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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Stora Enso to showcase vast substrate portfolio at Xeikon Café

Global paperboard manufacturer presents substrates for digital printing for second time 
How a wide range of substrates can enhance digital print opportunities will be showcased by Stora Enso and its extensive product portfolio at the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations event, taking place in Belgium from  March 10 to 12. A global player in the paper, biomaterial, wood product and packaging business, Stora Enso develops innovative solutions based on renewable materials. The company offers a wide board and barrier coating selection ideal for imaginative graphical and packaging concepts and for optimizing packaging. The boards are used by brand owners for liquid packaging, food service and food packaging, pharmaceuticals, cigarette, chocolate, cosmetics and luxury packaging, and in graphical industry.

At the Xeikon Café, the company will be presenting its wide product portfolio including various paperboard substrates for digital printing. “We are looking forward to having insightful discussions and meeting our existing customers. This is the second time we are participating as a Xeikon partner. It is an ideal venue to meet potential new customers and tell them about the performance of our products in digital printing,” says Peter Daams, Stora Enso’s Sales Manager of Graphical Boards in the Benelux countries.”

He continues: “At this event, it is possible to see lots of different equipment being used within the digital industry.  By long-term testing and customer experiences we know that our products work very well with digital printing presses and we want to inform a broader audience about that.” For this purpose, Peter Daams will also be presenting Stora Enso’s unique story about its expertise and experience in the digital industry as part of the Technical Conference Program. He will also touch other current and interesting topics, in which Stora Enso is the forerunner.

“Customers can be very creative about the types of jobs they are running on their presses and often that imagination can be fired up by developments in the substrate choices available,” comments Jeroen van Bauwel, Director Product Marketing at Xeikon. “We are excited to present Stora Enso’s wide range of options that will enable our customers to see for themselves just what opportunities are waiting for them.”

Stora Enso is the global rethinker of the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry. Stora Enso employs some 27000 people worldwide, and is a publicly traded company listed in Helsinki and Stockholm. Stora Enso Consumer Board division operates five mills in Europe, producing recyclable high-quality boards for printing and packaging applications. Growth markets include China, India and Pakistan.

X-Rite announces next-generation spherical spectrophotometers for color measurement

The CI7800 and CI7600 set a new benchmark for managing color throughout the supply chain
X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, today announce a new series of spherical bench top spectrophotometers that provide accurate measurement of color across the entire supply chain, from concept design through final product. The X-Rite Ci7800, a master-level instrument, and the compatible cost efficient Ci7600 represent the next generation of spectrophotometers, helping users meet color specifications and improve process controls.
In a complex global supply chain, there are many points at which color errors can occur, from design, specification and formulation, to manufacturing and the assembly of raw materials, parts and the final product. Communicating color standards digitally and having accurate, reliable sample-to-sample color measurement of materials can mitigate errors, reducing costly rejects, product rework and speeding time to market.

“The new X-Rite Ci7800 and Ci7600 are specifically designed to help users overcome color management challenges,” said Chris Winczewski, Vice President, Product Marketing for X-Rite. “These instruments set a new benchmark for measuring, managing and communicating color data. TheCi7800 and Ci7600 are the most accurate and reliable bench top sphere spectrophotometer in the market today. They are easier to service and offer an unprecedented audit trail for each sample taken, improving overall color compliance in the supply chain.”

Ideal for the plastics, textile, automotive and paint/coatings industries, the Ci7800 and Ci7600 can adjust to any color supply chain, including those anchored by instruments from other suppliers. Product highlights include:
  • Advanced Auditing Capabilities: An on-board camera captures images of each measurement, providing a visual record of every sample as well as a detailed audit trail of the settings at the time of measurement. The result is a seamless, automated and consistent color measurement and management process that can be easily audited for invalid measurements and sampled effects. On-board sensors capture temperature and humidity at the time of measurement.
  • Automated Instrument Set-Up: Easy to use software makes instrument configuration simple and eliminates error with pre-loaded customer settings for measurement consistency.
  • Measurement Flexibility: The instruments come with up to five apertures and three automated UV filters for increased measurement flexibility across opaque, transparent and translucent materials.
  • Migrate Legacy Colors: The instruments help ensure that legacy data remains valid and the new devices fit seamlessly into existing environments regardless of data format.
X-Rite will showcase the Ci7800 at NPE 2015, the International Plastics Showcase, March 23 - 27, 2015, in Orlando, Florida and at the European Coatings Show 2015, April 21-23, 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Enfocus Connect 13 provides job submission ease for designers and control for printers

Major release includes new features that make quality job submission fast, easy and hassle free
Enfocus today announces the release of Connect 13, the next major upgrade to its Enfocus Connect product line. Available immediately, Connect 13 features a number of workflow and delivery enhancements for print service providers, while giving designers an easy-to-use solution for delivering press-ready PDF files to their print service provider.

A New Level of Control and Ease
Connect streamlines the file preparation and submission process for both designers and printers - enabling each party to focus on what they do best.

For the printer responsible for producing the job,Connect enables them tocontrol all the settings for PDF creation and verification, job ticketing and final job submission into their production facility. Designers benefit by eliminating the need to learn layout production settings, deal with FTP addresses or logon credentials. The end result is designers can spend their time and energy creating pieces with maximum impact, while the printer gets press-ready files first time, every time.

“Printers and designers are working towards the same goal: easily getting their files into production to meet critical deadlines,” explains Michael Reiher, Enfocus Connect Product Manager. “However, there are many obstacles to this goal and we believe that, if we can eliminate technical barriers and give control to the printer, designers will encounter fewer hassles, incoming jobs will flow faster through production, proofing cycles are reduced and everyone comes out a winner.”

Since its release in 2013, Enfocus Connect has been used to ensure optimal quality control and consistency in PDF creation and to ensure successful delivery of that PDF to remote servers. Connect encapsulates all the settings for job delivery into a custom application called a Connector. Once a Connector is created, even novice users can use it to ensure the quality and consistency of their PDF.

New features in Connect 13 focus on improved ease of use and added control for the print service provider. The new Connector features an advanced structure that makes it easier to install, manage and access Connectors for all users. New workflow and control functions in Connect 13 allow users to specify delivery rules based on file type, making it easy for a print service provider to control which file types they will accept before the customer submits them. In addition, there are expanded controls for PDFs creation, a simplified XML job ticket format, support for all Enfocus PitStop preflight report styles and more. A more detailed list can be consulted on the Enfocus Connect web page.

Experience the Magic of Connectors
Enfocus has created a demo site that gives print service providers and designers a chance to experience the heart of Connect 13 - the Connector. The demo site shows how a fictitious print service provider can generate branded Connectors and offer them as a value-added service to its clients. Demonstration Connectors can be downloaded, installed and run right from the site, showing the ease with which Connectors can be used by end users.

Price & Availability
Connect 13 is available now. Connect YOU is available online and through authorized resellers for €149.00. Connect ALL and Connect SEND are available through Enfocus authorized resellers for €3,499 and €1,499 respectively.

Customers with a maintenance contract and customers who purchased any Connect 12 product after December 1, 2014 will receive the Connect 13 upgrade at no charge. Customers who bought Connect 12 earlier should contact Enfocus or their authorized Enfocus reseller for upgrade pricing.

Xeikon launches brand-new Xeikon 9800 Digital Color Press at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015

New Qa-Cd Toner lowers print production cost with no compromise in quality or versatility 
Xeikon announced the launch of a new dry toner-based digital color press, the Xeikon 9800. The brand-new press will be demonstrated for the first time at the Hunkeler Innovationdays which takes place from February 23 to 26, at the Messe Lucerne exhibition facility in Switzerland. Its reputation for showcasing creative solutions that are fit for the future, makes this bi-yearly industry gathering the ideal venue for the product launch. The Xeikon 9800 will replace the Xeikon 8800 press in its family of digital color production presses, complementing the 8500 and 8600 presses. The Xeikon 9800 digital color press uses Xeikon’s new QA-CD toner, delivering the proven outstanding Xeikon print quality at speeds up to 21.5 meter per minute at reduced consumables cost. Xeikon will be taking orders for the new Xeikon 9800 digital press as off today, starting at Hunkeler. Deliveries are scheduled from September 2015 onwards.

“We are very excited to showcase a brand-new digital color press at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015,” comments Monika Olbricht, Sales Director Document Printing Europe for Xeikon. “Our long-lasting support of this event and our timing in announcing this new press signals our strong belief in the value of dry toner printing as well as business opportunities in the document printing space. Xeikon will continue to invest in this technology for the foreseeable future, bringing innovation along with added quality and functionality to our customers. The new Xeikon 9800 digital color press is an excellent example of this strategy in action.”

Taking dry toner technology to new levels
The new Xeikon 9800 digital color press underlines Xeikon’s heritage of innovation in digital print technology as the press sets another benchmark for quality and versatility in digital document & commercial printing. The Xeikon 9800 can print on a wide range of untreated substrates ranging from an amazingly lightweight 40gsm to 300gsm. Its uniquely adapted Xeikon QA-CD toner and Xeikon’s high-quality imaging system deliver a print resolution of 1200x3600 with variable dot density for unmatched quality. Integrated with thevariable data capabilities of the Xeikon X-800 front-end, this press is perfectly suited for high-end direct marketing work.

At speeds of up to 21.5m per minute, the Xeikon 9800 is the most productive digital color press in the Xeikon portfolio with 5/5 single-pass duplex printing. Available QA-CD toners include CMYK, Red, Green, Blue, Extra Magenta and SuperBlack as well as White and Clear (UV reflecting) toner. Upon request, Xeikon can also provide special colors specified by print production operations and their brand owner clients.

Live in action at the Hunkeler Innovation days 2015
At the Hunkeler Innovationdays, the Xeikon 9800 will be shown as part of the new Xeikon Leaflet Production Suite, also being unveiled at the event. “While the Xeikon 9800 is an outstanding option for the Leaflet Production Suite,” Olbricht adds, “it is also an ideal element of Xeikon’s other specialty Production Suites for the document & commercial print market. These suites have been developed in conjunction with Xeikon’s Aura Partner Network to address market requirements for a broad range of applications. We are looking forward to sharing this news with attendees along with our great story relative to the many opportunities offered by dry toner-based digital color printing.”

At the show, the Xeikon 9800 will be equipped with a Hunkeler Unwinder, a Web Finishing module that protects against damage in the converting device, a Hunkeler cutter that cuts to clean sheets, and a GUK folding device, a single conveyor belt that stacks the leaflets. Finally, a camera inspection system, integrated with the print engine, offers quality assurance and data integrity by checking every print. Demonstration samples will be printed on ultra-thin quality paper of 40-60gsm, made possible by the Xeikon QA-CD toners.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sira OOD broadens flexo label offering with a new MPS EF Multi-Substrate Press

With the EF flexo press, the Bulgarian printer and converter will now have the capability to print plastic wrap-around labels.
MPS today announced Sira OOD has selected an MPS EF multi-substrate press to expand its flexo printing capacity. With the EF flexo press, the Bulgarian printer will broaden their capabilities in the narrow web market with the production of plastic wrap-around labels, complementing their current offering of self-adhesive and wet glue labels.

With their new MPS EF flexo press, Sira OOD is able to control a range of substrates while meeting high print requirements in quality and register control. The EF flexo press is feature-rich with six UV-print stations, delamination-relamination, cold foil, automatic register, die-cutting station, and the APC package which extends the machine’s print quality and options. The machine is also built with servo drives, video inspection, corona treatment, and sleeve technology on each print station for the loading and unloading of print cylinders - providing ease of operation.

Originally a sheet-fed offset printer, Sira OOD entered the narrow web market eight years ago with the addition of flexo printing, to grow their market share and become a more flexible supplier of labels and other products. Today, the Bulgarian printer offers three printing techniques: sheet-fed offset, digital and flexo. In addition to customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, the majority of Sira OOD customers are in the food sector including beverage, dairy and meat. At present, Sira OOD produces high volumes of self-adhesive labels found on canned foods, vacuum packaging, bottles and more. The EF flexo press will enable Sira OOD to accommodate a growing demand for wrap-around labels from their existing and potential new customers. Sira OOD is also considering the production of labels with low migration inks.

The investment of the new MPS EF flexo press was partly actualized with EU funding, with Sira OOD receiving funding approval in the summer of 2014. Installation of the press is planned for February 2015 at their factory in Veliko Tarnovo, followed by a week of operator training. The sale and factory acceptance process was supported by MPS agent ISM GmbH & Co. Kg, who represents MPS in Central and Eastern Europe and is equipped with a team of local (after) sales and service experts.

Stefan Vasilev, Technical Director of Sira OOD commented: “The new MPS EF 340 press with APC will enable Sira to enter a new market sector. We now have an extended and more versatile capability across a variety of substrates, with superior quality. Our operators are highly skilled, and the factory test proved the MPS EF flexo press is really easy to operate - we expect our new press will be running full production in no time. With its APC package, user-friendly design, ergonomic handling, and clear and practical press control and management systems, our operators are very excited to work with the new MPS press. Our customers will be impressed with the print quality, range of options, and shorter lead times.”

Printing-house Sira, located in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria began in 1990 as a family-owned business. In 2007 Sira OOD expanded their core business of sheet-fed offset printing with the offering of narrow web flexo printing, and digital printing few years later, to produce with the three print technologies a range of labels, advertising materials, cardboard boxes, books, magazines, catalogues, posters and more. The printing-house offers in-house services including design, pre-press studio and finishing options such as UV varnishing, hot foil, embossing, die-cutting, laminating, and bookbinding. The majority of Sira OOD customers are from the food industry, and represent main players in Bulgaria and companies abroad in Germany, France and Czech Republic.

MPS is a worldwide, well-known and high-quality brand of flexo and offset press solutions for label and flexible packaging printers. By providing extensive knowledge and world-class service to enhance the printing process, MPS helps customers excel by improving the printing process and customer experience through product innovation. Through use of their know-how and capabilities, MPS recommends press solutions that best serve their customer’s requirements.

Esko full HD Flexo and Equinox transform fortunes of UK firms

Standout quality creates business opportunities for Phoenix printing plates and JFM plates
The combined benefits of perfect ink laydown, right solid density, vibrant brand colours and supreme platemaking consistency offered by Esko Full HD Flexo technology are helping UK operations develop sector leading services, improve production and win new business and industry plaudits.

“UK operations are under increasing pressure to provide an all-round, high quality, cost effective, range of services that touch on numerous production sectors,” explains Paul Bates, Esko Regional Business Manager. “But crucial to that is job flexibility, particularly with run lengths. This is where Esko’s Full HD Flexo becomes a critical tool in any solutions portfolio. The ability to provide what specifiers are demanding to ever tighter budgets enables our customers to be highly responsive to ever-changing market requirements.”

Full HD Flexo adoption opens doors
JFM Plates adopted Esko Full HD Flexo to stay ahead of the curve and it was the first UK company to achieve Full HD Flexo Certification. Mark McKee, General Manager of the Manchester firm explains: “There were a couple of instances where we had been approached by potential customers and had not been able to quote because we couldn’t fully meet the requirements. We had to do something about it. Now with Esko Full HD Flexo, we can grow the business, safeguard our future and work with a greater number of partners.”

Celebrating its 35th year in operation as a reprographic specialist, JFM Plates was established by Mark’s father John to serve the lithographic market. After 15 years demand fell as operations began installing their own solutions. This prompted a move to flexo followed ten years later by investment in digital and its first Esko CDI Spark 2530. Three years later a larger CDI Spark 4835 was added. Last year the latest investment was made in another CDI Spark 4835 with high resolution optics of 4,000dpi and inline UV to enable the adoption of Full HD Flexo. Full HD Flexo Certification was completed in March and that has excited our customers as to the enhanced results we can now deliver states Mr McKee.

“We had been running a stochastic screen set on our standard imagers,” he explains. “Other operations have been using Esko HD Flexo for a few years. We looked at that but decided we wanted to leapfrog the standard technology and go one step beyond. We considered other processing methods but felt UV inline was the cleanest and the most controlled way without adding another step such as lamination of the plate. Also, because we had existing Esko solutions, it made it easier to dovetail – installation was nice and seamless. Now we can really push the boundaries beyond anything we have been able to do before.”

Cost effectiveness on a plate
In addition to Esko Full HD Flexo, JFM Plates works with Equinox to help its customers produce work more cost efficiently. Equinox standardises printing production on a standard set of inks. This can result in a reduction in the number of plates required asprinters might not have to rely on a larger set of spot colour inks for each and every job. Equinox allows increased press productivity while reducing ink costs. Because they always use the same set of inks, they can gang jobs together, thus making the use of plates more cost effective. The software enhances quality and consistency, complements the Esko Full HD Flexo platemaking process and is cost efficient without compromising colour accuracy.

The firm is upgrading to Esko Automation Engine 14 as well, and creates and shares files with strategic partners such a Reprobrand in Scotland via WebCenter. Mr McKee adds: “Coupled with Equinox, we are able to achieve stunning results. And customers are saving on the press costs as a result of reduced make-ready times and ink consumption. Esko Full HD Flexo has given us a big injection and next year we will continue to expand and grow as we find new ways to add value to our services. The solution with Equinox is opening up doors for us and that is not something that we would have been able to do before.”

Results that deliver
Bristol operation Phoenix Printing Plates runs three digital imaging systems, of which two Esko 5080 CDI Sparks, along with Esko colour management and ArtPro packaging prepress software. “We immediately saw a 15% growth in business when we started a trial with Esko Full HD Flexo,” comments Steve Collins, Sales Director at Phoenix Printing Plates. “We felt that going Full HD Flexo would make us faster, and the printers we make the plates for stated the quality is so much better. The speed, the no compromise on quality and the improvements to the production process are all making a big difference.”

He continues: “We are getting much nearer the quality of gravure and offset customers are demanding. Initially customer interest was piqued by the use of the buzzwords but the results soon swayed their decision,” states Collins. “Next to quality improvements, Esko Full HD Flexo enables customers to enjoy lower volume cost of flexo compared to gravure. The industry doesn’t move fast but it wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t have another CDI Spark in the long run.”

Unique capabilities
“Because the Full HD Flexo dot shape is unique, it delivers a superior flexo plate that details the highlight, shadow and solid areas of a print job,” concludes Mr Bates. “Aside from the superior quality and consistency, the assurance of sharp text and brilliant imageand the fact there is no need for compromise sets new production standards. These companies have seen the capabilities for themselves and are now enjoying the business improving benefits they bring. It is these benefits that ensure market leading technology Esko Full HD Flexo and Esko Equinox continue to garner industry recognition and accolades including 2014 Printing Industries of America InterTech™ Technology Awards. Customers also continue to collect their own awards: Marvaco, as well as PPP, an EFIA Print Award, Uniflex a FlexoTech Award and Bischof and Klein and Glatz Klischee, DFTA Awards, Marvaco was also a “Best In Show” at the 2014 FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards along with RockTenn, Cellotape-Landmark and Lewisburg Container Co.”

Innovation at the Heart of UK’s Largest Packaging Event

The UK’s leading packaging show, Packaging Innovations, running alongside Label&Print and Empack, will be opening its doors in less than a week, on 25 & 26 February at Birmingham’s NEC. The event will showcase all that is new in the packaging industry from the very latest designs and ideas to innovations and machinery, with over 70 percent of UK and international companies launching new products, services and upgrades to the market.
  • Seufert Transparente will be unveiling its new PET promotional packaging with light effects for the drinks market.  
  • Future Pak will be launching ‘HOT FILL PET’ for Thermoforming which enables material to be filled with liquid or solids of up to 95°C
  • For those in the beauty sector, Baralan, are launching its new packaging line for nail polish - ELEONORA
  • Promens will debut its Prestige Wooden Caps, alongside its Slidissime, a tactile ‘touch & slide’ pump with revolutionary airless technology.
  • Herma UK will roll out its new Herma Basic label applicator to the UK market.
  • Tecnico is launching three new products, its new two-colour TC-TWIN ink jet printer range; a new mineral-oil free ink for carton coding and its new ‘woven belt printer’ TZ-54. 
  • Audion Swissvac will be presenting its brand new D775 MPCV Validatable Medical Continuous Sealer, its Airpillow Machine and Speedpack Hybride Bagging Machine.
  • Martek will be exhibiting its EBS-260 handheld inkjet printer for the very first time.
  • Afinia will be introducing its DLP=2000 Digital Label Press to the UK market.
  • Coveris Rigid UK will be highlighting its lightest weight 38mm cap ever, specifically for the beverage industry, which boasts a 33% weight saving.

In addition to new launches, visitors will be able to grab some exclusive offers and services on the show floor:
  • Benson Group will be hosting the Benson Group’s Theatre of Food on its stand, where Masterchef winner Dhruv Baker will be tempting visitors with his signature blend of Asian and European cuisines, served in Benson’s range of carton tray packaging.
  • A E Adams, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, are giving visitors to its stand a chance to win £50, with its celebratory ‘Golden Ticket’ competition.
  • BPIF Cartons are launching a new video which is a step-by-step guide to the carton production process, highlighting the vast range of pack options and styles available.
  • Recoup will be on hand to provide free, one-to-one recycling advice in its‘Plastics and Packaging Clinic’.
  • The Parkside Flexibles Group stand will play host to a brand new organisation, ‘Women in Packaging’, designed to connect, support and recognise female employees within the Packaging Industry.

In addition to a show packed with exhibitors, this year’s show also sees innovative and educational features including: 
  • Full Learnshops Programme
  • Ask the Experts
  • The Drinks Symposium
  • The Retail Symposium
  • The Pharmaceutical Symposium
  • The Ecopack Challenge
  • 3D Print Live Demos
  • The BIG Print Debate
  • Packaging Consultancy Clinic
  • Lions’ Lair
  • BPIF Cartons’ Chatroom
  • Recoup Plastics and Packaging Clinic’
  • Pack Personalisation
  • The Mad Hatter’s Drinks Party

Additional information can be found at www.easyFairs.com/PIUK, www.easyFairs.com/EmpackUK, and www.easyFairs.com/Label&Print

Xeikon Café highlights full potential of self-adhesive label production

Global Networking and Educational Platform will offer unique insights in latest market trends and technologies

Increased legislation requirements, greater versioning, language changes, more tactile and eye-catching finishes - today’s label market requires dedicated production solutions from specialized suppliers to maintain profitability. That is why Xeikon, together with its Aura partners, is hosting the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations at its premises in Belgium, from March 10 to 12. During the three-day event, visitors will get first-hand updates on the latest trends and innovations in digital label production and have the opportunity to share insights, success stories and technological developments with industry peers.

“As a worldwide specialist in the field of self-adhesive label printing, Xeikon has built up an extensive network of Aura partners which are all leading suppliers in their field. These partners and Xeikon’s label experts are joining forces at the Xeikon Café. That allows us to cover all aspects of digital production and offer visitors a unique expert knowledge base”, says Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s Director Segment Marketing Labels & Packaging. “With such an extensive range of industry expertise present at the Xeikon Café, we can help operations explore the full potential of digital label production, and deliver solutions that make a difference.”

Finat complements conference program
Xeikon is pleased to announce that Finat, a key international association for the self-adhesive label industry, will take part in the Business Conference program at the Xeikon Café. Jules Lejeune, Managing Director of Finat who will be sharing his latest views and insights on the label industry, comments: “The self-adhesive label industry accounts for approximately 50% of the total market as it continues to expand with new technologies, materials and external influences bringing about a diversity of exciting new innovations and formats. Self-adhesive labels are by far the most versatile, flexible and innovative labeling format available, with users able to combine a wealth of both decorative and functional attributes into a system that are applied in a productive and cost-effective way. Finat’s role is to raise awareness about the latest developments and versatility of the self-adhesive labeling technologies and as such, we are delighted to share our profound market knowledge at the Xeikon Café.”

Integrated solutions dedicated to self-adhesive label production
At the event, Xeikon and its Aura partners will showcase their industry expertise through different self-adhesive applications, produced using the Xeikon Self-Adhesive Label Suite. This Suite is an integrated solution to print and convert high quality labels, powered by a highly versatile Xeikon digital press and complemented with four supporting components from Aura partners – software, print media, consumables and finishing equipment.

"Self-adhesive labels are most commonly used for decorating packaging as they offer the highest flexibility to meet market needs. They are available in a wide range of substrates, colors and adhesives, and are compatible with a variety of printing processes and finishing techniques. In addition, self-adhesive labels stick to most materials and can be applied at the very last moment, just before the products are put on the shelves. That's why they are used in many different industries, such as food, beverages, health & beauty, household and pharmaceuticals,” explains Weymans.

A myriad of information on the different possibilities
Attending visitors will see that even the sky is not the limit when it comes to producing creative labels. No less than eight different applications will be produced, emphasizing that digital print is capable of meeting the market requirements while maintaining profitability. Visitors will have the opportunity to talk with leading experts and walk away with a detailed brochure containing a myriad of information on the different self-adhesive labeling technologies and configurations that are available through Xeikon and its Aura partners.

Several samples of wine labels produced and on display at the event, will highlight the specific requirements of this kind of labels. With designs changing every year, volumes depending on the harvest, and vineyards looking to diversify their product as much as possible, high quality digital printing provides the answer. The ability of Xeikon presses to print on a wide range of challenging materials, including very thin substrates, combined with the specific technical capabilities of the Xeikon QA-I and SuperBlack toners enable printers to produce winelabels of an exceptional high quality that differentiate from the competition.

A combination of evolving legislation, products with a high number of SKU’s, language variations and increased demand for more space to communicate, coupled with smaller containers, is requiring label printers to be ever more creative. This is where extended content labels come in to play – with peel-and-reveal labels, booklet labels and leaflets all increasing in popularity. How digital print provides the right answer will be demonstrated with on the spot produced samples of each of these applications.
Also typical applications including Variable Data Printing used for more personal communication or to drive logistical processes will be demonstrated. What will be printed are logistical labels of products, ordered through an online shop. The challenge for these kind of labels is that quantity and design vary from day to day; first customer impression is crucial and the only solution for this challenge is high quality full color digital printing.

Finally, there will be examples from the food, health and beauty markets which are becoming very competitive and need to follow stricter legal regulations, with larger volumes driven by a greater variety of taste and products. Also here the Xeikon solutions provide the most cost-effective solution for both small and high volumes, with the highest quality print. Specifically for food labels, Xeikon’s 516mm (20.3”) wide label press and dry-toner technology that meets FDA regulations for food contact offer a vital advantage.
In addition to the extensive range of Self-Adhesive label applications on display, visitors to the Xeikon Café will also learn more about the dedicated solutions for Folding Carton, Heat Transfer and In-Mold Labels.

The Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations is a platform offered by Xeikon and its Aura partners, offering the opportunity to understand, evaluate and experience digital production, and enabling printers and converters to consciously make a business decision. Through demonstrations, presentations, workshops and discussions, participants receive first-hand actionable information and advice on industry innovations and trends.

Monday, March 2, 2015

drupa innovation park 2016: Global platform for innovation presenting technology and business solutions for the future

dip@drupa 2016: Future vision demonstrated in six theme parks 
Once again the drupa innovation park 2016 (dip) will be the focal point for the industry’s latest inspiring and creative developments. The six theme parks will display current trends and topics along with business cases associated with process-oriented print and publishing solutions. 

Sabine Geldermann, Director of drupa, explains the intention behind dip 2016, “The dip is a fantastic way for young companies and start-ups as well as global players with forward looking solutions and applications to present themselves. Since its first appearance at drupa 2004, the ‘dip’ has made a name for itself in the industry as a pioneering technology and solution platform for the international print and media industry and we are building on this success.” Geldermann continues, “In line with the strategic restructuring of drupa 2016 and its focus on highlight topics, the drupa innovation park, with its six themed areas, will provide an opportunity for visitors to acquire insights into the technologies of the future. We believe this opportunity will give our industry an indispensable tool to support strategic business decisions.” 

Visitors to the dip will find trend-setting innovations, solutions and business cases in one centrally and clearly laid-out platform. They can enjoy opportunities from dip trademarks like the integrated communication concept on the presentation stage and in the “dip energy lounge”. As an orientation forum and community meeting point, these areas will help promote interactive dialogue between everyone involved. Covering an area of more than 3000 square meters, once again the drupa innovation park can be found in Hall 7.0. 

dip 2016 will be split into the following six theme parks:

Multichannel Publishing & Marketing Solutions
This area covers topics such as management of cross-media content/assets, web & app publishing, database publishing and marketing and brand management solutions. Also potential applications and trends such as augmented reality, NFC applications or customised mass production.

Web-to-Media & E-Commerce
This area focuses on solutions for web-to-publish or web-to-print, E-commerce & shop platforms, cloud publishing and web editors for design/print and HTML 5.

Process Optimization & Automation
Visitors to this area can expect to find solutions and innovation on the following topics: management information systems, enterprise resource planning, print automation with JDF/JMF, workflow management from pre-press to finishing, process and quality control systems, industrial robots and automation technologies

Added Value in Print
The focus here is on finishing, further development and the advanced added-value of print products, including innovative substrates, new finishing methods, packaging, labelling printing & displays, green printing and secure printing

Innovations in Printing Technologies 
Modern printing and process technologies will be presented in this theme park and visitors will find applications for functional printing, printed electronics, 3D printing, solutions for prototyping, visualisation & workflow.

Business Models
Alongside technological changes, new business concepts and models have an ever more important role to play. These and strategic cooperation and marketing platforms, finance concepts and franchising and licence models are the subject of this innovation park.

In 2016 an international team of experts will again be responsible for designing and communicating the drupa innovation park. "The dip is a platform for all visitors to drupa 2016, sharing knowledge and providing an insight into future communication developments in the print and media industry," says Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Peter Sommer, Senior Vice President of the Elanders Group, adds: "drupa has always been synonymous with technical innovations. But what has been lacking is implementation in successful business models, especially in relation to competition in the online and mobile segments. The drupa innovation park is a beacon in this respect and does what the name suggests. Ideally, it will turn the drupa slogan 'Touch the future' into reality."

Messe Düsseldorf has once again authorised the marketing, communications & events agency Winter Consulting with realising and coordinating the drupa innovation park. For more than 14 years, Winter Consulting has been designing and implementing exhibition concepts for innovative trade fairs and conferences. Owner Sandra Winter has been actively involved in marketing, communication and sales in the IT, print and media industry since 1992 and oversaw 2004, 2008 and 2012. Registration details and more information about the concept will be available at www.drupa.de from the end of March.

CS Labels moves into the ‘fast lane’ with the Xeikon Cheetah Digital Press

With speed increases of almost 60%, the fastest digital label press on the market will enable award-winning digital label printer to boost its capacity by a third
Xeikon announced the upcoming arrival of its Xeikon Cheetah press at award-winning digital label printer CS Labels. The new Xeikon digital press is one the most important advancements in digital printing in the last 15 years, and UK-based CS Labels has been selected as one of the pilot sites for this ground-breaking technology, bringing CS Labels’ pressroom portfolio up to five cutting-edge Xeikon digital presses. The new addition will enable CS Labels to increase capacity by yet another third, and the company expects the Xeikon Cheetah to be a key enabler for continuing its year-on-year growth of up to 25% and taking turnover to £4m a year. As one of the fastest digital label presses on the market with printing speeds of 30 meters per minute, the Xeikon Cheetah is 56% faster than any other press in the current Xeikon portfolio, making it the most productive digital press in its class.

“I am delighted that we have been selected to pioneer this technology and integrate it into our production portfolio,” states Simon Smith, CS Labels Managing Director. “Over the past few years, we have led the way when it comes to helping companies make the switch from traditional flexo printing to digital. Adding the Xeikon Cheetah means that we can make even bigger inroads into a rapidly growing marketplace and a dynamically changing landscape. In our view, digital has not been seen as short run/high cost for some time now as brand owners gain a deeper understanding of its many advantages. We have noticed a real growth in demand for longer digital print runs, culminating with an order for 50,000 linear meters at the end of last year. Our higher end clients are up to date with what is possible and our expanded production capacity will give them even more confidence. Quite simply, the Xeikon Cheetah will enable us to cope with increased demand while continuing to deliver jobs quickly and accurately.”

Close partnership continues
CS Labels has had a mutually beneficial relationship with Xeikon for nearly a decade. “The close partnership with Xeikon has allowed both of us to grow and develop, staying ahead of the technology curve,” says Smith. “We have invested in a total of seven Xeikon presses during that time. Each year we look forward to learning about new capabilities coming our way that will allow us to increase our capacity and the breadth of our offerings. The Xeikon Cheetah is the latest advancement, and might just be the best yet!”

Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s Director Segment Marketing Labels & Packaging, adds: “Selecting CS Labels as a pilot site for the Xeikon Cheetah was an easy decision. Their thought leadership and commitment to digital printing continues to pay off. We are delighted to be their valued partner as we move into the next stage of the industry’s evolution”.

Exploring new markets
The Xeikon Cheetah will give CS Labels greater production flexibility and allow the company to explore new markets. “With this new press, we will not only be able to expand capacity but we will also have the capability to produce different types of work,” explains Smith. “Where the Xeikon Cheetah will have the biggest impact is in raising production efficiency. We will be able to have each of the presses in our fleet set up for and dedicated to a specific product type, with no change-over in substrates or settings required. Keeping the same material on the press avoids downtime, and it also means we can offer a broader portfolio leveraging an even more robust production platform and do so more cost effectively.”
Innovation drives value

Innovation is a key cornerstone in the ethos of CS Labels, and the company is always looking at how it can support customer growth. “We follow the latest market trends and are reviewing how we can be more innovative,” Smith says. “For example, we see significant growth opportunities in peel-and-reveal labels and digital wrap-around labels, and as such need more capacity to produce these. The Xeikon Cheetah will undoubtedly give us that. In addition, this press will help us to be more proactive in the conventional flexo market as we can be more competitive on the longer flexo runs by virtue of moving more work to digital.”

This increased production capability dovetails with increasing brand interest in digital according to Smith: “Big brands are taking digital seriously now, and we need to be able to cope with the growing volumes. Digital print enables us to change the nature of the dialogue we have. Customers are not just looking at the cost of production, they are looking at how to use the technology to enhance brand value.”

He expands: “The Share-a-Coke campaign in Europe changed everything. It blew away perceptions of limitations to digital. Personalization, versioning, improving the overall quality – these are all made affordable by digital. The result is more relevant labeling that generates a better ROI, market nimbleness and improved brand perception. Being able to rapidly transition to new labels based on seasonality, geography, language and special events keeps a brand fresh. Also, the ability to cost-effectively produce these shorter versioned and personalized runs creates a different mental model with respect to run lengths, giving brands better control over inventories and wastage.” The digital conversation also goes beyond the physical product Smith adds: “It is a way to incorporate other technologies such as micro text, augmented reality and other embellishments that can be added later to create a stand-out label.”

Despite growing interest in digital on the part of brand owners, Smith points out that customer education is still vital. A key element of that education is ensuring digital is considered at the design stage to take full advantage of what it can offer. “The conversation has shifted from a more defensive posture on digital to an enthusiastic pursuit of how it can change operations,” Smith says. “When we get customers into the plant and they see our Xeikon fleet for themselves, the technology literally sells itself and stimulates a lot of great new ideas.”

As for the future, Smith is understandably excited: “In the next three to five years, there is enormous opportunity. It is not just about printing self-adhesive labels anymore. There are changes in the nature of the dialogue we are having with customers. We are starting to talk to them about digital advantages that go beyond a discussion of price. It is brainstorming with customers about the possibilities that makes it really exciting!”

INX International’s Graunke to address chemical labeling changes at Print UV Conference

As INX International Ink Co. continues platinum sponsorship of the Print UV 2015 Conference for the seventh consecutive year, this year’s support once again will come from multiple directions.  Providing an ideal forum to learn more about the company’s best-in-class solutions, attendees will have opportunities to gain valuable insight and expert analysis on key issues at the eighth annual event, being held March 1-3 at Encore by Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.

Jonathan Graunke, Vice President – Energy Curable Technology, is scheduled to speak and will discuss the latest changes impacting chemical labeling.  INX personnel also will be on hand to talk about the company’s energy curable products for UV offset, flexo and plastic, LED UV, H-UV, coil foil adhesive, UV coatings and Soft Touch Cast and Cure, in addition to low migration inks and coatings and special effects applications.

“On June 1, 2015, government mandated changes in chemical labeling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) go into effect as part of GHS (Globally Harmonized Systems),” commented Mr. Graunke. “Labels for press room chemicals - such as ink - will change, and are sure to generate questions from employees about their use.  We hope to provide a general overview for the audience to understand what the changes will look like, especially the pictograms.”

INX energy curable products cover the gamut of offset printing needs, ranging from credit card lamination inks to low migration food packaging offerings. INX LED and HUV inks provide superior printing properties suitable for high-end sheetfed applications, while using less energy to cure. 

Tau 330 Digital Label Press now accommodates Jumbo Rolls to achieve Long-Run Printing

Up to 2 Hours of Uninterrupted Printing, Fewer Changeovers, Less Downtime
Durst, the global leader in inkjet innovation and production digital printing solutions, is now offering a high-productivity, industrial-scale, “jumbo roll” unwind/rewind option for its breakthrough Tau 330 UV Inkjet Digital Label Press. Durst’s fully automated, servo-driven, external “jumbo roll” unwind/rewind units accommodate rolls up to three feet in diameter, 14 inches wide and more than 13,000 linear feet in length.  For easy and fast handling of large heavy rolls, the system features a built-in roll handler for motorized loading and unloading.  Also, a built-in splice table makes roll changes equally easy and fast.  The system’s servo drive feeds material in both directions.

This high-productivity configuration can be employed with the standard Tau 330, or with the Tau’s innovative Low Migration System for printing on foils and thin films.  It handles a range of materials as thick as 20-pt. paperboard.  Overall, users can look forward to up to two hours of continuous uninterrupted printing, fewer changeovers and less downtime, Durst reports.  The “jumbo roll” option offers a significant advantage to label and package printers who want to take on long runs and enjoy the advantages of digital imaging.

“The Tau 330’s running speed of 157 feet per minute, its extended run times with our new ‘jumbo’ option, and its robust build quality provide all the proof anyone might need that digital is not just for short runs anymore,” said Christopher Howard, Vice President of Strategic Business Development for Durst U.S.  “For label and specialty packaging printers who have been completing their longer runs on more traditional equipment, the Tau 330 with our ‘jumbo’ option represents a very significant leap forward.” 

Tau 330
Equipped with Xaar 1002 single-pass print heads, the Durst Tau 330 UV Inkjet Digital Label Press achieves printing speeds of more than 157 linear feet per minute for a production capacity of 10,200 s.f./hr.  The unit’s standard ink configuration of CMYK can be upgraded on-demand with white and two additional process colors, such as orange and violet - indispensable for label applications in a Pantone color space.  The Tau also comes with comprehensive RIP software with integrated substrate- and color-management options.

Durst’s Tau 330 is equipped with a number of other essential features.  They include an integrated cooling roll for processing thin, heat-sensitive materials to complete a broad range of applications and achieve outstanding print quality of 720 x 1,260 dpi.  That means significantly improved print quality with highly defined texts and intricate details in all graphics and images.

Tau LFS 330
For the highest productivity from an entirely digital end-to-end workflow, Durst also offers the Tau LFS 330, featuring an in-line digital laser finishing system created to Durst specifications by Spartanics Inc., the renowned laser die-cutting company.  The Tau LFS 330 also incorporates a powerful 1,000-watt laser that delivers precise speed matching, automatic job changeovers and a significant reduction in waste.  This permits the management of multiple jobs in a single pass and virtually uninterrupted printing for previously unattainable productivity.

While delivering high image quality output in a total digital end-to-end workflow, the Tau LFS 330 also achieves superior print and cut quality on a broad range of substrates - papers, films, polyester, polycarbonates, metalized material and more.  It offers high flexibility in terms of cutting applications - including kiss, through, perforate, engrave, mark and score.  UV coating, lamination and slitting options can be added to the system for more finishing versatility.