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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Label-Lyte OPP Film delivers high speed performance for PSL applications

ExxonMobil Chemical has introduced new Label-Lyte 50ML580 metalized, surface-printable oriented polypropylene (OPP) film for pressure sensitive label (PSL) applications requiring a consistent, attractive metallic appearance and high-speed performance. Label-Lyte 50ML580 OPP film is well suited for applications such as beverages, health and beauty care, and household products.

The film features a proprietary ExxonMobil Chemical coating over the metalized surface which provides improved metal adhesion and protection. The film’s design also helps to prevent the formation of pinholes and crazing. The top coating provides excellent print receptivity for a range of ink systems and consistent printing across multiple technologies. Label-Lyte 50ML580 film is compatible with UV flexo, letterpress, screen and offset systems, as well as water-based flexo and solvent-based gravure systems.

The adhesive surface is designed for broad functionality and adhesive system flexibility, and eliminates metal transfer which is common in adhesive-side metalized films. The film also exhibits excellent stiffness for automatic label dispensing.

“The new Label-Lyte 50ML580 film meets the needs of converters looking for high-speed, reliable press performance and brand owners who require high-quality, consistent metalized labels to enhance product promotion,” said Kevin Frydryk, global labels film market development manager.

ExxonMobil Chemical’s controlled manufacturing process for Label-Lyte 50ML580 film from manufacture through metalizing to top coating provides consistent appearance and quality. This can help eliminate expensive and complex outsourcing of product supply.

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