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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Portuguese converter Codimarc buys first Nuova Gidue Combat MX2

Gidue is proud to announce that, thanks to the cooperation of its certified distributor JF ALVES, the first Gidue Combat MX2 has been sold to the Portuguese converter Codimarc.

Founded in 1997 in Oliveira S. Mateus, Codimarc represents one of the biggest converters in the Portuguese overview. Lead by José Sampaio, Codimarc is specialized in the production of  labels, coding and labeling for several referent markets : Logistic and Transport, Agro-food Industry, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry. Company’s mission is all along focused on the supply of integrated solutions that combine the most advanced hardware, software and services that involve any type of coding and labeling solutions.

“In Codimarc we work and invest a lot to give to the growing market demand the most transparent and credible labels. Our team of experts offers help in selecting solutions and technical assistance in order to give customers the most responsive, and effective financial stability.” commented Cristina Azevedo, Codimarc CFO.

The press purchased by Codimarc is an MX2, 370mm width, 8 printing stations and 2 die-cutting stations.   Gidue MX2 press has demonstrated to be a top entry level press, that provides high quality results and that no needs great investment in terms of price. It is a press dedicated to the production of labels and, thanks to its short web-path, it minimizes the set-up waste while high precision drive-belts guarantee a perfect printing register over time. The press requires no maintenance, no operator intervention and no specific greasing.

José Sampaio, commented: “Gidue MX was a good investment in terms of quality and price, the press is incredibly handy and the Flower head is a miracle of simplicity and durability. Thanks to Gidue narrow web inline machine, we are able to convert in one-step process. Gidue invented a very smart press, we were looking for such a product”.

Maurizio Trecate, Vice President Sales of Gidue, concluded: “We are proud of this investment. It is a success  to have Codimarc in our clients portfolio and we will keep on working hard to build a long-terms relationship based on customer satisfaction and mutual growth in the packaging industry also in the Portuguese market.”