems by a factor of one to ten. The curing systems are formulated to the flexible printing systems Omega, Delta and Gamma families. Together these technologies offer printers competitive and reliable solutions to meet the increasingly high performance criteria end-users expect of their labels. 
Cost efficiency benefits
All Atlantic Zeiser solutions deliver outstanding efficiency and the ability to switch quickly between print jobs to enable users to exploit new business opportunities in a host of industry applications. Designed for maximum flexibility essential in label printing, they ensure all the required information is clearly printed on the material while delivering utmost ink durability, light-fastness and contrast.  

But it is the high level of security delivered by coding of security labels like tax and excise stamps and the track & trace features that enable operations to deliver an integrity assured service. At the event Atlantic Zeiser will also demonstrate how to code tax labels and excise stamps with common, individual barcodes and plain-text information at speeds of up to 150 m/min. At the same time it will address the challenge of printing the absorbent special paper for tax labels at maximum speed with outstanding image quality, so the variable data is easily read for goods identification.
All standard product tracking codes from GS1, all types of numeric codes, and 1-D and 2-D barcodes can be included to check the legitimacy of the packaging and product online. And the Vericam  high-speed camera system  automatically reads and verifies the selected layout and checks the digits. If the check code does not match the reference data, the module rejects the product. Typical applications include quality control of any font, bar codes 1D/2D, numbering and conformity.

Codes for goods tracking and batch identification as well as production, usage and expiry data change frequently.   This means the content of the print layout has to be modified regularly, so the printing technology must offer maximum variability in setting the print data.   It is this comprehensive array of requirements that greatly restricts the technical printing solutions that can be used.   The most cost-effective and versatile print technology is industrial DoD inkjet digital printing.    

Atlantic Zeiser’s Vice President Digital Systems Ralf Hipp comments: “In such a diverse and competitive market Atlantic Zeiser has created a portfolio of solutions that can meet even the most exacting requirements and all to a very high quality. No matter what the application end-users can be assured of the integrity and security provided by these reliable and responsive solutions.” 

Atlantic Zeiser helps industrial customers to increase the cost efficiency, brand value and quality of their products within the production and logistics chain.   The company achieves this by employing highly efficient digital solutions for the printing and coding of frequently changing content on such products. Atlantic Zeiser specializes in digital printing on challenging substrates, i.e. with low adhesion capacity for print colours, while delivering offset-like quality and production speed.   In the three segments Digital Printing & Coding Solutions, Card Systems and Banknote & Security Printing Systems, the company develops, manufactures and distributes technologies as well as integrated solutions for industrial producers throughout the world. Atlantic Zeiser supports its customers through 11 subsidiaries as well as distribution and support offices in some 50 countries.

NuMaber increases productivity and quality with EskoArtwork digital flexo technology

NuMaber, the flexographic plate production company based in Roncade (TV), is enjoying a significant improvement in quality and output after investing in digital flexo technology from EskoArtwork. The company has installed four CDI Spark 5080 (format 1270 x 2032mm), two with HD Flexo for digital photopolymer engraving. 
The system combines the performance of 4000 dpi HD optics with exclusive screening technology. The result is sharper and more accurate imaging, as well as over 60-line printing - a characteristic that is particularly useful not only for labels, but also for flexible packaging and the folding boxes market.
Full HD workflow and editing tools
Founded in 1978 as a photolitho company, NuMaber specializes in working with digital photopolymer and laser engraving of rubber sleeves and cylinders. The 50-strong company has always been dedicated to flexographic prepress, and produces flexo printing plates for the packaging and flexible packaging markets.
NuMaber is committed to innovation and regularly explores how it can upgrade its systems. Livio Simionato, NuMaber General Manager, says: "Delivering orders rapidly is essential in today’s demanding market. We have a long-standing relationship with EskoArtwork, and chose the company’s digital systems so that we could achieve top quality throughout the whole production process. Speed is one of our hallmarks, and the four EskoArtwork CDIs ensure stability and speed with the digital photopolymer process."
The two CDI Spark 5080 HD Flexo systems were installed at the end of 2010. "We chose the systems especially for the writing quality level of the plates, which affords our customers more print definition and the use of more subtle media, which is important for labels, plastic films and paper bags. 

“Obviously, there was a very positive response to this leap forward in quality. It has helped us strengthen our partnerships with customers, who have been inspired to explore new possibilities with high definition and create more engaging graphics.”
NuMaber operates a Kongsberg plotter for automated plate cutting. The system’s cutting of photopolymers is much more precise and consistent than a manual system, and enables users to make customized shapes.  
The company uses Automation Engine workflow software for packaging and printing pre-production, which delivers comprehensive automation and quality control. They also uses ArtPro, the easy-to-use prepress editor. "We monitor work without films and blueprints,” adds Simionato. “And the workflow is quicker because we work with the same software that we use for graphics - ArtPro. We have better control of the files, verifying overlappings, screens and inclinations before sending the file to the client or production.”
Having a closed workflow without switching between sotware helps guarantee quality, which is proving very popular with NuMaber’s customers. Printers demand thoroughly checked and verified materials, something that NuMaber’s new EskoArtwork systems deliver.
Following its investment in EskoArtwork solutions, NuMaber has increased its visibility in the market and won new business, notably in the food industry.
NuMaber understands the importance of close collaboration with printers and the need to forge real partnerships. “Providing printers with an efficient service is only half the story,” continues Simionato. “It’s crucial that they see you as a reliable partner - and being able to offer them innovative solutions to help them improve the service they provide to their customers is an excellent way to do this.
“The investment in EskoArtwork solutions is not only an investment in our own business - it also opens up new possibilities and markets to our customers.”
Positive trend for flexo printing
With the improved quality and definition delivered by EskoArtwork Flexo HD, there is certainly potential to develop the use of this type of printing.
"Graphic studios and advertising agencies now have much more faith in flexo thanks to the huge increase in quality in recent years. We’re in daily contact with a number of design studios and they’re amazed at the print results we can achieve with flexo, and now regard it as a reliable, high-quality printing process.
“We’re also taking on an increasing number of ad-hoc flexo projects because we can now meet the needs of even the most demanding sectors, such as food and labels. This would have been unthinkable a decade ago.” 
But it doesn't stop here. In 2010 NuMaber installed the first line of photopolymer digital AWP Asahi, with water developing, in Italy. The only photopolymers of this type that can be used with water-based, solvent and UV inks, the product is gaining traction in the market not only because of its eco-friendliness - thanks to the absence of solvents used in processing - but also because of the excellent quality of printing results. 
2010 also marked the beginning of the installation of a photovoltaic system, which already allows NuMaber to cover around 40% of its energy needs. 
In 2011, the completion of the expanded corporate headquarters built with green technologies, and the photovoltaic system installed on the new plant, will enable the company to achieve full energy independence.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Digicon Lite is the perfect solution where there are simple converting needs..

AB Graphic International has announced the sale of an Omega Digicon Lite finishing line to The Label Makers, Bradford. The system will join a range of existing label converting and finishing lines supplied by AB Graphic International over recent years and will be used to take simple jobs from the company's recently installed, high performance, Omega Digicon Series 2 machine.

"The high specification Omega Digicon Series 2 is equipped with flat bed hot foiling, cold foiling, embossing, screen module and two UV flexo units. These enable the production of a wide range of decorative labels, but make basic jobs less practical. The Digcon Lite will be used to convert simple label jobs for food, food supplements, toiletries and drinks such as those used by micro breweries and free up the high specification model for more sophisticated work.

"The Omega Digicon Series II line is highly specified and this is fantastic for high embellishment drinks and cosmetics labels, but we have a large number of jobs that only require a varnish and die cutting," explains David Webster, Managing Director of The Label Makers. The Digicon Lite has a much shorter web path which means more cost effective production. This coupled with its quick set-up and slitting facilities make it a very good finishing machine."

"The Digicon Lite combines all the basic functions required for varnishing and die cutting labels and is the perfect solution where there are simple converting needs,” adds Tony Bell, A B Graphic International. "The standard machine includes flexo station, UV curing, semi rotary die station and razor blade slitting. We can also supply a range of options for this model including over-laminating, electronic dispro, hot air drying and scissor or crush slitting"

A well established manufacturer of label converting systems, AB Graphic International operates on a world-wide basis from its UK headquarters in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. The company is well placed to provide full sales and support globally through a network of distributors and its facilities in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, and The Netherlands.

Label Traxx names Luther Erlund VP of sales and operations

Label Traxx-the print business management software for narrow web label printers and converters-has named Luther Erlund as Vice-President of Sales and Operations. Announcing the appointment, Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt commented: "Luther Erlund brings Label Traxx some 35 years of experience in the printing industry, most of which has involved the sales and support of print business management systems. Luther is highly regarded throughout the printing industry, where he is known for his prompt attention to customer needs.  His specific experience in the label printing and converting area harks back to the early days of Programmed Solutions, and includes a brief period with Label Traxx nearly ten years ago.  Please join me in welcoming him to Label Traxx."  

Abril Grafica fine tunes color quality with AVT solutions

Abril Grafica, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, now has an AVT MicroColor remote ink control system and four ColorQuick closed-loop color control systems installed on their publication and commercial web offset presses.

MicroColor/Mercury is the next generation of remote ink control and updates. It offers proven digital accuracy, consistent color quality and dramatic make-ready time savings, and delivers considerable waste reductions. MicroColor has a new fully touch-screen control and a more efficient graphical user interface. In addition, the installed systems are now updated to the newest ColorQuick/Clarios modules. This newest spectral color control tool provides several new views of print conditions that help printers react more quickly and correctly to print conditions as they arise on high-speed web offset presses. It also provides web offset printers with an automated solution for closed-loop color measurement and control. The system makes fast, automatic color moves during make-ready and maintains tight control on color consistency during production.

Marcelo Tobo, Printing Manager at Abril Grafica in charge of the 24/7, three-shift printing department, commented: "Abril Grafica believes in AVT and their products and we are pleased that they are working well. This advanced automation allows our presses to work at faster speeds and offers us the ability to take advantage of more opportunities." Mr. Tobo will be travelling to Drupa in Germany next year to continue his search for printing solutions.

Amir Deckel, Vice President of Marketing for AVT, stated: "Publication and commercial printers like Abril Grafica now have AVT systems that provide them with new levels of process control and automation solutions that drive production excellence. These systems also help printers cope with today's pressroom challenges that include both tough economic conditions – with the rising costs of paper, ink and plates – and more demanding customers and end-users. These new generation systems allow shorter turn around, faster press speeds, faster overall operation, and dramatically increased ease-of-use. These added-value solutions and their resultant quality and efficiency increases, together with cost savings, achieve 30-50% faster make-readies and 10% waste reductions. The combination forms the strong foundation for optimum web offset printing."

Abril Grafica is considered the largest printer in Latin America by production volume. With more than 1000 employees, they produce over 500 million copies of magazines, supplements, special editions and catalogs each year. Besides printing the vast majority of Brazilian magazines, Abril Grafica also produces books and tabloids for renowned companies. When founded in 1950, the single magazine published and printed was Donald Duck. In addition to their impressive bank of high-speed web offset presses, they are the only printer in Latin America to also employ the rotogravure process for printing long-run publications.

Abril Grafica is a business unit of the family-owned Grupo Abril, one of Latin America's largest and most influential media conglomerates. A total of 7400 employees are actively engaged in magazine and textbook publishing, online content and services, out-of-home services, broadband internet, database marketing, broadcasting and pay TV.

Since many of Abril Grafica's customers are owned by the parent company, their investments in color quality via AVT's solutions are driven by the company's overall commitment to superior quality. Abril Grafica clearly understand the benefits of color control are far reaching, and benefit and satisfy the complete customer chain including publishers, readers and advertisers, as well as the printer's bottom line via make-ready savings and waste reduction.

Abril Grafica is but one of many success stories in Brazil. As the world's fifth largest economy and the world's fifth largest population, they are well positioned for continued growth. As the chosen venue of the 2014 Soccer World Cup and the 2016 location of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil is continuing its winning streak. With 60 years of success since Abril Grafica first showed Donald Duck the way to Brazil, the company will certainly have a prominent part in the excitement to come as well.

RotoMetrics expands Flexible Die production in Asia-Pacific & names regional sales director

RotoMetrics, the narrow web industry’s leading rotary tooling manufacturer, announced the production of the industry-leading AccuFlex Flexible Die at its Melbourne, Australia facility.  The company also confirmed plans to manufacture the full range of Gerhardt-brand flexible dies including the state of the art laser-hardened 5* flexible die in Melbourne beginning September 1st.

AccuFlex Flexible Dies provide best-in-class performance when converting materials on thin film liners and other challenging materials.  The dies feature more acute blade angles, razor sharp/high precision cutting edges, extreme precision and total plate height tolerance of +/- .0001" (2.50 microns).  The 5* Flexible Die is laser hardened for increased durability and offers enhanced die life for a wide range of applications, including abrasive materials.

Michael Bryant, RotoMetrics’ CEO stated, “As the only domestic die tooling manufacturer in Australia and Thailand, we are making strategic investments in flexible die technology and expanded local manufacturing capacity to offer the full range of rotary solutions to our key customers in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region.”

RotoMetrics also announced the appointment of Shaun Pullen as Sales Director for the Asia-Pacific Market.  Mr. Pullen will be based in the company’s regional headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand and will direct sales offices in Australia, India and China as well as agent networks throughout South East Asia.  “With new flexible die and hot foil products now available with unbeatable lead times and local service and support, we are delighted to be adding resources to our team under Shaun’s leadership,” said Karen Moreland, RotoMetrics Vice President of Sales.

RotoMetrics, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a worldwide leader in precision rotary tooling for the printing and converting industries. The company supports customers from operations in 8 countries with Asia-Pacific headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand and major manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia and Thailand.   

Friday, August 26, 2011

OMET to display Innovation, Efficiency and Reliability at Labelexpo

Omet's stand at the upcoming Labelexpo in Brussels will reflect the company's philosophy of innovation and development in line with the requirements of the converter.

First, the company will show its completely new XFlex range, featuring the X6 with full electronic sleeve technology, and equipped with different finishing units.  These include a new moveable hot foil printing system that can be located at any point in the press line, as well as a new high performance waste-extraction unit.  The X6 will also preview a new fast change offset unit integrated within the line.

The X6 will be joined by the new XFlex X4 line, which features the same electronic register control, and has the new impression roll assembly.  To complete the XFlex range, there will be the simple X2 model, highlighting traditional print technology that combines performance with low cost.

Omet is an acknowledged leader in flexible packaging and the printing of filmic material. At Labelexpo, the new Varyflex V2 will be shown with a futuristic high-speed register control system, known as Vision-2, which offers top performance on waste reduction and speed of changeover.

Visitors to the stand will be able to test one or more machines with Omet's new 'Machine Management System', designed to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of a printing company.

Omet offers leading technology for the conversion of self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons.  Its range of equipment is unparalleled in the narrow web market, combining innovation, efficiency and reliability. This is what printers are looking for to be competitive on the market. 

Messe Düsseldorf Asia to co-organize Indoprint 2012

Indoprint 2012, 7th International Printing Exhibition, will be held from April 11 - 14, 2012 at the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia. For the first time, the trade fair will be jointly organized by Messe Düsseldorf Asia and its local partner PT Wahana Kemalaniaga (Wakeni). Messe Düsseldorf Asia is the subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf in Germany, renowned as the organizer of drupa - the No. 1 international trade show for the printing industry worldwide.

Since its first staging six years ago, Indoprint has developed into Indonesia's leading printing exhibition. Exhibitors at Indoprint 2012 will present the latest developments in pre-press and pre-media technology, printing machinery, appliances and accessories as well as book binding and print finishing technology and paper converting and package production equipment. In addition, educational seminars on a variety of topics will provide information about future trends, essential business strategies and key technologies.

Indonesia is a diversified manufacturing base with global capabilities and several factors make this country an essential center of printing manufacturing activities:
  • GDP growth of 5.9% in 2010, with projected growth of 6% in 2011 and 6.4% in 2012.
  • 3rd fastest growing economy is Asia and the largest economy in Southeast Asia.
  • 4th most populous nation in the world with over 240 million residents. Domestic consumption is one of the major driving forces behind the country's economic growth, accounting for almost 70% of the GDP.
  • Outlook for the printing industry remains positive with demand projected to grow by more than 50% between 2006 and 2011.
  • There are currently over 1,000 large and medium sized printing companies in Indonesia.
  • The lucrative food processing and packaging industry will further boost print demand.

When last held in 2011, 173 exhibitors from 15 countries showcased their products to 11,245 visitors from throughout Asia at Indoprint.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Codimag to introduce VIVA 340 Aniflo press at Label Expo

The worldwide debut of the VIVA 340 Aniflo will be presented with 5 colors plus varnish and will run 4 jobs every day, to highlight the print consistency and also to show how easy a color proof can be produced. Codimag will organize the same presentations as they did 2 years ago where they will have a plate making facility on the booth with the Agfa Avalon N4 CtP system and the Toray plate processor.

With the
trend toward shorter and shorter runs, intermittent presses with quick set-up, no cylinder changes and pre-press limited to plate making are getting more and more suitable for the market. The VIVA340 is a modular press that can be specified according to customers’ needs. The VIVA340 is one of the very few intermittent presses on the market with all the major printing or finishing processes in line in intermittent mode: Waterless offset, Letterpress, Screen-printing, Hot Foil Stamping, Embossing, Flexo Varnishing, Wet Laminating, Die-Cutting. All labels from simple 4 colours label to the very appealing labels for wine or cosmetics can be printed in line in one pass on the press.

Intermittent feed for short and medium run
On the VIVA340 any print length from 5” to 12” can be printed without cylinder change thanks to the intermittent technology and servo control of the web motion. As a result the press is perfect for short and medium run with short make ready and minimal waste.

The main printing technologies used on the VIVA340 for 4-colour-process are offset and letterpress. Both processes allow a high level of flexibility on the press. Unlike Flexo, those print techniques do not rely on anilox rol for ink volume and do not require plate mounting with double sided tape. Pre-press is limited to only plate making. With intermittent press the only job-dependent component is the plate. You can stay away from costly tools or cassettes for every format.

The VIVA 420 Aniflo will also be presented in combination with hot-foil, probably with a wine label design. 
The ANIFLO print system is unique to Codimag with an anilox roller feeding a form roller which inks the waterless plate before printing on a blanket and then the web. Codimag also decided to organize some promotion around waterless offset technology, together with Toray. Codimag will have a brochure available, dedicated to Toray and Codimag to show their involvement in waterless offset.

Toray will be present in the booth and will display different materials and applications printed in waterless offset: plastic cards, in-mould labels, commercial printing, and newspaper printing… Le Figaro, the first French newspaper to be printed waterless offset on a KBA Cortina press will be distributed in the booth every day.This is all to show customers that waterless offset is not only Codimag, but also many other users. Toray will continue to supply waterless offset plates and to develop waterless offset technology.

Codimag will be in attendance at Label Expo 2011 in booth 3429, which is being held in Brussels this year. To find out more about Codimag Viva 340, Viva 420 and Codimags involvement in waterless technology visit www.codimag.com.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Epson enters Asian label printing industry with Epson SurePress L-4033A

Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions, launched the first Epson SurePress L-4033A in Asia outside of Japan. The Epson SurePress is a highly versatil short-run digital press designed to print labels efficiently and profitably. It represents Epson’s entry into the commercial label printing industry, and is also the world’s first commercial label press system to use Epson’s high performance Micro Piezo print head technology.

The Epson SurePress is designed for label printing firms taking the first steps into digital printing or expanding their existing digital printing capacity, as well as general commercial printers looking to add digital label printing to their portfolio of services. The Epson SurePress prints on a range of off-the-shelf papers and film up to 330mm wide and at speeds up to 5m/min and fits easily into existing digital workflows. Harnessing Epson’s leading Micro Piezo inkjet technology and newly-developed six-color, water-based, pigment inks, the Epson SurePress is able to ensure consistent and high quality results.

The Epson SurePress is currently the only digital label press in its class that is optimized for short print runs of up to 6,000 100mm x 118mm labels. It offers a print on demand capability and needs a make-ready time only 15 minutes, a significant time saving over traditional letter or semi-rotary press systems that need a minimum of three hours for setup. It is poised to take advantage of the large and rapidly growing label printing market of Asia that composed 34% of the global market in 2009 according to the latest available report from leading packaging market research firm Alexander Watson Associates*. The latest available report from industrial printing research firm Infotrends also predicts that global digital label printing market will show strong growth of 15.7% annually, rising from US$1.8 billon in 2009, to over US$3.7 billion by 2014, and represents the single biggest analog-to-digital print opportunity in the graphics market.

The Epson SurePress L-4033A demonstrates Epson’s strong commitment to delivering professional solutions to the packaging and labeling industry; and Epson is working with industry-leading partners on every aspect of digital label production from color management to substrates and finishing options in order to deliver the best control, performance and results.

Epson SurePress L-4033A key features:
  • High Quality Labels – Epson’s acclaimed Micro Piezo print head technology provides ultra precise drop formation and placement to deliver smooth gradations, color quality, and sharp detail for bar code readability, small font types and line work.
  • Versatile Media Support – Prints on standard paper and film label stock up to 0.32mm in thickness and rolls from 80-330mm wide.
  • Wide Color Gamut – Six-colour, water-based, pigment ink system reproduces a wide range of colours
  • Enhanced Productivity – Allows commercial printers to transfer time-consuming, short-run jobs to the Epson SurePress for more cost-efficient and timely results
  • Less Waste - No chemicals or plates are required in the pre-press process and lesser substrate and ink is used in the make-ready process for short run jobs.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rotoflex to demonstrate the exclusive Genesis system at Labelexpo Europe

Rotoflex, a global leader in slitting and rewinding equipment, is excited to display its most popular finishing models at the Labelexpo Europe 2011 show to be held 28 September - 01 October at the Brussels Expo in Belgium. The stand will feature a VLI 440, two (2) VSI 330s and a DSI 330, allowing attendees to see a wide variety of inspection, slitting, rewinding and die-cutting capabilities.

On each of the machines in the stand and debuting for the first time in Europe, will be the operator-friendly Genesis advanced control system. Created and developed exclusively by Rotoflex, Genesis is available on new Rotoflex inspection/rewind machines. With a simple HMI, operators can monitor all functions and clearly identify faults and issues from a single screen. Integration of the system into multiple machines on the production floor allows operators to easily transfer from one machine to another without relearning the intricacies of a new control system. With the most sophisticated matrix and missing label detection on the market, this advanced system can detect missing labels in multiple lanes as well as detect the presence of a matrix. With multi-lane counting the converter receives accurate label counts for each roll and its capability to count and inspect a variety of label shapes - not just squares or rectangles, you get an accurate count of labels per lane, regardless of varying label shapes or lengths.

Experts will be on hand to discuss how Rotoflex can help converters finish even the most challenging rolls with precision and impeccable quality. The eDrive functionality, exclusive to Rotoflex equipment, provides superior web handling and tension control, critical for the most demanding inspection and rewinding projects. Live machine demos will be held daily with rewinding experts demonstrating how converters can take control of their workflow by incorporating smart, advanced Rotoflex solutions. Visit Rotoflex in Hall 5, Stand C10.

Edale to introduce new flexo press and gearless print head

UK-based Edale (stand 7M60) will showcase two new products: the FL-350, a versatile label, film and ticket printing flexo press, and a new gearless flexo print head aimed at the mid-web packaging printer. Edale will be staging live demonstrations of the FL-350 on each day of the show. The new machine utilizes the latest servo technology and is claimed to achieve high print quality whilst reducing job change times and set up wastage. It also employs Edale’s Pit Stop Color Change system, enabling operators to complete a full color change in less than 1.5 minutes per station. The FL-350 has a 350mm web width, substrate capacity from 30 to 450 microns and a maximum speed of 200m/min, making it a high performer in all senses of the word. Demonstrations of the FL-350 flexo press will run everyday at the Edale stand.

Although showcasing these two new products at the event, there are other machines in the range that Edale will not be exhibiting this time, but can be viewed at anytime at their showroom in Hampshire, UK. The new showroom and factory facility boasts an Alpha compact press, the modular Beta and the fully servo driven Gamma machine as well as the Lambda, VLS-650 (variable length sheeter) and FDC-510 (flatbed die cutter) converting lines.

Smag to launch screen printing and finishing modules at Labelexpo

Smag Graphique will present a range of new screen printing and finishing modules for digital label printing on stand 7K10 at Labelexpo Europe. The company shows its new high-speed semi-rotary flatbed screen printing station that operates at speeds up to 30m/min. With a maximum print width of 340mm and a 340mm repeat length, the print station will be operating mono-color on a Digital Galaxie, in conjunction with a semi-rotary flexo station and a semi-rotary die-cutting station.

The use of a flatbed screen offers a number of advantages to label converters producing short runs, says the company. Flatbed screens can be prepared in-house, more quickly and cheaper than rotary screens which are usually prepared by outside suppliers. Flatbed screen printing also offers greater ink density, opacity and higher definition images than rotary screens.

‘This high-speed flatbed screen printer enables label converters to deliver the advantages of screen printing including opacity, chemical resistance, and tactile effects more easily and cost-effectively than ever before,’ said Stéphane Rateau, general manager, Smag Graphique. ‘Visitors to our stand at Labelexpo will be able to see this printer in action, along with our full range of products for label converters.’

Also on display will be the new I-Cut 330, part of the company’s entry-level finishing and converting series for digital label converters. The I-Cut 330 (330mm) offers speeds up to 40m/min. The new unit complements the established I-Cut 250 (a 250mm, more compact model delivering speeds up to 15m/min).

Also new is the Foil Saver, designed to save foil – and costs – by electronically calculating the pulling length of the foil used by the Smag flatbed foil press.

The stand will also host a broad selection of the company’s finishing equipment for conventional and digital label converters, including the Smag Digital Galaxie and Smag Galaxie Classic.

MPS to launch three new printing presses at Labelexpo 2011

The design philosophy behind the new MPS Printing presses is all around the operator, “Printers First”.  All three lines make use of the same user-friendly press design and every line is standard equipped with intelligent servo technology including Automated Print Control (APC) settings. Thanks to Crisp.Dot and Multi Drive all MPS press types are equal in their superb printing quality. Speed, print width, and waste reduction (ink, substrate, energy) are central for the MPS press lines resulting in outstanding productivity. The smart iControl knob ensures a friendly control for the operator. The presses are developed with the absolute focus on print quality and the lowest costs per 1000/labels. The new EXL Sleeve-Offset press from MPS, the jewel in the crown of MPS product range brings complete press automation.

The most cost effective MPS press with chill drum technology, short web, Crisp.Dot and converting rail system. The EC machines are built in 11-13 and 16 inch web widths. The print settings are done with servo positioning technology (APC) and the material thickness compensation is manually controlled. The print settings as well as other press settings (like UV, corona, web tensions etc.) can be loaded into job memory for repeat jobs.

The star of the MPS Flexo press family. A multi-substrate press in which also the material compensation is controlled by servo positioning technology (extended APC). The COMPLETE print settings are automated and can be stored in job memory. Resulting that the print settings for both initial and repeat jobs can be uploaded from job memory. This ultimate flexible and productive label and converting press is built in various web widths including 20 inches. A multiple range of converting models is available, as well as different inking systems.

EXL- Sleeve Offset (variable sleeve technology)
This new MPS press is an automated offset combination press using sleeves for the plate and blanket carrier. A complete new way of offset print pressure settings and controls allowed the MPS engineers to make use of "normal" sleeve technology without the use of special support barer rings or any other mechanical compensation allowing repeat variances.

MPS has found unique ways to control and automate the offset technology resulting in no-nonsense extreme short set up times and very low set up waste figures. Together with MPS's full APC-technology including job memory, even inexperienced offset operators very quickly achieve astonishing results with this new EXL machine.

EXL-Packaging (wide web Flexo version)
This variant is all about faster and wider. The press is built up to 26 inches at a speed of 300 m/min. To achieve the well known MPS Flexo technology, MPS has especially put efforts in robust engineering for the platform itself and the drive concept. A dedicated inking system has been developed with an ink-chill option. The EXL-packaging variant comes with Automated Print Control (APC) as a standard together with iControl and job memory. Furthermore high speed hot air driers for both solvent based inks as well as water based inks are available.

MPS will give more information and demonstrations on their press lines during Labelexpo. MPS stand:   11Q40

Monday, August 22, 2011

IppStar Nilpeter gala evening to focus on innovations in label and packaging

Staying true to its motto of building the graphic arts community, IppStar, a sister company of IPP Catalog Publications (publishers of Indian Printer & Publisher as well as Packaging South Asia) has organised a gala event on 26 August 2011, in association with the leading label press manufacturer, Nilpeter.

The event will explore the trends and innovations in the label industry. Prabuddha Dasgupta, head, Packaging Development (Foods), Hindustan Unilever will be the keynote speaker at the event, speaking about the latest label and packaging innovations that buyers root for. There will also be a brief presentation on label industry growth trends in India.

The show has already received a warm response from the label and packaging industry with several leading names already confirming their presence. The event will inform the industry about what to look for at the upcoming Labelexpo Europe 2011, which will be held from 28 September to 1 October 2011 at Brussels. Cocktails and dinner will follow.

For further information contact events@ippgroup.in or call +91-7838462223.

Collano to present innovative specialty adhesives for labels, adhesive tapes and specialty packaging at Labelexpo 2011

At stand U75 in Hall 12 at Labelexpo 2011, Collano AG will this time be focusing on new product lines for transparent film labels and tapes, a printable pressure-sensitive adhesive, the latest generation of deep-freeze adhesives and a specialty adhesive made from renewable sources. 

In addition to focusing on its strength of innovation, the Collano Group believes that a highly developed awareness of the needs of people, the environment and capital are key success factors. Accordingly, the company abandoned its research and development activities into solvent-based products in the late 1980s. Collano played a pioneering role in the replacement of solvent-based adhesives with ecologically friendly aqueous and 100% adhesive systems. The latest addition to its range is a pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesive made from renewable raw materials.

Routes to a sustainable future
Collano T2 1465 is the solution for those customers who are looking for sustainable, high-quality roducts. This pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesive, 70% of which is made from renewable raw materials, complements the sustainability credentials of substrates made from renewable or recycled sources. Collano T2 1465 has a service temperature of 0 °C to 55 °C and offers a wide range of adhesive properties for label, adhesive-tape and other self-adhesive applications.

The latest technology: UV-LED-curable adhesive
The latest generation of printable Collano UV N4 pressure-sensitive adhesives can be applied in virtually any form and to any substrate by flexographic and screen printing techniques, and then cured with UV-LED light. This method saves on energy, and so conserves resources and prevents ozone formation while affording a way of printing heat-sensitive substrates. 

Collano deep-freeze adhesive: It doesn’t get any cooler!
The latest formulation from Collano raises the bar for low-temperature adhesion. Collano L3 927 adheres at temperatures as low as -20°C, and will even adhere to critical packaging materials, such as cardboard. As low penetration is one of its features, it can be used on unprimed base papers, too. Collano deep-freeze adhesives lend themselves to refrigerator and freezer applications, for indirect food contact, for specially treated packaging film and high-speed blow-labelling. 

The wide range of Collano’s technologies covers reactive hotmelt adhesives, moisture-curing hotmelt adhesives, UV-curing hotmelt adhesives, thermoplastic adhesive films, heat-reactivated adhesives, water-based adhesives and rubber-based hotmelt adhesives. Technical advice and detailed information are available at the Collano stand U75 in hall 12 at Labelexpo 2011 in Brussels, or directly from LTP@collano.com.

Smart bonding
With the objective of making customers successful with intelligent bonding solutions, Collano develops and markets specialty adhesives for innovative applications in construction, composites, labels, tapes, packaging, protective adhesive systems, textiles, and foams. Collano Adhesives is passionately committed to new bonding technologies that improve quality, productivity, and reliability. Collano Adhesives is a member of the Collano Group, which employs 328 persons worldwide and generates sales of CHF 118 million.