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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Advance DoE Workshop 2024 to be held on May 9th & 10th, 2024 @ Hotel Radisson Blu Mumbai

For pharma and biopharma companies, building quality into your products from an early stage is a key factor in regulatory approval and market success. Thus, the FDA mentions “Design of Experiments” (DoE) as an essential tool for achieving both regulatory compliance and faster time to market. To help you build quality into your process as outlined by ICH Q8, Q9, and Q10, Eminence Business Media is planning a two-day robust training program on “Advance DoE Workshop 2024” on May 9th – 10th. 2024 focuses on Towards Implementing Pharma QbD: Recent Paradigms and Techniques of Quintessential DoE.

Here, our trainers will help you learn concepts of Advanced Level Statistical Concepts required to Optimize Processes & achieve Product Robustness. The 2-day program will help you learn:

             Plan, Design, Conduct, and Analyse experiments efficiently and effectively
•             Use response surface methods for system optimization as a follow-up to successful screening.
•             Use experimental design tools for computer experiments
•             Use software tools to create custom designs based on optimal design methodology

How will it help in your daily work?

             More insight and knowledge of the design of experiments leads to improved process variation, performance aligned with planning, shorter development times, more reliability and reduced costs.

What’s Next?

             Participants make better choices and schedules for experiments.
•             Participants can detect and discover interruptions early in the production process.
•             Participants can interpret test results in a more precise and complete fashion.

Who Attend?

Key Process Owners & core team members from the following departments of Pharma & Life Sciences

             Research & Development
•             Formulation & Development
•             Process Excellence
•             Professional scientists, researchers
•             Improvement engineers and managers involved in quality engineering
•             S.Q.C / S.P.C - production, Laboratory and quality assurance and regulatory affairs