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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Attend the 3rd Annual Computer Software Assurance 2023 to strengthen your CSV and Relook at the CSA Approach

Having organised two successful virtual editions, Eminence Business Media has thrived in addressing the most critical and crucial challenge areas of the Pharma Industry. Obeying the request of the pharma fraternity and living by the motto, "Learning is a constant process", to address the building apprehension and calm the nerves of the pharma industry, we are back with an exciting in-person edition. Eminence Business Media proudly announces the 3rd Annual Computer Software Assurance 2023, Live and In-stereo.

Computer System Validation (CSV) was adopted as a new technology by the pharma industry when technological advancements deterred the quality of systems. It has significantly ensured software quality and demonstrated that computer systems work as intended during inspections and audits. On the other hand, Computer Software Assurance (CSA) is said to be a futuristic mindset based on risk-based critical thinking. The logic promotes simple computerised onboarding with a unique operational context. 

The 3rd Annual Computer Software Assurance 2023 aims to strengthen and empower these systems. The idea is to create a program that explores the various elemental components to strengthen the CSV gameplan, address the challenge areas to boost the existing system and look at the futuristic mindset of CSA by analysing the knowledge gaps and bursting the myths. 

From meeting experts to learning from the regulators themselves, the program is designed to cover different aspects, addressing new challenges, presenting solutions & learning tools that deliver theoretical hypotheses and encourage practical application-based activities. 

1. Interact with your peers and regulators concerning current guidelines.
2. Case study & live example-based sessions followed by group exercises.
3. Understand the CSA approach and strengthen your CSV.
4. Break the industry myths concerning CSA.
5. Dedicated Q&A rounds followed by each session.

1. Benefit from the 6-month support of continuous learning.
2. Carefully designed interactive and creative sessions to enhance holistic learning.
3. Networking activities to engage with like-minded individuals and industry leaders.
4. Upskill yourself to reap the desired results and overcome the challenges. 

1. IT Quality Teams
2. CSV Teams
3. IT Compliance Teams
4. Corporate Quality Assurance Teams
5. Quality Assurance Teams 

1. Managing Directors
2. Presidents
3. Vice Presidents
4. AVPs/VPs
5. Sr. General Managers, General Managers, Assistant General Managers
6. Team Leads

For more details, log on to https://pharmacsa.com