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Eminence Business Media

Friday, September 30, 2011

New software interface from GSE Dispensing and Cerm integrates ink flow into label printer’s planning system

Ink logistics solutions provider GSE Dispensing and Cerm, specialist in automation and business management solutions for the print industry, have co-developed a software package that enables the management of ink requirements to be integrated within the label printer’s forward planning and scheduling systems.

The new interface provides information about availability, costing and traceability of ink recipes and base inks. Cerm exports production orders and required ink volumes per order to GSE Dispensing’s Ink Management Software (IMS). IMS formulates the ink recipes consumption rates and return inks per order, enabling an accurate calculation of ink costs per order. This information is exported to the Cerm software, giving the customer an immediate overview of ink costs per order and recipe availability. This new interface provides many important benefits, which will boost the competitive edge of the label printer.

“Most significantly, the software interface provides total control of ink budgets, which until now have been a blind spot for printers. This will help immensely in improving the cost forecasting and waste reduction,” comments Peter D’Hondt, manager global business development and sales at Cerm.

Other benefits include the real-time information of recipe availability, enabling faster response printing. Furthermore, the ability of the software to trace inks used on every job to the original base ink batch number will enable the printer to meet strict packaging quality standards required for certain food, beverage and pharmaceutical goods. 

“This collaboration between GSE Dispensing and Cerm finally integrates the ink workflow into production planning operations. This development addresses the need for a leaner, more responsive print value chain,” said Maarten Hummelen, GSE Dispensing’s marketing director.

GSE Dispensing offers a diverse programme of modular gravimetric ink dispensing systems, tailored to the printer’s specific ink volume requirements, from label to corrugated board applications.  Its Colorsat Match dispenser, for flexo, gravure and screen label printing situations, has enjoyed great popularity in the five years since its launch, with nearly 60 installations worldwide.