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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Asia’s Extensive Opportunities for Release Liner: New market analysis from AWA

Asian demand for release liners across their many applications, from labels to food and bakery, hygiene, and tapes, is the highest in the world, representing 37% of the total global market. The newly-published sixth edition of the Asian Release Liner Market Study from AWA Alexander Watson Associates provides in-depth data and analysis of release liner in this key geographic region, today and tomorrow.

The market today…
In 2015, 47% of Asian release liner was consumed in pressure-sensitive label applications. While glassine/SCK paper release base is the preferred medium for labels, Asian climatic conditions continue to support polyolefin-coated paper as the release base of choice, with a 29% market share.

…and tomorrow
In terms of future growth – predicted to be around 7.6% annually in Asia in the next few years -- AWA research shows that it is the medical, tape, and industrial market segments that will contribute most. This trend is supporting lively investment, not only from western-based companies but also from the region itself; and, indeed, production capacity investments in China alone could potentially handle doubled demand within the next five years.

The Asian Release Liner Market Study 2016 joins the long-established portfolio of release-liner- related market reports from AWA Alexander Watson Associates, and is available now to order online at www.awa-bv.com, where details of all the company’s market research activities and related events may also be found.