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Thursday, September 29, 2011

EskoArtwork connects with wide range of partners at the heart of the label industry

EskoArtwork is presenting its latest range of innovative label design, prepress and workflow solutions at Labelexpo Europe 2011 on stand B30 in Hall 5, and cooperates with an impressive number of industry partners who recognize the power of EskoArtwork technology.

“While Labelexpo Europe is the platform for EskoArtwork to showcase our latest technologies for label and tag production, it Is equally a boast to an extensive network of partners that demonstrate our technologies throughout the show floor,” comments Carsten Knudsen, CEO of EskoArtwork. “We are proud that our solutions are coveted by so many in the industry, and happy to demonstrate how we link up with our partners to provide successful tag and label solutions.”

Digital Print Workshops (Hall 9)
EskoArtwork has been an enthusiastic driver of the Digital Print Workshops since its first edition at Labelexpo Chicago last year. The ultimate challenge continues at this year’s edition in Brussels with three competing digital printing technologies (Xeikon dry toner, HP liquid toner and EFI inkjet) lined up alongside each other to run the same label job. The prepress workflow and color management on all three presses will be managed again by the EskoArtwork Automation Engine that integrates all MIS and job information on the highest level. Visitors will be able to assess the advantages and limitations of each technology with regard to substrates, consumables, preparation times and running costs.
Digital Flexo
The EskoArtwork state of the art digital flexo imaging technology is shared with the following flexo plate vendors:
• DuPont (Hall 11 Stand Q25): DuPont is the long-standing EskoArtwork plate and plate-processing partner since the introduction of the first CDI system.
• Flint (Hall 5 Stand B45): Flint’s Nyloflex® printing plates will be shown along with EskoArtwork CDI imagers.
• Toray / Dantex (Hall 11 Stands R30 and S40, and Hall 5 Stand D20): Dantex, EskoArtwork's OEM digital flexo platesetter partner, will be imaging letterpress plates on a Dantex CDI platesetter, powered by EskoArtwork. Dantex will also demonstrate customer work using EskoArtwork HD Flexo.
EskoArtwork HD Flexo 2.0 technology, imaging digital flexo plates for near-offset print quality, will be on display at:
• Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG (Hall 5 Stand B50): An EskoArtwork CDI Spark 2120 digital flexo platemaker will produce Gallus Screeny digital screen plates live at the show. In addition, Gallus will be using EskoArtwork HD Flexo technology on two presses in the stand: a Gallus RCS 330 Offset/Flexo Combination press and the new Gallus ECS 340 commodity label press.
• Marc Andy (Hall 5 Stand C10): Mark Andy presses will be running jobs imaged with HD Flexo plates.
• Nilpeter (Hall 7 Stands L60 and L90): Narrow web press manufacturer Nilpeter will produce live samples running EskoArtwork HD Flexo plates on Nilpeter flexo presses.

Offset Printing
EskoArtwork prepress and color software, including workflow automation, complements the preparation of labels.
• Codimag (Hall 11 Stand R30): Label press manufacturer Codimag demonstrates a live integrated workflow from design to prepress; offset and flexo platemaking, and production heavily dependent upon EskoArtwork solutions. An EskoArtwork application specialist will demonstrate software solutions for labels and tags based on collaboration between EskoArtwork, Codimag, Agfa, CERM, and CIPPI award-winning French label manufacturer 5Sept Etiquette.

Digital Printing
EskoArtwork color and workflow software drives digital color printing for labels, and are demonstrated at:
• HP (Hall 9 Stands F65 and G65): HP and EskoArtwork have a long-term partnering and pioneering relationship in digital print development for industrial applications such as labels and tags, and this cooperation has resulted in growth for the digital label print market. EskoArtwork´s color solution is embedded in the front end of HP Indigo digital presses. A dedicated EskoArtwork demonstrator will show how HP Indigo presses are driven by EskoArtwork solutions.
• Durst (Hall 9 Stand H57): On display are the Tau 150 8C UV-Inkjet Labelpress and Rotoworx 330 DIVA/VDP, including an EskoArtwork digital front end (DFE) with integrated FlexRip, Color Engine (color management) and DeskPack step & repeat modules. The powerful end-to-end solution for short-run label production include prepress workflow software, a high speed liquid UV ink label press with variable data capability and a matching die-cutting and lamination unit.
• EFI (Hall 9 Stand H55): EskoArtwork FlexProof/E powered by EFI Bestcolor® technology will drive inkjet proofing devices without the need for an additional software RIP. The operator can be certain that the FlexProof/E proof is created from exactly the same data as final production.
• Stork Prints (Hall 6 Stand H40): Stork Prints will introduce its DSI press, a single-pass 4-color UV inkjet digital label press with in-line varnishing and die cutting. This press will be on display in its stand, featuring an EskoArtwork DFE for prepress workflow and color management.
• SGAT (at CSAT GmbH Hall 9 Stand F10 and Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG Hall 5 Stand B50): CSAT GmbH manufactures digital printing systems for pharmaceutical label printing, while Gallus will also highlight digital label production. Both utilize SGAT solutions with FlexRIP, Automation Engine Pilot, and Color Engine Pilot.
• Domino (Hall 9 Stand H10): EskoArtwork allows the Domino N600i digital inkjet press to link seamlessly into existing prepress workflows.  Designers can use familiar tools to design their labels and then simply select the printer to print them on.

EskoArtwork color expertise, especially in reliable proofing of brand and special colors for labels and packaging applications, is demonstrated at:
• EPSON (Hall 9 Stand H50): EPSON’s new white ink unit (SP-WT7900) that will be demonstrated at Labelexpo is especially suited for labels and tags. EskoArtwork and EPSON are long-time partners. On two workstations, EskoArtwork Color Engine for color management and proofing solutions — along with other EskoArtwork prepress and printing software applications — will be linked to EPSON devices, and supported by a dedicated EskoArtwork demonstrator.

Workflow – MIS integration
EskoArtwork design, prepress and workflow software can be integrated with many industry leading MIS / ERP solutions to improve productivity of the complete label production process. Links with EskoArtwork software are demonstrated at:
• CERM (Hall 6 Stand F95): EskoArtwork has a strong relationship with CERM, which specializes in JDF automation. CERM and EskoArtwork will be jointly demonstrating integrated solutions such as the one implemented at France’s CIPPI award-winning 5Sept Etiquette utilizing CERM MIS and EskoArtwork Automation Engine.
• Tailored Solutions with Label Traxx (Hall 9 Stand F47): Label Traxx, the print business management software for narrow web label printers and converters, can be linked with EskoArtwork Automation Engine and an HP Indigo press.
• EFI/Radius (Hall 9 Stand H55): The Radius MIS works with Esko Automation Engine as part of a total production workflow. Once an order is created in the Radius system, the details are sent, along with the one-up PDF file via a JDF message for proofing and, on approval, step and repeat. At each stage of the workflow, updated status report messages are sent back to Radius.
• Theurer (Hall 6, Stand F150): JDF-Integration of Automation Engine and theurer.com C3 MIS-Software for the printing and packaging industry will be shown. The JDF workflow integrates job and product data as well as status information.

“At Labelexpo Europe, a large number of companies are relying on EskoArtwork technology to enhance their business or production solutions. At the same time we are able to complement our solutions with components and expertise from other best-in-class companies. We strongly believe these benefits the industry by delivering true integrated solutions for the professional label and tag producers that help them become more competitive and profitable.” concludes Carsten Knudsen.