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Friday, June 30, 2023

EBM announces 3rd Annual Cleaning Validation 2023- A Practical Approach

Cleaning validation is an essential process in the pharmaceutical industry that ensures that all equipment used in the manufacturing process is cleaned to prevent cross-contamination and ensure product quality. Eminence Business Media acknowledges the need of focused training on the main pillars of an effective master cleaning validation plan and introducing a program that covers elaborated discussions and case studies for cleaning cycle, cleaning chemistry, regulated equipment, test limits and periodic monitoring; and announcing 3rd Annual Cleaning Validation 2023- A Practical Approach, scheduled for August 24th – 25th, followed by a virtual session on September 2nd. This program offers 2-day learning followed by 1 day follow up virtual session, this way the attendees can implement the 2-day learning in their professional lives and come back with follow up questions during scheduled virtual training.

From the insightful discussions and interactions between the eminent speakers and attendees we have ensured the entire training program would be very communicative. We at Eminence Business Media believe that learning should not stop only by brush ups or doubt solving, it should be evaluated by Case studies. Hence, after deliberating with experts with immense experience in the industry, we have drafted important subject of Cleaning Validation with practical learning.


  • Analyse the best of recent trends and advanced innovations for more efficient Cleaning Validation. 
  • Learn the practical approach with case study discussions and live examples.
  • Discuss your queries at the live Q & A sessions and reap the benefits from the extended 6-month support for continuous learning even after the event.
  • Take advantage of follow-up virtual session to address real time challenges after implementing 2 day in-person learning.
  • Share the dais with the industry leaders and network with your peers to understand what they do differently to be successful.

QA/QC: To ensure products meet the required quality standards and comply with regulatory requirements

Manufacturing & Production: To ensure equipment is properly cleaned and that the manufacturing process is not compromised by cross-contamination.

Regulatory Affairs: To ensure company complies with regulatory requirements for Cleaning Validation as well, amongst other processes.

Engineering and Maintenance: To ensure the maintenance and repair of the equipment used in the manufacturing process.

Analytical and R&D: To develop and validate analytical methods used in the cleaning validation process.