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Eminence Business Media

Friday, August 27, 2010


The Label Manufacturers' Association of India (LMAI), headquartered in Mumbai, has founded a Young Managers' Club (YMC), along the same lines as the initiative launched by Finat. YMC members will be first generation founders, second or third generation owners or managers below the age of 40 from an LMAI member company and those who would like to exchange experiences, initiate common projects, and participate in exchange programs focused on topics like succession, leadership, intercultural management, lean management, innovation and more.

LMAI president Vivek Kapoor said: ‘We need to recognize the potential of our young managers and provide them a platform to exchange ideas, network and eventually lead the industry to growth and prosperity. The new platform is created for the next generation of label industry leaders, I call upon all those who fall in this category to come forward and join the LMAI Young Managers' Club.’

LMAI has appointed Sandeep Zaveri, treasurer of LMAI, to be the president and Pawandeep Sahni, a board member Finat’s YMC, to be secretary of the YMC. Together they will select a team to form the first board of the YMC. ‘It is ideal timing,’ said Pawandeep Sahni. ‘If we can get things going soon, we can run an exchange program and networking event with the Finat YMC during LabelexpoIndia in December 2010. This will give global exposure to our young managers.’