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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, October 27, 2016

SMI introducing two new tools at the Labelexpo India show

In continuation of its policy to be transparent and educational, SMI is introducing two new tools at the Labelexpo India show. The transparency displayed in their specification sheets, curved diameter indicator, sample sets and industry brochures are already well appreciated in the industry.

With a set of leading 7 questions in the newly introduced user friendly SMI product selector app, the user is easily led to the appropriate SMI product that is suitable for the application. Further the user can straightaway ask for specification sheet, samples or order through the app. In addition to the product selector industry related calculators are also present.

One of the calculator is simple and is designed to calculate the length of a roll. Just by feeding the width, height, matrix widths, number of labels, the second calculator gives the running length, square meters as well as wastage due to matrix for a particular job. It also shows the wastage for a job if printed in different ups, thus helping the printer to decide which combination of ups and running meters will have the minimum wastage. In a cost conscious industry these are very simple to use but effective tools.

SMI has plans to introduce more tools to aid the industry in the near future. Appreciating the rise in filmic labels, they are launching a new sample set showing different types of Filmic Label stock solutions only. The specification sheets accompanying the samples highlight the important characteristics and uses of these materials.