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Eminence Business Media

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Nitrosamine Advanced Workshop 2024 to be held on May 9th - 10th, 2024 at Radisson Blu Mumbai

The presence of Nitrosamines, which are probable human carcinogens, has been an evolving challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry. Regulators became first aware of this impurity in mid – 2018, when NDMA was found in blood pressure medicine known as sartans. Ever since, the pharmaceutical industry has been working hard to mitigate the formation of Nitrosamines Impurities.

With the extensive research conducted by us, we have identified certain key challenges around nitrosamine formation, faced by the pharma manufacturers. We bring to you “Nitrosamine Advanced Workshop 2024” where we have experts from across the industry sharing their experience and expertise gained in this evolving concern.

To be held on May 9th – 10th, 2024 at Radisson Blu Mumbai International Airport, this workshop provides a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of nitrosamines, covering both updated regulatory guidelines and analytical understanding, and allowing participants to engage in practical discussions, case study solving sessions and hands-on learning experience. Join us to network with your industry peers and experts, discuss your challenges and get some practical solutions.

Why Attend:

1. Understand the ever-changing situation with Nitrosamines.
2. Discuss the evolving regulatory updates w.r.t Nitrosamines.
3. Dedicated time for Q & A to discuss and clarify your doubts.

Who Can Attend:


             Managing Director
•             Director
•             CXO’s
•             President
•             Sr. VP’s
•             VP’s
•             GM’s
•             Sr. Managers
•             Managers
•             Professionals from:


             Analytical R & D
•             R & D
•             Quality Assurance
•             Quality Control
•             Manufacturing
•             Anyone handling Nitrosamine related Impurity profiling or monitoring.