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Monday, June 11, 2012

Impressive installation of a 10” MA 2200 at Prakash Hitek

Baddi’s fast growing self adhesive labels manufacturer, Prakash Hitek has recently gone into an expansion mode with a new plant. The company’s fast-paced growth, along with its need to deliver high quality labels efficiently and consistently to its most demanding customers, led them to add a high end flexo press. Prakash who has all along been happy with local made machines had to select from an array of high end flexo presses to meet this demand. Naturally when the time for selection came, Sanjay Bhasin of Prakash Hitek could think of none other than the tried and tested Mark Andy. To meet the needs of the fast growing label market, Prakash Hitek chose to buy the highly economical and user-friendly Mark Andy 10” 8 Color MA 2200. The recent installation is testimony to the trust that Sanjay Bhasin has on Mark Andy and Flexo Image Graphics (FIG).

Sanjay who oversees the developments in its label printing division is very satisfied with the Mark Andy 10” 8 Color MA 2200 and its exemplary printing capabilities. “We purchased the MA 2200 to upgrade our current printing operation and the quality of work that has been produced by the press has so far been impressive. One of the most flexible and productive presses on the market today, the 8 colour 10” Mark Andy 2200 press installed at our plant provides maximum versatility and flexibility and supports our existing business. The potential of the machine is almost immeasurable and the new press is fulfilling the extremely high demands and complex requirements of our greatly changing market. Our customers are happy and we are happy!” says Sanjay Bhasin.

Designed to enable the production of labels for diverse applications, the MA 2200 is based on a building block concept that allows it to be assembled to your specifications to meet your needs. Additional modules can always be added as your business and market opportunities change and grow. The system can be equipped with 12 or more print stations, with additional modules for die cutting, punching, perforating, rewinding, sheeting, folding and conveying.

According to Sanjay, “A company with a specialist and innovative orientation, the right technology mix for the highest requirements of our most discerning customers is foremost on our agenda. And the MA 2200 has proven itself to be our ideal partner to make a reality of our most complex performance targets. The creative possibilities appeals not only to the numerous and very demanding customers, but its wide spectrum of combinable finishes makes it competitive in the printing of short and medium runs of difficult jobs on different materials as well.”

From the automotive, industrial, health and beauty, pharma to wine and spirits, food and beverage to the general consumer market, the MA 2200 can produce labels according to the requirements of the different markets. In a variety of sizes and shapes, the labels can be designed to provide key product information, brand information, instruction as to the intended use, function or protection of the product. At the same time, the labeling ensures that  the package remains attractive like in the food and beverage, and cosmetic markets or even resistant to different elements and environmental conditions for instance in the automobile and industrial markets.  

“The MA 2200 is the converting system of preference with the features you want and need >>at a price that makes sense for you<<,” says Gourav Roy, MD, Flexo Image Graphics. “The Mark Andy 2200 was the first narrow-web press to incorporate the revolutionary "QC" quick change inking system. Today, our 2200 is still the high demand press with a versatility that allows it to be used for a wide variety of converting applications employing pressure sensitive stock, paper, foil, gummed stock, heat seal material, light weight tag and data processing stock, plus print both sides of the web in a single pass,” added Gourav Roy.

“I’ve known Mark Andy and FIG for a long time, though this is the first time we have been working together,” affirms Sanjay “and I have always judged it a serious and modern company with a special dedication to innovation. But after the installation, my thoughts were confirmed and re-affirmed. This is just the continuation of a close co-operation with FIG & Mark Andy and we might as well look forward to add some new installations as the demands for the label and packaging markets in our fold increases, added Sanjay.

“It goes without saying that the technical team of FIG and Mark Andy have been very impressed by this new installation, especially the production environment that Praksah Hitek has created for the MA 2200. Also, the preparation that they have put in to staff training will stand them in good stead to add to their customers’ success story. Mark Andy’s installation engineers were happy to prepare the staff to achieve the quality and productivity to fulfill their customers’ needs,” says I.M Shelvam, CSD Director.

The positive response from Prakash Hitek and other converters as regards to the MA 2200 has been overwhelming. The MA 2200 not only offers customers improved quality and increased productivity across a variety of applications, but with the 2200's newfound capability with filmic substrates, it has been of particular interest to printers and converters. With the demand for packaging products printed on unsupported film continuing to drive world markets, the MA 2200 opens a whole new field of applications for converters who are finding profit margins under severe pressure in their traditional self adhesive label markets. 

“And, if you thought you couldn't afford Mark Andy quality, think again. Now more than ever, with the need to stay competitive, to deliver consistent quality, and to invest wisely, you can’t afford to own anything else,” sums up Sheetal Mishra, VP Marketing.