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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Esko solutions are all-around at Labelexpo Europe

In addition to its own stand 5B25, Esko will showcase its innovative label design, prepress, workflow and printing solutions with a variety of partners who work with Esko to enhance their packaging and label solutions. “At Esko, we know what delivering ‘results that make you smile’ means," comments Esko CEO Carsten Knudsen. "It's not just about providing the best tag and label solutions, but also develop long-term partnerships with other industry leaders to expand the benefits of those solutions. The results of these joint efforts can be seen at Labelexpo where Esko as present on the stands of dozens of partners. If it’s happening in the tag and label industry, Esko is a part of it.”

Digital Printing
with HP Indigo (stand Patio), Domino (9F70), Epson (9H50), Durst (9H57) and Stork Prints (6H40)
As market transitions to digital solutions, manufacturers of digital printing equipment are looking for digital front-end (DFE) alternatives that can effectively address workflow and job processing issues specific to the labeling industry. Esko's DFE is the preferred solution to streamline the prepress and workflow process for greater efficiency. HP Indigo for example has a long time, successful strategic partnership with Esko. Designed exclusively for HP Indigo by Esko, the HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Print Servers provide customers the necessary job management tools to automate and simplify workflow as well as color controls that help deliver repeatable color.

Esko is also part of Labelexpo's Inkjet Trail which gives attendees the opportunity to compare six leading inkjet technologies with manufacturers producing the same label, on the same substrates. Origination, color and die-cutter files for the different jobs are being prepared by Esko.

Digital Flexo solutions
with DuPont (11Q25), Wink (6G62), Nilpeter (7L60, 7L90) and Mark Andy (5C10)
Esko’s state of the art digital flexo imaging technology is considered the industry leading system for all brands of digital plates when it comes to high quality and consistency. At Labelexpo, these solutions are also showcased with DuPont, Esko's long-standing plate and plate-processing partner. German leading supplier of die-cutting tools Wink who joined forces with Esko to deliver a staggered label solution, will present the combined solution on its booth. Nilpeter and Mark Andy will be showcasing jobs imaged with Esko HD Flexo plates.

Esko 3D visualization
with HP Indigo (Patio)
Together with HP Indigo, Barco and Sharp Iris, Esko Studio Designer will be featured in an immersive, highly detailed virtual 3D store on the HP Indigo stand. 3D glasses will make the whole experience even more realistic. This virtual store will demonstrate how 3D imaging helps packaging professionals see how their product will look like in a real store next to the competition, without creating physical mockups.

with X-Rite (11P125), Codimag (11R30) and HP Indigo (Patio)
Esko Color Engine, the central color database to manage color and device profiles, is the enabling technology to support the PantoneLIVE™ color management process across the prepress packaging workflow. Labelexpo visitors can see this combination of breakthrough color workflow in the packaging supply chain at X-Rite. At Codimag, printers will have to opportunity to verify the Aniflo predictability, stability and capacity to mach a color proof without adjustment - supported by Esko Equinox and WebCenter. At the HP Indigo stand, Esko will give presentations on the "Magic of Colour", daily in the HP Indigo Theatre.

Workflow & MIS integration
with CERM (6F95) and CHILI Publish (Esko stand)
Esko design, prepress and workflow software can be integrated with many industry leading MIS / ERP solutions to improve productivity of the complete label production process. At Labelexpo, Esko’s relationship with JDF automation expert CERM can be seen in CERM’s stand. In addition, Esko has integrated the online editing technology of CHILI Publish into its WebCenter platform, enabling users to open packaging designs in WebCenter to create, edit and modify packaging content.

A last example of Esko's industry engagement and extensive partnerships are the sample mineral water bottles the company will hand out during the show. These have been created in cooperation with film supplier Klockner Pentaplast, Flint for plates and inks, Nilpeter for printing and Standford sleeve converting - Esko handled the design and HD Flexo plates.

“The tag and label industry is growing rapidly, and that growth is clearly on display at Labelexpo Europe. Esko keeps pace with that growth by complementing our solutions with the expertise of other best-in-class companies. The result of those partnerships are truly integrated solutions that enable label and tag producers to be successful in this rapidly changing marketplace,” concludes Knudsen.