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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


August 4th will be marked as a Red Letter day in the history of Electro Optic AG as their long standing plan of launching their Asian subsidiary finally took shape in the name and style of Electro Optic (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. Starting off by serving the Indian market through their agents, a decade later Electro Optic have flagged off their Asian operations with a simple aim to reach out to its customers and serve them better. While the plans of expanding in Asia were being deliberated for a long time, it was only now that it formally took shape. However, instead of taking the oft used route mostly followed by the bigwigs of the industry by starting the new operations exclusively on their own, Electro Optic chose their Indian sales agent “Printline Products” to navigate and steer their operations in Asia instead.

Raising a toast to the occasion, Erwin Lindl, CEO of Electro Optic addressed all with the thundering tagline of the company: We want to justify your confidence in our quality. Always. Elaborating on the reasons for opening their Asian subsidiary, Erwin Lindl says: As everybody knows, India is a rapidly emerging market in the Asian part of the world. Having set the technology standard for machine sharpened flexible dies in 1990, we have been on the Indian market for 10 years with good success and understand this as the right place and the right team and the right time to extend our operation from there. In order to give the entire service and support which is needed to do die cutting right from the very beginning, it is essential to be directly on a market instead of just retailing through a sales agency.”

Adding to Erwin’s thoughts, Chirag Muni, MD of the Asian Operations says, “Under this new flagship, we would be able to offer better support from the parent company in terms of prices, faster deliveries and better co-ordination with our sales team. For the customers it would mean that they are in direct contact with the manufacturer rather than dealing with an agency resulting in quicker and effective solutions to any of their issues as this venture was initiated keeping the customers advantage in mind.”

According to Electro Optic's Sales Director - Niraj Muni, “All the customers whom we have spoken to have welcomed this venture, it being the first time that a tooling company has established direct operations in India. After all, this step was taken to provide the best to our clienteles and everybody has lauded us on this venture and assured us of their support.” When asked whether their customers would get some pricing advantage, Niraj was quick enough to add, “I think it's already being appreciated by the customers, resulting in increased sales figures for month of August. And for deliveries and follow-up we were already the best in India and we would continue to be so.”

All the who’s who of the Indian label industry and customers of Electro Optics that included Amar Chajjed, Vivek Kapoor, Manish Desai, Sandeep Zaveri, Denver Annunciation, Sunil Bhatt, Ajay Mehta, Prasanna Sahu, Hameer Mehta, Gourav Roy, Shailesh Nema and other industry bigwigs had assembled to grace the occasion.

“We will extend our activities on the existing markets like India and UAE and -by running an own subsidiary- will plan additional approaches to South East Asian and other surrounding countries. The logistic part is just to find out what the quickest way of production and delivery is for the appropriate area. That is the way we go,” concluded Erwin.