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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Appleton Coated announces sales partnership with New Leaf Paper for Reincarnation Coated Paper Line

Appleton Coated has entered into an agreement with New Leaf Paper to market and sell Reincarnation, a coated paper line made from 100% post-consumer recovered fiber (PCRF).

Darin Dodd, Appleton Coated’s vice president commercial sales, explains, “Appleton Coated has been manufacturing Reincarnation for our customer New Leaf Paper (NLP) for over three years. Our two companies felt that the combined strength of our sales teams and merchant relationships made for a natural fit.” Dodd continues, “Reincarnation is the industry-leading sustainable coated paper. The fact that we can sell it in addition to making it really adds value and choice to our offering of sustainable papers.” 

New Leaf Paper CEO Joe Fanelli comments, “We are very pleased. We have a great relationship with Appleton Coated that now extends into a sales partnership on our Reincarnation brand – this will benefit all brand-owners, printers, and creatives looking for the most sustainable choice in coated papers.” 

Made in the USA at Appleton Coated’s mill, New Leaf Reincarnation is the paper of choice for some of North America’s leading environmentally-aware brands. It is 100% PCRF coated paper with all fiber sourced within 100 miles of our mill, further reducing its environmental impact. It offers Forest Stewardship Council certification. It is process chlorine free, pH neutral and archival. It is Lacey Act compliant, and 100% of the electricity used to manufacture it is offset with Green-e certified renewable energy certificates (RECS). With 93 (GE) brightness and state-of-the-art coating technology it is the perfect combination of high quality, consistency, and sustainability. Reincarnation is offered in Matte, Dull, and Gloss finishes in a wide range of text and cover basis weights.