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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Xeikon Panther Technology achieves UL Certification with Flexcon Films

Xeikon’s Panther technology has achieved UL certification in combination with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an internationally recognised safety science company. This certification allows Xeikon and FLEXcon to use the UL mark on their products.

Xeikon's Panther technology is specifically designed to work with its Panther series of presses the PX3000 and PX2000. The UV-inkjet presses use PantherCure UV inks that offer a glossy, tactile finish and eliminate the need to varnish specific substrates, while offering great durability and chemical, mechanical resistance.

The durability of PantherCure UVinks for scuff, scratch, chemical, temperature and sunlight meets the needs for customers in the health and beauty, household, chemical and industrial markets. This certification confirms that the UVink is also suite for some of the most demand durable labels used in automotive, electronics, etc. It helps widen the diverse market for self-adhesive label applications including digitally printed labels, previously produced on UV flexo or screen-print, where a glossy appearance and tactile look and feel is desired, or a high durability requirement for respectively the health and beauty and industrial end-use.

The Xeikon PX3000 has been certified with FLEXcon’s pressure-sensitive film product line FLEXcon COMPUcal EXCEL 20440, 21440 and 22440 and the gloss top coated 2.0 mm clear polyester film FLEXcon DPM UVIJ PC, UVIJ PW and UVIJ 1FW. FLEXcon, which has built a strong relationship with UL, works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and converters to simplify and expedite the UL compliance process.

Ron Ducharme, Market Development for FLEXcon, said Xeikon’s Panther technology has been put through extensive testing to determine whether the printed labels are durable enough to meet the UL safety requirements. He states: "Labels have to be durable enough to last the life of the product and the Panther technology performed well on film under rigorous conditions.”

“Our Panther technology and PantherCure UV ink have been developed in response industry demand and to meet the needs of brand owners and label converters," said Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Product Marketing. "It is part of our strategy to create the broadest digital print production portfolio supported by the most dedicated and responsive converting, workflow and service solutions. We have added the dedicated UV inkjet press Panther Series to our portfolio, supported by additional post press protection (e.g. varnish or laminates), to better serve today’s demanding market requirements. It is another example of our dedication and delivering products which are designed for specific end-use market. We are delighted that UL agrees and look forward to helping customers further meet end user demands with industry tested and certified solutions.”