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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


As all are aware about, India is a rapidly emerging market in the Asian part of the world in the field of labels and labeling. And with all eyes are set on this part of the world to enhance and further their business, Conventions & Fairs (India) Pvt. Ltd. have announced a show on the fast growing labels industry - Labels & Labeling Solutions 2011 (LLS’ 11).

According to an official release, LLS'11 will provide an unparalleled opportunity for showcasing your existing range and for launching new products in an exciting one-to-one marketing environment. The release also mentions bringing in a industry centric target audience to achieve new market breakthroughs, joint venture deals, new supply contracts, distributor accords and major new product exposures.

Scheduled to be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai (India) from 6th to 8th May 2011, Labels & Labeling Solutions 2011 (LLS’ 11) is being held in conjunction with India International Sign Show 2011. The official release also mentions that the synergy emerging from the concurrent events will be a unique advantage to the visitors. However, what one fails to understand is, how can the two industries synergize on a common platform that are so vaguely and remotely disconnected.

Just a line to add: whether this show will see the light of the day or not remains to be seen as Conventions & Fairs (India) had announced a show "Labels & Labeling Solutions" 6 years back and called off at the last moment for lack of participants.

Should you wish to know more about the show or if you are interested in participating, contact:
Ali Patankar
Conventions & Fairs (India)
Cell : 0-9967358071