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Eminence Business Media

Friday, September 30, 2011

DIGILINE delivers Versatile Printing at LabelExpo 2011

Rapid job changeovers and minimised downtime from Atlantic Zeiser’s responsive integrated solutions guarantee quality-assured delivery of high-speed security printing applications. Seamless changeovers and versatile job capabilities are fundamental in helping today’s label printer meet increasingly tighter turnaround times with more specialised and creative print. That is why Atlantic Zeiser has further developed its highly responsive, flexible, integrated DIGILINE Web 300 to meet an array of printing demands as demonstrated with the DELTA 105i and GAMMA 70 P at LabelExpo 2011, Brussels, hall 11, stand R95.

An added benefit of the modularity of these complete solutions is that practical applications are limited only by the customer’s requirements. Atlantic Zeiser’s Vice President Digital Systems Ralf Hipp comments: “To successfully produce high quality print and ensure customer happiness requires printers to be able to adapt swiftly to changing demands while delivering guaranteed quality assurance. With our modular solutions we can meet various requirements from tax labels, lottery tickets, event tickets and labels.”

Comparable to common printing technologies with printing width of 300mm, a resolution of up to 600 dpi and at a top speed of up to 150 m/minute, the DIGILINE Web solution consists of a modular continuous feed unit, digital inkjet printers, curing technology and controller unit. It has an automatic splice station that detects, marks and splices printing errors within the production process and continues the print job seamlessly. Its modularity ensures cost efficiency for printing, coding, serialisation and personalisation; even with late stage customization and just-in-time production.

To highlight a number of the most popular options, as well as additional ways to win new business, Atlantic Zeiser will be showcasing three applications. They include integrating with the greyscale printer DELTA 105i to print from roll to roll. The solution also features the camera-based verification system, VERICAM, to check the quality of printed data in real time, guaranteeing zero-defects in the end product.

The second, also using the DELTA 105i, will individually print and code from the roll industrial labels from its partner, 3M. The 3M labels are made from a liquid-repellent special plastic used in the chemical industry. The third, with a GAMMA 70 P full-colour printing module for CMYK inkjet printing, will print industrial labels for another self-adhesive 3M high-performance film.

Hipp adds: “Security print service providers increasingly demand high-security, cost-effective and rapid coding and serialisation using variable data. Industrial digital printing provides precisely these options and considerably reduces the cost per print.”