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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

6th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management 2023 awaits you

Eminence Business Media is proud to announce the 6th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management 2023 to the most demanding and accountability-driven teams of the Pharma Industry! The success of the previous 5 editions of Pharma Project & Portfolio Management tempts EBM to, once again, proudly announce the 6th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management 2023. It is the perfect one-stop destination to learn everything from dealing with the day-to-day complexities to developing a futuristic vision within the industry.

True to its essence and intention, this year's program has been designed in the most creative sought-after method that collates and captures the most relevant and essential discussion areas to promote conversations based on provocative thinking. The sessions have been planned to cater to and solve the existing head challenges by addressing the current skill gap and lack of competitors' knowledge and analysing the pharma trends about IP and finance. 

The forum comprises expertise-based creative sessions, live-case studies, dedicated Q&A rounds, hands-on soft skill learnings, and peer-led networking. Top-level management and pharma experts from project and portfolio management teams will share their insights and present solutions and strategies that help individuals meet their organisational goals. Join us at the 6th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management 2023 and witness the most intriguing and niche topic discussions with the most unique problem-solving perspectives. 

1. Be a part of the one-of-a-kind Pharma Auction and learn concepts with real-time competition.
2. Learn Technical and Soft Skills by the application of Game Theory.
3. Solve Live-case studies and form practical solutions and frameworks.
4. Discuss and resolve queries with the dedicated Q&A session after every session.
5. Benefit from the 6-month support of continuous learning.
6. Carefully designed interactive and creative sessions to enhance holistic learning.
7. Multiple Networking Sessions.
8. Rejuvenating activities to enhance the learning potential.

President, Managing Directors, CXOs, Sr. VPs, VPs, GMs, Sr. Managers, Managers and Professionals from :
1. Portfolio Management Teams
2. Project Management Teams
3. IP Teams
4. Finance Teams
5. Supply Chain Management Teams
6. Academia

“For the past five editions we have thrived on our unique event format and content. In the last couple of years, we have adopted innovative ways of working learned from them and realized their benefits. At Eminence Business Media we believe learning should not stop. Hence after deliberating with the experts with immense experience in the industry, we bring to you the 6th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management 2023 Mumbai where we are focusing on the challenges and opportunities thrown at the Project and the Portfolio teams in the new normal. In this edition dig deeper into the innovative technologies like AI & ML that can be leveraged to enhance our decision-making. Envisioning the future let us discuss how hybrid working will help us perform better on our projects. With innovations also comes challenges and risks so let's discuss the solutions together. On this open platform let us come together and use this opportunity to meet each other learn from the experiences of our peers and grow together,” concludes Ravnish Juneja of EBM.

For more details, log on to http://www.pharmaprojectandportfolio.com/