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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Enfocus Connect 13 provides job submission ease for designers and control for printers

Major release includes new features that make quality job submission fast, easy and hassle free
Enfocus today announces the release of Connect 13, the next major upgrade to its Enfocus Connect product line. Available immediately, Connect 13 features a number of workflow and delivery enhancements for print service providers, while giving designers an easy-to-use solution for delivering press-ready PDF files to their print service provider.

A New Level of Control and Ease
Connect streamlines the file preparation and submission process for both designers and printers - enabling each party to focus on what they do best.

For the printer responsible for producing the job,Connect enables them tocontrol all the settings for PDF creation and verification, job ticketing and final job submission into their production facility. Designers benefit by eliminating the need to learn layout production settings, deal with FTP addresses or logon credentials. The end result is designers can spend their time and energy creating pieces with maximum impact, while the printer gets press-ready files first time, every time.

“Printers and designers are working towards the same goal: easily getting their files into production to meet critical deadlines,” explains Michael Reiher, Enfocus Connect Product Manager. “However, there are many obstacles to this goal and we believe that, if we can eliminate technical barriers and give control to the printer, designers will encounter fewer hassles, incoming jobs will flow faster through production, proofing cycles are reduced and everyone comes out a winner.”

Since its release in 2013, Enfocus Connect has been used to ensure optimal quality control and consistency in PDF creation and to ensure successful delivery of that PDF to remote servers. Connect encapsulates all the settings for job delivery into a custom application called a Connector. Once a Connector is created, even novice users can use it to ensure the quality and consistency of their PDF.

New features in Connect 13 focus on improved ease of use and added control for the print service provider. The new Connector features an advanced structure that makes it easier to install, manage and access Connectors for all users. New workflow and control functions in Connect 13 allow users to specify delivery rules based on file type, making it easy for a print service provider to control which file types they will accept before the customer submits them. In addition, there are expanded controls for PDFs creation, a simplified XML job ticket format, support for all Enfocus PitStop preflight report styles and more. A more detailed list can be consulted on the Enfocus Connect web page.

Experience the Magic of Connectors
Enfocus has created a demo site that gives print service providers and designers a chance to experience the heart of Connect 13 - the Connector. The demo site shows how a fictitious print service provider can generate branded Connectors and offer them as a value-added service to its clients. Demonstration Connectors can be downloaded, installed and run right from the site, showing the ease with which Connectors can be used by end users.

Price & Availability
Connect 13 is available now. Connect YOU is available online and through authorized resellers for €149.00. Connect ALL and Connect SEND are available through Enfocus authorized resellers for €3,499 and €1,499 respectively.

Customers with a maintenance contract and customers who purchased any Connect 12 product after December 1, 2014 will receive the Connect 13 upgrade at no charge. Customers who bought Connect 12 earlier should contact Enfocus or their authorized Enfocus reseller for upgrade pricing.