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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toray Plastics receives TLMI 2010 Environmental Leadership Award

Toray Plastics (America), Inc. has recently received the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute’s (TLMI) 2010 Environmental Leadership Award. The prestigious award, presented at the TLMI Annual Meeting in October, recognizes TLMI members that have consistently demonstrated a commitment to progressive environmental practices across a range of areas, including solid-waste reduction, recycling, waste or energy recovery, and the implementation of new ‘clean’ technology and/or processes and an education program. Toray competed against 26 other companies for one of two awards presented this year. An independent panel of judges from peer organizations selected Toray for the Technical Innovation Category. Milan Moscaritolo, Director of Sales and Marketing, Lumirror® Polyester Film Division accepted the award on Toray’s behalf. Toray Plastics (America) is the only United States manufacturer of precision-performance polypropylene, polyester, and bio-based films for packaging and industrial applications. Toray’s label materials include Lumirror clear and metallized polyester films and Ecodear® bio-based films made from renewable resources.

Milan Moscaritolo, Mary Gervais, and Mike Theriault of Toray
with Calvin Frost of Channeled Resources Group.
In 2004 Toray launched a comprehensive sustainability initiative which has greatly improved its environmental profile and now saves the company 29 million gallons of water, 8.5 million KWHs of electricity, and 10.1 billion BTUs annually. Operational innovations have also contributed to zero landfill waste. In 2011 Toray will begin construction on a solar farm at its headquarters in Kingstown, Rhode Island. TLMI cited Toray as a company that has focused on energy conservation, the reduction of solid waste to landfills, water conservation, and a commitment to the use of future technologies that include solar and wind turbines.

“Environmental stewardship is a core principle of Toray,” says Moscaritolo. “We are honored to be recognized for our efforts and pleased to be affiliated with TLMI, an organization dedicated to enhancing sustainability within the industry.” Calvin Frost, CEO of Channeled Resources Group and TLMI Environmental Committee Chair, noted that this is the eighth year of the award’s presentation and its recognition of leaders in environmental awareness.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., is a leading manufacturer of polyester, polypropylene, and bio-based films for flexible and rigid packaging, lidding, graphic, industrial, optical, and electronic applications. The company is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc., the world leader in synthetic fibers and textiles, carbon fibers, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and high-performance films.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

INX International makes inroads with EVOLVE Advanced Digital Solutions

INX International Ink Co. and INX Digital International Co. have successfully introduced the EVOLVE branding concept to help traditional printers and converters evolve to digital printing with industrial inkjet systems. A comprehensive effort at a number of industry trade shows took place in the last several months to roll out a full range of resources, including integrated systems, chemistry, parts, services and consulting, that are being utilized to help support printers as they transition to new levels of production excellence.

The EVOLVE concept was developed to assist conventional impact printers with the integration of digital inkjet printing into their company’s capabilities. EVOLVE Advanced Digital Solutions (www.inxevolve.com) is made possible through consultation and, if suitable, the development of technology, equipment, ink and support. Whether a company wants to integrate digital technology into its existing operation or explore digital capabilities for the first time, INX stands ready with products, technologies, systems and services to help evolve to new levels of production excellence.

“EVOLVE is a concept that will help our traditional customers make the transition into the digital world,” said Rick Clendenning, president and CEO of INX International. “We see EVOLVE as an opportunity to introduce new technologies and opportunities to our customers. Digital technologies such as our CP100 UV cylindrical printer can help them expand their portfolios, giving them some new capabilities to develop niche markets.”

“These customers want to go digital. They have the need and the will, and our job is to help them succeed,” said Ken Kisner, president of INX Digital International Co. “EVOLVE Advanced Digital Solutions will promote the wide array of high quality products to help our customers make money. Our expertise is in ink, but we have developed software and machinery for specialty applications and we can make customized inks to meet our customers’ needs.”

INX Digital’s unique experience with innovative design and development of inkjet systems can provide customer-driven solutions for inkjet printing, production workflows and material handling, and inkjet print engines and printers as standalone products or for customization and integration into existing printing operations. Digital provides operational flexibility for a host of manufacturing and niche capabilities including wide format, super-wide, narrow web, UV flatbed, pre-press and others. From textiles, wall coverings and flooring to folding cartons, flexible packaging and cylindrical printing, EVOLVE Advanced Digital Solutions covers it all.

INX Digital also makes customer-driven ink and coating solutions designed for every type of digital printer and print-head technology. This includes solvent, UV-curable, UV LED-curable, aqueous, and thermal and oil piezo inks. Its uses cover a large universe of large-scale exterior and in-store media such as POP, billboards, building wraps and fleet graphics to packaging. The company will offer solutions for printing on vinyl, paper, corrugated, plastic, carpet, fabric, cylinders and other unique substrates.

For short-run digital prototype packaging and production, EVOLVE was recently used to introduce the NW100, a new high-speed, single-pass UV LED-curing narrow web printer at Labelexpo 2010 and the new MD1000 UV flatbed printer at Graph Expo.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flint Group Announces Price Increases in Heatset, Coldset and Publication Gravure Inks

The unprecedented escalation in prices of all key raw materials, that has dominated the ink manufacturers’ supply chain throughout 2010, continues to dramatically affect the costs of producing heatset, coldset and publication gravure inks. In some cases, raw materials have risen by more than 100% in the last six to nine months, and the outlook for 2011 is for this trend to continue.

As a result, price increases are being communicated by the Print Media Europe Division of Flint Group to the market effective from Jan. 1, 2011: heatset inks will increase by €0.45/kg, coldset inks by €0.35/kg, and publication gravure by €0.40/kg.

“These price increases will only partially cover the real increase we have absorbed in 2010 and that are forecasted for the first quarter of 2011” explained Fredrik Broman, vice president of product management, Web Print, Flint Group Print Media Europe. “We have been under severe pressure all year and our hope was that the short supply of certain materials and rise in costs that accelerated at the end of 2009 would be a temporary factor. Unfortunately this has not been the case. Ongoing increases which have been sustained throughout this year seem to be here to stay and have significantly affected the cost of our inks.”

Of particular concern is the gum rosin situation, which continues to be volatile. The short-term challenge is security of supply. Low crop yields, low stocks and increased demand from non-ink industries are causing difficulties for the phenolic resin manufacturers and therefore ink producers.

The phenolic resin suppliers are facing serious challenges securing the gum rosin and have no other option than to pass on their increased costs, otherwise they may not survive the current situation, or they will at least stop production until cost increases are passed on. There are currently no signs of relief to this situation, which could well last for the next six to nine months.

In addition, the pigment supply chain is being hit hard by environmental issues in India and China, where many producers are exiting the market due to increased regulation. In particular blue, yellow and red pigments are under severe pressure.

Flint Group continues to work very hard to mitigate the increases and material shortages, through various cost containment initiatives and close cooperation with supply partners. Open communication with its customer base has been a feature of Flint Group’s reaction to the spiraling costs, but its ability to continue absorbing the increases has come to end due to the magnitude and widespread nature of the situation.

“Should our raw material costs remain at current levels or escalate further, then we see the need for further price increases in 2011,” Mr. Broman concluded.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Ultra-Consistent five-year cast vinyl film from Madico delivers improved thermal transfer printability and higher levels of adhesion

Madico Graphic Films, a leading UK supplier of specialist pressure sensitive, coated film products for durable label applications, has announced the availability of a flexible, thermal transfer printable cast vinyl film, which delivers long lasting superior printed results in an array of labelling applications. The ultra-consistent and very smooth 50μ film (product code 03-790) also offers new levels of adhesion and durability, which guarantee outdoor performance for five-years.

Madico’s 03-790 has been specifically engineered to meet a plethora of robust label project requirements and offers very high levels of initial tack and bond to various materials, including low surface energy plastics, as well as textured and powder coated surfaces. This durability, together with increased softness, ensures that 03-790 is perfectly suited to industrial applications that demand a high degree of conformability. Indeed, once applied, the film offers the visual effect of having been painted on, such is the ease with which it assumes the shape of the surface’s texture. As a result, the new film offers particular benefits when used in conjunction with many appliances and outdoor goods, and satisfies automotive requirements where its advanced adhesion allows it to fit compactly within the complex metal undulations.

As well as a cost-effective price, a key differentiator of Madico’s new cast vinyl film is its ability to conform to compound curvature. This is not the case with some label materials, such as polyester, which can only adhere to surfaces curved in one dimension. Instead, the softness of 03-790 ensures that it forms in different directions, thereby enabling it to be moulded around different shapes.

A further benefit is delivered by cast vinyl’s lack of ‘memory’, which means that once applied, it stays in position. Again, this is not the case with polyester, the natural tendency of which is to revert to being flat and instantly release itself from its surface, putting the adhesive under constant stress.

“Thanks to its ability to exceed the durability, conformability and, in particular the adhesive strength of the closest cast vinyl film product offered by our main competitor, we believe that our 03-790 film offers the additional performance that the market has been seeking,” says Andy Voss, Managing Director of Madico Graphic Films Ltd.

“Add to that the cost-effectiveness and printability of this product and it’s clear to see that 03-790 is a genuine game-changer for those seeking to sharpen their competitiveness and improve their bottom line,”he adds.

Meech introduces Monitoring Unit for AC static control systems

Meech International has introduced a simple but highly effective monitoring unit for its AC ionising systems, of which many thousands are in use around Europe in the graphic arts, packaging, converting, plastic and pharmaceutical industries. The new 904CM system is straightforward to fit and provides accurate monitoring of the performance of the emitter pins incorporated within the ionising bars.

“The front panel of the 904CM contains status indicator LEDs and a numerical display,” says business unit director for static control, David Rogers. “A green LED indicates that the bars are operating effectively, while amber informs the operator that the bars are reaching a point where they need to be cleaned to remain effective. A red LED warns that urgent action is required to remove the contamination that builds up naturally on all ionising bars during use.

“Companies increasingly want to monitor the performance of their static control systems so that cleaning can be carried out when needed, but without incurring unnecessary stoppages to the production line or press. It’s difficult to tell visually that bars need dirt and paper dust removed and normally the first indication are problems in quality or throughput levels because static levels have become too high.

“In addition, contamination is affected by the stock and running conditions so it is difficult to set the frequency of cleaning in advance. To give even greater peace of mind to the operator, the 904CM system includes spark detection circuitry. This provides immediate detection of any damage to the high voltage cabling or ionising bar.”

The new 904CM system, which consists of a power unit and monitor, is very easy to install and operate. The amber and red LEDs have adjustable percentage trigger points that can be set by the customer. The analogue output means that the output of the bars can be monitored off-line and the data logged for future analysis.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

EskoArtwork to exhibit latest innovations for Packaging Professionals at Emballage 2010

EskoArtwork (www.esko.com) will present its latest innovations dedicated to brands, plate-imagers, printers and processors at Emballage 2010. Solutions to be showcased by the company include a major review of its leading packaging pre-production software suite ‘Suite 10, the latest version of its flexo plate-imaging solution HD Flexo 2.0, and the new fully automated digital finishing solution Kongsberg i-XE10. Emballage takes place at Paris North Villepinte from 22 to 25 November. 
At the show EskoArtwork will share a demonstration stand - with its partner, Dassault Systèmes. The companies will present their solutions for optimising packaging operations and managing label production, which are aimed at the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. In addition, Décathlon-Oxylane will provide a testimonial at the Emballage ‘Pack Vision’ conference. The company will explain the raft of benefits it has enjoyed since implementing EskoArtwork solutions, such as reduced costs, tighter quality control, excellent reliability and faster time to market launch.
Professional tools dedicated to a rapidly growing market
Suite 10 is dedicated to prepress and 3D structural design. The solution safeguards the quality of finished products and enables everyone involved in the production chain to collaborate effectively. The workflow is fully automated and colour management perfectly controlled. Suite 10 incorporates the recent versions of ArtPro, PackEdge, DeskPack, ArtiosCAD and Studio. The interactive 3D packaging design solution, Studio 10, is ideal for packaging manufacturers. It comprises interactive tools for retractable sleeves and labels, and an online library of 3D packaging shapes - a major first for the sector. 

HD Flexo 2.0 - the most effective flexo plate imaging solution 
In 2009, EskoArtwork revolutionised the market with its 4,000 dpi HD Flexo technology, which can produce near-offset quality plates with the help of state-of-the-art halftone printing. In 2010, EskoArtwork introduced HD Flexo 2.0, which enables users to produce even cleaner and more precise plates. The solution offers a greater solid ink density (SID) for vivid packaging colours. The impressive result can be achieved while printing with standard flexo inks and anilox rollers. HD Flexo 2.0 is particularly useful for printers of flexible and corrugated cardboard packaging, as well as photoengravers that want to improve the ‘shelf impact’ of branded products. 
New Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated digital finishing solution
The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated digital finishing solution automates the entire finishing process. It is a complete solution for moulding practically everything that can be printed on light, flexible media. The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated, which is equipped with a stacker and new machine feeder, has been specially designed to meet growing demand for finishing short runs of small-format digital prints. The unique extent of the automation makes it possible for users to operate 24 / 7 and keep all their production in-house. The result is reduced operating costs and shorter turnaround times, which allows users to take on more orders and increase revenue.
EskoArtwork partners with Dassault Systèmes 
By combining EskoArtwork’s expertise with Dassault Systèmes’ vast experience in 3D and product lifecycle management, the two companies are developing and marketing innovative solutions for the CPG industry. The result will make managing packaging and labels simpler and more efficient. Integrating Dassault Systems ENOVIA V6 CPG Accelerator with the EskoArtwork Dynamic Content module for Adobe  Illustrator  enables users to edit and manage a copy of their labels outside Illustrator. 

Furthermore, integrating the EskoArtwork WebCenter Viewer solution - a powerful online tool for correcting electronic illustrations - with the ENOVIA collaborative platform and Dassault Systèmes Accelerator CPG allows users to check all aspects of label and packaging in a virtual environment. EskoArtwork’s knowledge of the illustration sector coupled with Dassault Systems’ POS solutions will make it possible to help customers incorporate their creative work directly into their products’ lifecycle. Overall, the partnership will promote collaboration between companies, reduce the time needed for the illustration creation process, and shorten the product development cycle.
Pack Vision Conference: design packaging - a vehicle for a product’s success?
‘Durable + Desirable - Is this the new key to innovation?’ This is the key question that will be debated by Mr. Jean-Christophe Boulard of the National Institute of Design Packaging (NIDP). Joining the debate will be Jan De Roeck, Solutions Director at EskoArtwork, and Loïc Lammertyn, Packaging Manager at Décathlon-Oxylane, who will explain the impact of EskoArtwork’s creative packaging design and production solutions. The conference takes place on Monday, 22 November.

John Watson takes first Gallus RCS 330 offset combination press in UK

Mr. John Watson
Glasgow label printer, John Watson and Co Ltd, is broadening its market offering in order to increase business opportunities with the purchase of the UK’s first Gallus RCS 330 offset combination press. The ten unit Gallus press, which will also be the longest of its kind in the UK, will enable John Watson to produce self adhesive labels for its customers in the spirits industry. The Gallus RCS 330 will be delivered in early December 2010.

“We predominantly print for the Scottish Whisky industry, which traditionally has meant wet labels. However, pressure sensitive labels are becoming easier to apply and can have much more intricate designs. A few of our clients’ major brands are being redeveloped and want to move over to this process for these reasons. By investing in the Gallus RCS 330 press we will be able to support them and can also offer PSL capability to new customers,” says Robert McLachlan, Joint Managing Director at John Watson. 

The new Gallus RCS 330 ten unit offset combination press will join the world’s longest B2 15 unit sheetfed Heidelberg press putting John Watson in the unique position of being able to supply both wet and self adhesive processes. “In today’s market it is important to be able to offer customers as many options as possible so we need to be capable of both processes in order to be in business for tomorrow,” continues Robert McLachlan. John Watson chose to invest with Gallus for a number of reasons: “We believe Gallus to have the best technology but beyond that we wanted a solid partnership. We are going from a standing start so training, technical support and back-up is critical,” comments Robert McLachlan.

Memjet introduces New Printing Technology at Pack Expo 2010

Representing an entirely new category of technology that brings cost-effective, on-demand color printing to the manufacturing floor, Memjet - the global leader in color printing technologies that provide remarkable speeds and affordability, launched its color on-demand printing technology for the labels and packaging markets at Pack Expo International 2010.

The Memjet printhead is less than 9 inches wide
contains 70,000 nozzles and releases more than 
700 million drops of color ink per second.
“We believe that Memjet technology is disruptive and will have a dramatic impact on how color printing is used in packaging activities,” said Sean Marske, president of Memjet Labels. “The technology gives you the freedom to print exactly what you want, when you want it, and where you want it, making near-line color label printing possible for ‘just-in-time’ and other manufacturing operations. This reduces waste and accelerates the workflow process. It also enables brand owners and manufacturers to move their label, tag, ticket, card and folding-carton printing out of a centralized print facility and directly onto their factory or warehouse floors,” Marske added.

This capability for high-quality, cost-effective, on-demand color speed makes possible a decentralized color-printing model, which can shorten the supply chain, reduce over-buying, and simplify labeling and versioning activities. A Memjet-powered printer can provide high-speed, variable-data, color printing for localized on-demand label runs and many other trans-promotional marketing activities. Printers that are powered by Memjet can produce a color label or impression in seconds, and a full roll or stack of labels or impressions in minutes.

“Powered by Memjet” Printers Available Now
Memjet provides the core technology that allows innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners to deliver new value to their target markets with fast and affordable color printers. These printers are “powered by Memjet. Memjet technology has already been incorporated into several commercially available labels, packaging and addressing products, including the following:
  • Astro Machine Corp: M1 and M2
  • MainStream LLC: The 12 Pacc
  • OWN-X Industrial (Europe): SpeedStar 3000
  • Rapid Machinery Company (Australia): Rapid X1 and Rapid X2 
“Memjet is a promising technology, altogether new, unlike any other available technology,” said George Selak, president of Astro Machine Corporation, a Memjet OEM partner. “The printhead is nearly nine inches wide, as opposed to the typical small heads that have to be stitched together. The fast process color from a single printhead creates a compelling value proposition for our customers,” he added.

“The first color label printers on the market have been relegated to niches because they are slow and their running costs are high,” said Fred Noll, president of MainStream LLC, another Memjet partner. “Memjet color printing technology allows us to serve a broad market because we can overcome these previous speed and running cost obstacles.”

Previews of Upcoming Print Engines
In addition to showing its labels and packaging technologies that are available today, Memjet will demonstrate upcoming color printing technologies and systems in booth 3866. Memjet Labels will demonstrate a color on-demand labels print-engine prototype that operates at 30 inches per second (ips).

Pack Expo was also the first public demonstration of the Memjet wide format technologies. A 42-inch-wide print engine was put on demonstration to print color, on-demand, on folding carton and corrugated packaging material. Meanwhile, Memjet has announced that it will be making a series of announcements for a variety of industries in 2011.

Memjet’s breakthrough design delivers more than 700 million drops per second of color ink through more than 70,000 nozzles on a single, stationary printhead. The core technology consists of 8.77-inch printheads, custom ASICs, software and ink that OEMs incorporate into their printers. The Memjet technology is protected by 3,000 global patents; 2,000 more are pending.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TEGO RC Silicones by Evonik recently celebrated its 25th anniversary

Back in 1985, after many years of development and testing, former Th. Goldschmidt AG introduced to the silicone release liner market the first commercially available Radiation Curing TEGO RC Silicones. The new technology has proven to be superior in several ways. It provides instant cure, no heat stress on the substrate, curing equipment is very compact and is very user-friendly. As with all new product launches, there were some early performance issues which were addressed and corrected with newer TEGO RC Silicone products.

The current 4th generation products show a strongly optimized performance with very stable release and excellent anchorage properties. TEGO RC Silicones provide the most comprehensive portfolio of radiation curable silicones offering a full range of release values from premium to tight release.

Due to the lack of substrate heating, TEGO RC Silicones are ideal for use with papers liner that need absolute lay-flat, and temperature sensitive substrates like thermal printing tapes, and films, i.e. PE and PP. When coated on 30 micron BOPP, TEGO RC Silicones are THE sustainable solution for label release liners, because BOPP is fully recyclable and has a dramatically reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional paper liners.

In the last 10 years, Th. Goldschmidt AG has gone through a number of name changes and ownership. There was Goldschmidt SKW followed by Degussa, and in 2007, the company name changed to Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH and is now a proud part of Evonik Industries AG. Through all these changes, one thing has remained the same, the global RC Team commitment that: “The customer’s success is our success.”

This commitment to customer success, has led the RC Team to become conversant in all aspects of the converting process; coating, curing, and equipment. They have long established relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and industry experts along the entire converting value chain. This experience allows the RC Team to provide timely, comprehensive solutions, something that is highly valued by customers.

As further support for customers, prospects and partners, Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH established RC Technical Centers in Hopewell/Virginia, Essen/Germany, and in 2009, Shanghai/China. Here, one can test their substrates, search for the right formulation, produce samples for their customers and experiment with new constructions, without interrupting their production schedule.

As Evonik celebrates its 25th anniversary, the TEGO RC Team is looking forward to a bright future. With new technologies like UV LED systems increasing energy efficiency and affordability, as well as the inherent ability to reduce waste, Radiation Curing technology will gain further importance for release coatings.

Evonik Industries is the creative industrial group from Germany. In their core business of specialty chemicals, Evonik is a global leader - a company whose performance is shaped by creativity, specialization, continuous self-renewal, and reliability. 

Nuova Gidue announces the constitution of Gidue Russia

Nuova Gidue S.r.l., a manufacturer of printing and converting machines for the labels and packaging industry, announces the constitution of Gidue Russia, a dedicated branch for the sales and service of its equipments for the Russian territory. Gidue Russia is a joint venture between Nuova Gidue and VMG, a leading supplier of graphic equipments and consumables in the Russian and former USSR countries. VMG will take direct responsibility of sales and service, while Gidue will provide continuous up-to-date training and close technical support on standard and special projects.

"Both VMG and us felt the need of a closer cooperation than a "standard" supplier-distributor relation. The Russian technical "culture" makes converters look for a deeper information flow. And the enormous distances make an extended sale and service organization, and a deep training to local engineers, a must to meet the demands of Russian converters. A local GIDUE partnership grants converters a better service and a long lasting presence. VMG has a solid organization, a history of true success, and an intimate relation with converters." says Mr. Federico d’Annunzio, MD of Nuova Gidue.

Mr. Dmitry Remizov, the General Director of VMG, confirms: "VMG has a commitment to long term projects. We have established in 20 years a position of leadership in the newspapers industry, and we want to establish, also with the support of Gidue, our presence in the label and packaging industry. We are not looking for a short term success, so we reproduce the same model which has made Russia become the biggest market abroad for our Indian partner - Manugraph India, Ltd. A long term partnership with common and shared interests grants a "special eye" to the Russian territory, and the possibility to adapt products and technologies to the Russian needs."

VMG was founded in 1989 and holding a position of leadership in the sales and service of printing machines for the newspaper industry, with 4 Sales and service offices spread over the Russian and former USSR territories. In 2008 VMG started its projects for the labels and packaging industry by introducing wide Range of consumables. In 2010 Gidue Russia joint venture was established.

Gidue Russia sales for the labels and packaging market will be headed by Mr. Daniel Prokhorov, a former Gidue sales manager who confirms: " Russian converters know Gidue technology very well in many successful installations; converters are very satisfied of Gidue machines. We are looking forward to introducing to Russian converters the new revolutionary Gidue press lines, Master and Short Combat."

Mr. Remizov concludes: " Former Gidue distributors, and Gidue, made I believe a very good work, as converters are very satisfied. Plus the recent innovations confirm that Gidue technology stand out again in our industry. We would like to add our experience in adding value to converters, by supporting a deep, direct and open relation between converters, our company and the press manufacturer. We are going to invest in what it is needed to make it happen." Mr. Remizov announces that a dedicated Gidue Russia web site will be launched in 2010 to provide in-depth information to the Russian converters.

Nuova Gidue S.r.l. Is a manufacturer of narrow-mid web printing and converting machines for the labels and packaging industry. With over 400 press installation worldwide the Gidue technology is recognized by converters as a master reference for innovation and productivity. Flexography and Offset are the main printing processes, completed by a wide range of printing and converting technologies. A specific know-how on a vast range of substrates allows Gidue to provide flexible solutions for most labels and packaging demands.

Spinnaker Coating introduces iGO line of pressure sensitive products

Spinnaker Coating, LLC is now offering pressure sensitive materials for use in HP Indigo roll presses. Spinnaker’s iGO products provide a label stock that’s useful for short-run, on-demand digital printing. The Indigo-ready top coating makes printing fast and easy, and allows for lively, bright color reproduction. Digital printing is a growing trend, and in this era of personalization of everything from eye-catching promotional labels, to wine and beverage labels, Spinnaker’s iGO line is perfectly suited for these uses and more.

"We are excited to launch this new digital line," said Julie Billing, Manager, Roll Products. "This latest addition complements our current digital offerings. And with the speed at which this market is growing, we're sure to begin hearing demands for other types of digital facestocks as well. iGO labels are practical and beautiful - and that is a great combination for our customers." 

Currently, iGO is available in Semi Gloss and White Polypropylene with adhesive options, and other facestocks are anticipated to launch soon. Some constructions are HP Indigo certified for use in 4000 and 6000 series presses. These products are available Trimless in both 2,500-feet and 5,000-feet lengths.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FINAT Honours its World Label Award Winners

FINAT, the international association for self-adhesive label industry, takes pride in announcing that FINAT, as every other year, is one of the leading associations with regard to winning World Label Awards. With 27 categories to choose from and with the diverse range of applications available, it is easier to match the FINAT entries to the World Label Award categories. Hence FINAT normally enters more categories than any other association. FINAT consistently wins several categories mostly in the wine/spirits and cosmetic end use segments. From this year’s FINAT 2010 award winners, seven became a World Label Award winner, including Dow Industries, Skanem Hobro, Marzek Etiketten, Tapp Technologies, Skanem Newcastle, Schreiner Group and Royston Labels. Six others have received honourable mention awards. Marzek Etiketten from Austria was the most awarded label producer.

Judging the Best Labels
The judging for the World Label Awards was held last September, before the opening of the LabelExpo USA. The entries came from label associations across the globe. In addition to FINAT (Europe), entrees represented contributions from TLMI (USA), JFLP (Japan), LATMA (Australia) and SALMA. The judging process is fairly rigorous with each of the L8 associations nominating a representative judge under the chairmanship of Tony White. Each entry is scrutinised very carefully for printing excellence, design suitability and degree of difficulty by all the judges. It is precisely these criteria which FINAT meets at every judging session in their domestic competition which gives them the edge. The use of colours, the fineness of print and the technologies used to achieve the results are the main reasons why FINAT wins so many awards. The other fact is that due to the diversity of end user markets for which FINAT members provide services means that only the best of the best are selected for the WLA competition.

Matured label industry delivers excellent quality
Gradually over the years, since the WLA competition began in 1991, the quality of the labels has increased considerably along with the increased complexity of the different techniques or procedures used to create the finished article. “A recent glance back into the archives proved that if the winners from the early 90’s were to be submitted today they would not even get past the first selection process even in the FINAT domestic competition, says Tony White. “This is how far the label industry has progressed in the past few years.”

Winning Awards Categories and Winners
Flexo Line: Dow Industries, USA for IZOD Body Spray.
Offset line: Marzek Etiketten, Austria for Vinidi wine
Offset Wine/Spirits: Tapp Technologies, Canada for Sbragia 2007 Home Ranch Merlot
Non-pressure sensitive: Skanem, Newcastle, UK, for Ocean Pure Hot & Spicy King Prawns
Innovation: Schreiner Group, Germany for Needle trap
Booklets: Royston Labels, UK for Charles Worthington Front

Honourable Mentions Categories and Winners
Letterpress Colour Process: Marzek Etiketten, Austria for Carpe Diem
Silk Screen Line: schäfer-etiketten, Germany for Intra Cosmetic Silkmed Hand Sanitizer
Flexo Wine/Spirits: Spear Europe, UK for Cruzcampo Gran Reserva
Flexo Cosmetics: Pragati Flexo, India for Lakmé Skin Perfect Moisturiser 60ml
Letterpress Cosmetics: Kuresa, Peru for Antigua Bottega
Multi-Process Line: Marzek Etiketten for Brut Polz Rosé.

FINAT is delighted that so many of its members / award winners made it to the World Label Awards. “I believe that it is the competitive environment between the different countries and the high demands of their customers throughout Europe which spurs the printers on to raise their sights with regard to good printing practices,” says Andrea Vimercati, President of FINAT. “We most definitely will highlight the FINAT World Label Award winners during our next FINAT congress which is being held in Sicily in June 2011.”

FINAT, founded in Paris in 1958 and headquartered in The Hague (The Netherlands), is the world-wide association for manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and related products and services. With 600 members in over 50 countries around the world, FINAT has much to offer to label converters and all suppliers to the labeling industry in terms of information exchange and the opportunity to network internationally. 

Gerhardt launches dies for flexible packaging

Gerhardt has launched a line of 7* flexible dies, suitable for rotary conversion of film, foils, paper, cardboard and non-woven – including abrasive and difficult materials. A new wear-resistant coating enables up to seven times longer production runs, according to the company. The 7* flexible dies are designed for short set-up of converting equipment and production of flexible packaging.

The 7* flexible die has a long life thanks to a wear-resistant coating that has a low coefficient of friction property. It is suited to converting abrasive materials such as thermal transfer, materials with an aggressive or fluid adhesive, labels being printed with abrasive inks and coatings, and for converting very long runs. Tests show up to seven times longer runs than with normal hardened EDM dies, says the company. The coating's wear-resistant properties are used in the aerospace industry and on surgical implants such as hip replacement joints.

The High Blade Flexi, a version of the 7* flexi dies, enables web converting of materials with a caliper up to 0.9 mm and up to 3-5 mm if they compress. This ensures suitability for applications such as foamic constructions, cardboard, gasket materials, booklet labels and medical devices.

Rotoflex opens new research & development centre in Toronto

Rotoflex, a leading brand in inspection/rewind equipment, has recently moved its research and development team into a new technology centre. Still located in the Toronto area, the new location includes office space as well as a state-of-the-art lab and testing area for future R&D and innovation. The new facility's information technology network will be supported by state-of-the-art Agile project management architecture and include design software like ProE 3D, Eagle and others.

This move is an extension of recent technology launches including the Genesis advanced control system and the updated Vericut digital finishing solution, further establishing Rotoflex as a committed leader in the finishing marketplace. Rotoflex has also added six newly appointed design engineers and technical experts focusing on controls, electrical design, aftermarket technical support and product management.

With more than 4500 installations globally, Rotoflex is a world leader in inspection and finishing equipment. The brand is manufactured under Mark Andy Inc., the world's number one manufacturer of narrow and mid-web printing and converting equipment. The company has a rich history of delivering solutions to increase productivity and profitability for label and packaging markets, supplying leading brands including Comco and Mark Andy printing and converting equipment, Rotoflex finishing solutions, and UVT curing systems. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Heidelberg innovation for label production: Speedmaster XL 105 for rotary die-cutting

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has extended its product portfolio to include an innovative solution for label production. The new Speedmaster XL 105-DD was launched to an international audience on October 20 and 21, 2010 at the Print Media Center (PMC) Label Days in Wiesloch-Walldorf. "DD" stands for die-cutting. 

More than 150 international guests used this opportunity to discover the benefits of the new press through various practical demonstrations and expert lectures. The Speedmaster XL 105-DD is ideal for use in label production, preferably for processing foil materials. 

Positioning for the Speedmaster XL 105-DD 
Heidelberg already offers two solutions for die-cutting - Varimatrix and Dymatrix. Both solutions are designed for packaging production and are based on the principle of flatbed die-cutting, whereas the Speedmaster XL 105-DD uses the principle of rotary die-cutting and has been specifically designed to meet customer requirements for processing inmold labels. These labels today are usually processed on flatbed die cutters or "push-through" die cutters (in which the punching stamp pushes the material stack through the cutting die to give the stack its intended shape), but both are hampered by limitations, because flatbed die-cutters can only process single sheets and push-through die-cutters are only suitable for labels measuring up to 400 mm. 

The Speedmaster XL 105-DD press also offers advantages in terms of tool costs, because its delivers savings of more than 50 percent compared to flatbed die-cutters. The makeready times of the XL 105-DD are even more impressive: It only takes around 15 minutes to prepare the Speedmaster XL 105-DD. Thanks to the high accuracy of the cylinders and cutting dies, separate adjustment is not required. With a flatbed die-cutter, on the other hand, initial makeready for the IML takes up to five hours. The production speeds of the new machine are also much faster than the methods commonly used today. While flatbed die cutters reach production speeds of between 4,000 and 6,000 sheets per hour, the Speedmaster XL 105-DD reaches speeds of up to 10,000 sheets per hour.

Technical concept of the Speedmaster XL 105-DD 
The new press is based on tried-and-tested XL 105 technology. It is equipped with two printing units, a Preset Plus Feeder, and a foil package for the feeder, die cutting unit, and delivery to ensure that critical plastics can be processed with ease. The impression cylinder in the die-cutting unit is fitted with hard-wearing cylinder jackets. The die-cutting cylinder is fitted with a clamping system that is identical to that of the coating blanket cylinder. The process of changing the die-cutting plate is semi-automated - the clamping process is performed manually, while the press positioning and pressing roller functions are automated. 

Suction segment disks, sheet guide plates, and the dynamic sheet brake used in the XL 105 perfecting technology are employed to ensure that the die-cut sheets are transported safely to the delivery. The suction segment disks secure the sheet transfer from the impression cylinder to the sheet guide plates, and these then guide the sheets smoothly to the delivery. From here, the dynamic sheet brake takes on responsibility for sheet transfer, slowing the sheets from the press speed to the ideal delivery speed without any tension. These components, familiar from perfecting technology, ensure precisely-aligned piles without a single blank detaching from the sheet. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Delta Mod-Tech custom web converting demonstration with Weldon Celloplast at Labelexpo India

Delta Industrial, a designer and manufacturer of specialty web converting and packaging equipment, will be showcasing their custom engineering solutions in a medical process demonstration with Weldon Celloplast. Weldon is Delta’s representative in South Asia. Weldon Celloplast markets their broad line of narrow web products and self-adhesive materials to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and UAE. The addition of Delta’s quality equipment to Weldon’s line of products reinforces their philosophy of “Partnering with our customers to provide them with total solutions for all their business needs”. Engineers from both companies will be on site to confidentially discuss your specific application requirements and help you develop a total manufacturing solution.

The demonstration will feature Delta’s island placement technology which is a great solution for precise part placement and minimizing the waste of costly materials. Many other features may be added to help create your own custom manufacturing and/or packaging system. The Delta Mod-Tech system is custom designed and engineered to meet your application requirements, improve your profitability, and reduce your risk.

Wishing all our readers and industry members "Shubh Dhanteras"

The festival of wealth, Dhanteras - also called Dhantrayodashi, marks the beginning of five day Diwali festivities. An important and auspicious day to all Indians and especially hindus, no matter in what part of the world they may be in set up their new businesses and new projects on this day. Also, the Goddess of Wealth “Lakshmi” is worshipped to usher in prosperity and wealth.