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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Acucote Inc. celebrates 25 years in adhesive industry: Launches new interactive website

Acucote Inc. is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month and would like to thank its customers for their support over the years. To demonstrate Acucote’s appreciation to its customers and the flexographic industry, Acucote is making a donation to Appalachian State University. The donation will be awarded to the Graphic Arts and Imaging program, focusing in flexographic education, to the Department of Technology and Environmental Design.

The donation will provide the university with the ability to retain up-to-date flexographic equipment and provide students with real-world, hands-on experience. Acucote is donating to the program in honor of its customers to provide quality education and preparation for students with a future in our industry.  

Reflecting on the growth of Acucote, what started as a humble beginning with four employees has grown to a customized and commodity adhesive coating supplier with more than 135 employees. James, a shift manager who joined Acucote in 1989, stated, “We started with a handful of employees, and we all grew really close, it’s a family here, and it has become my home.” Brian, also a shift manager who joined Acucote 23 years ago, stated, “It is an honest environment, the employees here are good to work with, and they have made this business what it is today, we are a team here.”

Over the last 25 years, Acucote has filled a need in the marketplace with its customized products. Acucote built its business by helping its customers grow and differentiate themselves from their competitors.  The business development team currently advises customers on an individual case-by-case basis to develop specialty products, as well as service standard orders. Acucote has transformed itself from a general purpose supplier to a customer-driven, vertically integrated supplier. When established, Acucote produced a handful of commodity products. Now, it produces hundreds of custom and commodity products annually.

Acucote remains dedicated to working toward product solutions by delivering insight toward products in a timely manner and offering solutions at a competitive price. Acucote is looking forward to the next 25 years, and thanks all of its customers for the valuable relationships that have been built and the opportunities that have made Acucote a leading supplier in the adhesive coating industry.  

Launches New Interactive Website
Commemorating this occasion, Acucote Inc. launched a new revised website that provides customers with a resource to keep them connected to the organization and to the adhesive coating industry. Updated daily, the website provides insight into Acucote’s capabilities and the services it provides to customers.

Newly added features include downloadable face stock, liner and adhesive selection guidelines. Customers can also complete purchase order forms and submit new opportunity forms to disclose information regarding a new application directly to Acucote’s business development team. Gene Lauffer, vice president of sales stated “when we made the decision to update our website we had two goals in mind:  usefulness to our customer base and ease of navigation.  Based on customer feedback so far, I believe we have accomplished both.”  By providing visitors to the website with the most current Acucote product information, Acucote continues to build and maintain relationships with its customers.  

A significant benefit for the customer is the 24-hour access to Acucote’s products and services. Customers no longer have to wait to speak directly with a regional sales representative to be informed about products and services, and are able to receive immediate assistance from the markets and products section of the website. Customers can also review the latest product offerings by visiting the AcuChoice section of the website. Updated immediately upon any product change, Acucote customers are encouraged to review this section to identify commonly purchased items.

In addition to the extensive lists of standard products displayed on the website, Acucote promotes its customization abilities. “The new website highlights Acucote’s products that are common, but we have the ability to produce custom orders which are not on the website” said Earl Curran, vice president of business development at Acucote Inc.

Be on the lookout for phase two of the website. Launching later this year, an interactive customer information center will be available to provide customers secure access to view and manage orders. Features will include customer order status, access to invoices, credit memos and payment history. 

Acucote Inc, located in Graham, NC is a manufacturer of custom adhesive coated products.  The company focuses in the areas of brand protection, security, coupon, and graphic arts as well as a variety of specialty products used in the roll and sheet label industry. Do take time to visit and experience Acucote’s new website : visit www.acucote.com