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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Asian Paints expresses immense satisfaction with P.E. Labellers's labelling machines

The largest Indian paint manufacturing site being the third one from the dimensional point of view in the whole Asian territory (last year, this manufacturer has added fifteen new production lines), has expressed its satisfaction with the systems P.E. Labellers supplied them with in 2009; in 2011, the company bought eleven new machines being the same as the previously supplied ones.

The orientation systems being mounted on P.E. Labellers's labelling machines are among the most effective systems in the market; if combined with plates handling systems by means of integrated servo drives, such systems are able to ensure an excellent application quality, even in case of special containers.

The aforementioned orientation systems can also be utilized without combining them with labelling stations. As example we can mention the eleven orientation systems Asian Paints - India - has been supplied with. They are equipped with a system consisting of five centring cameras + one print control camera and integrated servo drives; such orientation systems are able to orientate containers at a speed = 8,000p/h. This is the evidence P.E. Labellers is willing to meet even the most demanding customer needs.
Five linear self-adhesive Packlab labellers have also been installed in production lines for 10 and 20 litre buckets, along with the eleven machines supplied by P.E. Labellers. Packlab labellers apply the label onto empty containers; they have a dual orientation system equipped with cameras, thermal transfer overprinting, label presence inspection equipment (also equipped with camera) as well as rejection of all non-conforming containers. Packlab also recently supplied Asian Paints with three labelling machines same as the aforementioned ones.

Asian Paints and many other customers derive benefit from having both companies as one and only supplier: common spare parts and personnel training, effective and timely customer service, reliability and professional competence of two leading companies having a several years' experience in the bottling machines sector.