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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mobile barcode labels and coupons are catching on quickly with shoppers

The survey, provided to Mashable.com, found that half percent of all smart phone and tablet users plan on looking up more information about a product by using a barcode. To go along with that number, between 55 and 57 percent of owners said they plan on using their smart phone to find more information on a product, and between 53 an 54 percent plan on using the mobile devices to use a coupon. When it comes to typing barcode labels to mobile devices and smart phones, companies may want to take notice of a recent survey by Group SJR and Liz Claiborne Inc. 

"If the volume of inquiries at my own company is any indication, it appears to me that (quick response) code are very steadily percolating up into the mainstream," Chan writes. A Mashable editorial by CEO and Founder of Paperlinks Hamilton Chan said that he believes barcode use on retail products will come along quicker and more powerful than anyone thinks.

TEKLYNX barcode labeling software can help you create QR codes for smartphone scanning. Chan cited that the ways barcodes are being used now, such as when the Jimmy Fallon Show used a QR code to draw attention to Tyler, The Creator's website, are too straight forward and need to be thought of outside the box. He said it would be interesting if in a similar situation, the viewer was brought to a website with a coupon for a half-priced MP3 download.  

TekLynx is represented in India by Scan Infotech.