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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

SMI Coated Products: A guide to your future.

It is never easy to start any new phase in life. There are unknown challenges and unforeseen obstacles that come our way and without experience, it is very difficult for an individual to deal with them. The same is when people start their careers. During their student lives, individuals must have high dreams and aspirations about the life they want to lead. However, when they join an industry, they realized that things are not as smooth as they expect it to be.

You need the experience to gain experience. This seems to be the biggest issue for young adults transitioning into the workforce these days. In today’s market, employers depend on a work history that is related to the internship, volunteer work or actual job experience.

A practical work background holds major importance when attempting to enter the job market. It is about the competition. SMI understands this, and hence every year they offer internships to students of final year packaging. Teachers at packaging colleges get in touch with SMI, and interviews are conducted. The purpose of conducting this interview is that students should get work experience as well as an interview experience. Students who qualify the interview get an opportunity to work with SMI for six months. The student who exceptionally performs well during their tenure of internship gets placement in SMI itself.

On every quarterly basis, Rohit Mehta, Corporate Director of SMI visits, packaging colleges as a guest lecturer. He strives to give the students’ knowledge of latest innovations and products in the market. SMI also invites students for factory visits. Where students witness all kinds of manufacturing machines and learn how products are actually made.

It has been observed that some students who are very bright in their studies, have to leave their studies midway due to financial crises. SMI sponsors the study of such students because they believe that the education of students should not be compromised at any cost. Because it is not only the loss of a personal life, but also for the entire industry.