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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Honeywell introduces new line of industrial-grade barrier films for moisture-sensitive products

Honeywell recently announced that it has introduced a new line of industrial-grade barrier films for use with products and applications that require a high level of moisture protection. The new fluoropolymer materials, called HydroBlock films, offer class-leading moisture barrier performance at a lower cost than traditional industrial barrier films. The high clarity and strength of the film makes it practical for a wide variety of applications, from covering laboratory benches and sensor casings to protecting objects from graffiti. In addition to moisture barrier, the material also offers excellent resistance to chemicals, low temperatures, odors and ultraviolet light, making it suitable for outdoor uses such as signage. 

“HydroBlock is an economical film solution for manufacturers that need their products to withstand harsh environments,” said Perry Fan, global business manager for Honeywell’s flexible packaging business. “The same quality and dependability that has made Honeywell a leader in pharmaceutical and food packaging films are now available in an industrial-grade product.” 

HydroBlock benefits from many decades of Honeywell innovation in barrier films technology, which includes the Aclar line of moisture barrier films for pharmaceutical packaging and Capran nylon films for food packaging. The new polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) film is a more cost-effective alternative to fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) and polyvinyldene fluoride (PVDF) films, and provides a higher moisture barrier and equal chemical resistance. It is not intended for use in food or medical applications. 

Honeywell barrier films are used in a wide variety of high-performance applications where materials with durability and excellent chemical properties are critical, including blister packs for medicines, food packaging, medical devices and aerospace components. For more information, visit www.hydroblockfilms.com.