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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New label solutions from Kugler-Womako at Label Expo

At Label Expo (Hall 7, Booth K92), Kugler-Womako will present new developments for both the cutting of plastic labels as well as a concept for efficient label matrix removal for pressure sensitive labels.

For over 10 years, the LabelCut 102 from Kugler-Womako has been used throughout the world and enables customers to professionally convert wet glue labels from reels into strip piles. Kugler-Womako is building upon this successful technology: Its new development, a cutting capability for plastic labels, is targeted to the stringent requirements of this demanding niche market.

The LabelCut 102 is a precision cutting machine for pre-printed paper reels. It was designed to produce wet glue labels cost-effectively in large volumes. It is especially useful for the precision cutting of pre-printed reels to produce bundled, packaged label piles, as well as for cutting soft cigarette packaging. The LabelCut 102 processes paper, metallic paper, BOPP and other films. The LabelCut cuts plastic labels with a thickness of 50 μm to 105 μm at a speed of 2,000 cuts/min or 200 m/min. Even at the highest speed, the cutting accuracy is +/- 0.1 mm, both longitudinally as well as transversely. This is a performance that is even unmatched with paper. Nicolas Herd, Technical Director at Kugler-Womako, describes the new development as follows: 

"To meet our usual quality standards, even with these delicate materials, we have adjusted almost all individual stations." The company developed a collating area that makes it possible to collect sensitive plastic labels in strips smoothly and precisely. Even during operation, the collating area can be adjusted from outside to millimeter accuracy. "To meet the tolerance range of the connected machines, exact positioning of the strip piles, which are up to 110 mm high, is critical," says Herd.

Another innovation of the Southern German company focuses on efficient label matrix removal for pressure sensitive labels. Especially for the thin and attractive "no label look" labels, it is difficult to achieve significant precision, particularly at high speeds. With its new concept, Kugler-Womako meets this challenge. Its solution for the converting of thinner label webs reaches a speed of 200 m/min and a width of 650 mm, without damaging the substrate. "Together with our customers and industry partners, we have developed a highly efficient concept for the label market and are now eagerly awaiting feedback from the knowledgeable audience at Label Expo," says Dr. Hakan Ispaylar, Managing Director of Kugler-Womako.