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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Masterwork launches the Mk1060ERS Die Cutter

Masterwork Graphic Equipment has expanded its product line-up following the launch of the MK1060ERS, an automatic platen die cutting machine with stripping and blanking facilities. Die cutting is the core technology behind much of its equipment and Masterwork is constantly pushing forward the boundaries of what can be achieved with the process. The MK1060ERS offers even greater accuracy, speed and stability than previous models while also being easier to operate.

The MK1060ERS incorporates five processes - feeding, die cutting, stripping, blanking and waste conveying - allowing one operator to turn printed sheets into finished products in a single pass. Optional devices include pre-stacking and stripping preparation stands. The timing belts incorporated into the feed table improve the presentation of stock to the front and side lays, while the slow-down device enables thin paper to be controlled accurately.

Continuous feeding is aided by the high level of automation, with sheet detectors and control devices reducing waste. Masterwork has equipped the stripping unit with a quick locking facility for easy operation and fast positioning of the stripping board. The high quality transmission mechanism and smooth cam movement ensure stability and accuracy. Separation sheets can be inserted automatically in the non-stop blanking unit at pre determined quantities.

The MK1060ERS can handle sheets from 400 x 350 mm to 1,060 x 760 mm, and offers an impressive die cutting area of 1,060 x 745 mm with an accuracy of 0.075 mm. The machine can be used with paper/board between 0.1 – 2 mm thick and corrugated board up to 4 mm. High productivity is aided by speeds of up to 6,500 sph. The feeder and delivery pile heights are 1,550 mm and 1,200 mm respectively.

“Our R&D teams and engineers are extremely experienced in every area of die cutting and this allows us to continually develop and test new ideas,” says European sales manager Ken Farnsworth, who heads the European office in Wakefield, UK. “All our machines are built to be highly productive, easy to operate and robust - the MK1060ERS offers a die cutting force of up to 260 tons.

“Masterwork now has the most extensive product range of die cutting machines in the world, many of which incorporate multiple finishing processes. The company is rapidly expanding into Europe as well as many countries around the world such as Brazil, Israel, Australia and Canada. Several customers have installed more than one machine, with a leading packaging printer in France recently investing in its eleventh Masterwork line, while we have clients in Turkey, Brazil and Russia that have also purchased several models. It’s an exciting time for us and we expect to be announcing further additions to our range during 2014.”

Masterwork Graphic Equipment Limited was established in 1971 in Taiwan and in 1995 the company opened manufacturing facilities in China. A 100,000 sq metre factory in Tianjin, China, was opened in 2011 and this was extended during 2013 by an adjoining 60,000 sq metre plant. The company makes an extensive range of industry-leading post press equipment for folding carton production, including die cutting, embossing, foiling, stripping and inspection systems. Masterwork has a turnover of around $100m and employs some 800 people in China. Customers operate in areas such as cosmetics, greetings cards, cigarettes, book covers, labels and magazines. Sales, service and support for customers in Europe plus selected areas of the world are co-ordinated by the company’s European headquarters in Wakefield, UK.