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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Comexi and Vishal Containers strengthen the commercial relationship thanks to the successful Flexo EB technology

The Indian company has acquired a Comexi F2 MP, a hybrid flexo machine prepared for the market trend of flexible packaging.

Comexi, global leading supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, and Vishal Containers Ltd., a packaging solutions company from India, have strengthened their commercial relationship with the acquisition by the Indian company of a Comexi F2 MP, a hybrid flexo machine prepared for the market trend of flexible packaging. This purchase represents a step forward for Comexi in its commitment to consolidate itself as a reference in the flexographic technology market, while for Vishal Containers Ltd. it represents its first investment in flexographic presses, since until now they were gravure specialists.

The Indian company, which has several gravure machines, has decided to take the step to flexographic technology and has done so by betting for the first time on a hybrid Comexi machine with which they will be able to print with Solvent Base (SB), Water Base (WB) and Electron Beam (EB) technologies. This step allows Vishal Containers Ltd. to adapt to the new trend of the Indian market, which opts for flexographic technology to the detriment of gravure printing.

"We are proud to be able to install a machine with these characteristics in India", explains Jordi Puig, technical director of the Flexo business unit of Comexi, who adds that Vishal becomes "the first Indian client that has this technology, and the sixth in the world". In this sense, Vishal Patel, Director of Vishal Containers Ltd., expresses its satisfaction for being "pioneers in our country and betting on a sustainable technology that will bring added value to our products ".

Fran Perez, India and Middle East area manager, states that “as a leading company of flexible packaging machinery we are really satisfied to offer this disruptive technology which will be a turning point in the area”.

The importance of sustainability for Comexi
The environment is one of the major concerns of the government of India, a country that is committed to eliminating plastics for single use within next years. Comexi is no stranger to this issue and has made sustainability one of its major bets present and future. The company has carried out a pioneering initiative to integrate for the first-time environmental impact studies in its core business with the aim to know and communicate at all times these impacts throughout the value chain of the manufacture of a flexographic printing product. Through the implementation of Eco-design in their products, a circular economy strategy is established to provide its customers with products that are respectful of the environment throughout their life cycle.

The Comexi F2 MP hybrid is a machine fully adapted to print solvent-based, water-based and curable EB inks, a technology in which Comexi is a pioneer. It is prepared for the future following the line of sustainability and circular economy and can be adapted to all possible changes and trends that may exist in the flexible packaging market. Born from the union of the Comexi F2 MP, designed to meet the printing needs of the longer runs of the flexible packaging sector for the retail and wholesale channel, and the Comexi F2 WB, the perfect solution for sustainable printing, of medium and long runs, in water-based inks without sacrificing speed and / or quality.

Vishal Containers Ltd. is a company with more than 30 years of experience whose main objective is to provide its customers with total packaging solutions under one roof. Located in an industrial area near Ahmedabad, one of its lines of work is the confectionery packaging material, among many others. The acquisition of the Comexi F2 MP hybrid represents for the Indian company its first commitment to a European machine, and they have decided to take the step for the trust generated with the Comexi team, as well as for the security of having the first quality service in flexo technology that Comexi offers in India.