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Monday, March 9, 2020

Innovations optimizing production efficiency to be launched at interpack

Products being launched at the interpack Processing & Packaging Expo in Dusseldorf 7-13, May, 2020, along with existing solutions shown there, will help manufacturers cost-effectively maximize uptime, performance and quality. This applies not only to product coding, but also more widely, by making it easier for producers to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through quicker access to packaging line insights overall.

Maximizing productivity and ensuring quality, while minimizing costs, are critical for profitable growth. Innovations at interpack will address these key priorities by providing new solutions to increase uptime and decrease costs within continuous inkjet (CIJ) product coding and print & apply labelling.

Alongside these launches will be technologies already proven to enhance production in a digital world. Six daily demos will show how Packaging Intelligence solutions, powered by the market-leading CoLOS® system, enable connected supply chains by guaranteeing 100% code accuracy in shipped products all while cutting costs and accelerating changeovers. The newly acquired Systech’s application for authentication via e-Fingerprints will form part of the stand’s production line, as will a range of coders including CIJ, Touch Dry® large character inkjet and thermal transfer overprinters (TTO).

Launch of CIJ printer offering market’s best uptime for low to medium producers
Aimed at manufacturers running 1-2 shifts per day, this cost-efficient coder can exceed 8,000 hours of non-stop product coding, more than most other comparable options. It also consumes up to 50% less additives than these alternatives.

New alcohol-based CIJ ink with minimal smell and lower total cost of ownership
While similar, competing CIJ inks are pungent, the odor from this latest product is hardly noticeable. This provides better conditions for operators and ensures the organoleptic properties of food are unaffected during coding. Additionally, it is more cost effective as it cuts additive consumption and avoids using pressurization kits and compressed air.

Improved user interface for Print & Apply labeling to enhance operator efficiency
The 2200 Series has already been proven to save up to 6 days of downtime per year. It is now set to build on this. A larger touchscreen and range of features make it quicker and easier to set up and modify jobs, while minimizing errors. This cuts rework and speeds up changeovers even more than it currently does.

Sneak peek into advanced digitalization solution
Without giving too much away, attendees will experience a preview of an impending addition to Markem-Imaje’s already strong portfolio of downtime minimizing solutions.

Existing innovations which improve productivity, cut costs and protect brands
As well as the demos outlined above, showcased solutions and services will include:
CoLOS OEE: The latest addition to Packaging Intelligence portfolio helps producers improve OEE by up to 10-15%, with a solution ready in days not years
9450 CIJ printer: The market’s dominant coder which prints 20% faster versus comparable competitors (35% faster than some) and is the only option from a major supplier to embed a Mark & Read system, as standard, to check code accuracy
SmartLase F500: Fiber laser prints smoother, crisper, permanent codes, at speeds faster than comparable competitors, on beverage cans at production rates exceeding 1750 cans per minute.
E-commerce portal: Tool making it quicker to order spare parts and consumables, while improving transparency into service and warranty status of installed equipment.

For more information visit: https://info.markem-imaje.com/interpack2020event or better still, visit the Markem-Imaje stand May 7-13, 2020, Hall 8B/#C68, Düsseldorf.