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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fastest Color Control System in the Market Sets Standards in Commercial Printing

Retrofit of InlineDensity Control (IDC) from Grapho Metronic and manroland web systems – production-ready in record time

Clear corporate strategy: founded in 1801, the graphic arts firm Fr. Ant. Niedermayr takes a proactive stance in the market. The German printing and media house relies on highly automated printing technology and top productivity. As part of its ongoing process optimization, Niedermayr decided to invest in additional Inline Control systems.

Versatile talent: the Niedermayr media house
“Printing house” no longer does justice to the range of services offered by Niedermayr. The Regensburg-based company is not only at the cutting edge of printing technology, but has also developed into a highly versatile provider of media services in recent years with 65 employees working solely in photography and agency and online services. With a ROTOMAN press installed in 2002, an 80-page LITHOMAN and a 96-page LITHOMAN S, Niedermayr has boosted its daily production capacity to 200 million A4 pages. This is the equivalent of 250 to 350 tons of paper printed on a daily basis. Permanent, automatic Inline measurement and control by well-chosen and fully integrated control systems are an indispensable factor in the media house’s success.

Color control retrofit on the ROTOMAN
At Fr. Ant. Niedermayr, the current color control solution was installed as a retrofit on an existing ROTOMAN system. Together with several additional Inline Control systems, the start-up of the new control system could be accomplished in record time. The cut-off register control InlineCut Off Control and color register control InlineRegistration Control were integrated in the process.

InlineSpectral Control (ISC): global pilot for Niedermayr
On both the integrated version and standalone version of InlineDensity Control, full spectral measurement can be easily added to expand the system into the InlineSpectral Control solution. This allows high-precision, resilient color locus measurement at full running speed. Printed signatures can thus be checked automatically to see whether they match the relevant process standard for offset (PSO). Along with numerous other functions, integrated continuous materials testing of ink and printed paper can also be performed.

Successful start – the 2000th camera from Grapho Metronic goes into service
“We were surprised at how quickly the InlineDensity Control was installed on our ROTOMAN,” says Johannes Helmberger, Managing Director at Fr. Ant. Niedermayr. “The system was running at 100% after just one day.

Our press operators trusted the system immediately and are now able to devote their energy to other segments of the production process. We have now implemented our strategy of consistently standardized and reproducible production processes on our ROTOMAN as well. With the reductions in waste we have achieved, the system will quickly pay for itself – and that’s even before we factor in consistently improved printing quality. We chose InlineDensity Control from Grapho Metronic and manroland web systems because it has the greatest speed, stability, and precision in the market,” says Helmberger. “Integrating Inline Control systems in the control console technology from manroland web systems provide unique advantages in terms of efficiency, as well as operating comfort and effort. Now, we can’t imagine production without them. Plus, all newly installed products are fully integrated in the Tele Support Service (TSC).”

Inline Control systems at a glance

  • InlineDensity Control: The high-precision and fully automated control system determines true ink density values in a single measurement across the entire width of the web, and optimizes the print process while minimizing waste.
  • InlineRegistration Control: The color register control is the basis for optimum printing quality and precise color registers.
  • InlineDampening Control: Depending on the plate cylinder temperature, it meters out the required quantity of dampening solution.
  • InlineTension Control: The control function ensures uniform web tension, and thus reliable production and excellent quality during startups and production runs.
  • InlineCutoff Control: The cut-off register control uses a camera for high-frequency control of the exact cutting position via draw and register rollers, thus ensuring the quality of the finished newspaper.
  • InlineFanout Control: Provides additional non-contact compensation for fanout, a main cause of color register deviations.
  • InlineRibbon Control: Controls the lateral deviation of partial webs and ribbons.