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Thursday, April 12, 2012

AVT showcases SpectraLab at drupa 2012

Advanced Vision Technology, (AVT) Ltd., is introducing the SpectraLab module, their new ISO-compliant on-press online spectrophotometer for color and density measurements. It is suited for flexible packaging printing, as well as for the label printing markets as it allows consistent color and density quality in repetitive packaging and label images – within the job and between the same jobs.

AVT’s SpectraLab is an extremely robust, revolutionary system employing the latest technology in color measurement. SpectraLab provides a true inline spectrophotometric measurement of the printed colors on virtually all flexible and carton substrates.

SpectraLab is the only ISO-compliant spectrophotometer available on the market for online measurement of absolute color and density values of color, which is essential in package and labels printing. SpectraLab is an optional add-on module operating in conjunction with the existing AVT PrintVision/Jupiter, and the PV/Argus II Automatic Inspection Systems, or to the brand new PV/Argus Elite system. The measured colors are reported during run-time by the inspection system, on press-side displays for the operator to immediately take actions as needed.

SpectraLab is comprised of a Spectral Measurement Unit (SMU) that measures in conformance with the recognized ISO standards for graphic arts color measurement devices (including ISO 13655 and ISO 5.3). For better accuracy, the SMU is automatically and constantly calibrated.

Amir Dekel, Vice President of Marketing for AVT, states: “SpectraLab is truly unique in being the only ISO compliant spectrophotometer available to packaging printers for on-press measurement of printed colors. SpectraLab provides a significant value to press operators, because now they can specifically ‘print to the numbers’ supplied by the end customer instead of relying primarily on subjective perception of comparable quality. In addition, the system is completely intuitive for production personnel. Ready access to a wealth of highly accurate, run-time color measurements is a ‘game changer’ for process control and quality control. SpectraLab will quickly become a standard in the printing of color packaging by eliminating the need for inefficient multiple press stops and starts which, up to now, were needed for collecting off-line, manual color measurements.”

SpectraLab measures automatically by sampling user-selected points anywhere on the web: several points of the same color and/or a large number of different colors - solid colors and halftone colors. The operator-friendly system interface allows the operator to add or change measurement locations, adjust target color values, and customize other key parameters as needed, even when the press is in production. It can reliably measure dedicated control target areas or color regions of interest, as required. SpectraLab accurately measures color on clear and opaque substrates, and on clear films it can measure color printed on either side of the web. The SpectraLab is in operation in several sites worldwide to great appreciation by the users.

Gilad Dekel, Packaging Product Manager for AVT adds: “Using SpectraLab’s automated measurements, printers can satisfy their customers’ increasing demands for more detailed and more accurate color quality monitoring. SpectraLab performs absolute color measurement online that correlates closely with color measurements made offline by prepress departments and print buyers. Accurate color measurements can be made anywhere on the printed web at any time during the entire production run. Such comprehensive measurements thoroughly document color quality and also provide valuable feedback on press performance. This automated feedback will drive process improvement well beyond traditional quality levels.”

The AVT PrintVision platforms are Automatic Defect Detection Solutions, Press Control systems and quality control for web printing applications. With their Advanced Automatic Inspection software module and ergonomic design, these systems visually inspect all kinds of printed materials on the press – including flexible, transparent and opaque substrates used in the packaging and label industries. 

The AVT PrintVision platforms provide a visual indication of the position and the nature of the defect and guide the press operator to its source. Operators can then quickly react and correct the relevant problem. A colored light tower, clearly visible from a distance, informs the operator when a defect is detected.

AVT PrintVision platforms provide a variety of waste reduction and quality control modules, ranging from automatic and fast make-ready tasks, to accurate Delta E (ΔE) color measurement, barcode verification, repeat length monitoring and more. They also provide different sensitivities inspection to different areas in the print, target less pressure control, job verification according to previous master or to the job PDF, with built in reporting systems and many more options and modules.

AVT has a large installed base within the packaging and labels markets, and is seeing growing demand for inspection solutions on both traditional and digital presses. AVT has joined the HP Partner Program for the Indigo division.