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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Headquarters and Corporate Brand for MPS

In March 2015, MPS will relocate to a new state-of-the-art facility in Arnhem, The Netherlands and roll-out its new corporate brand in the coming months. The launch of a new corporate brand strategy which will be rolled out in stages leading up towards a company move to new headquarters in March to modern facilities in Arnhem, the Netherlands and comprehensive rebranding campaign solidifies MPS’s strategic international growth plan. 

New Headquarters with Lean Manufacturing
Located near MPS’s current headquarters in Didam, the building in Arnhem with modern facilities will centralize MPS manufacturing and operations, and offers a spacious demonstration, test and customer experience center to run ongoing demos of MPS press solutions. The assembly of the production hall will incorporate lean manufacturing principles of eliminating waste, focus on empowering workers; minimize inventory, and increased productivity, to meet customer expectations and requirements. The efficiencies of the lean production process and resulting lead time reduction will make it possible to build an increased number of presses simultaneously in multiple assembly lines.  Environment-friendly and energy saving measures such as LED lightning and heat-recovery are also incorporated in the new space design. For example, hot air produced from the cooling installations will be re-used as heating, and the exhaust will be frequency controlled to prevent unnecessary exhaust ventilation.

New Corporate Brand
The underlying philosophy of the rebranding strategy is MPS’s commitment to help customers excel by providing extensive knowledge, world-class service and product innovation to enhance the printing process. The MPS corporate rebranding strategy, which will unfold in the coming months, communicates a clear and uniform message of what MPS has evolved to be and its commitment to the future, with the integration of the following key elements:

Printing Productivity: Customers will achieve productivity in the printing process and in the final printed product when using MPS flexo and offset press solutions. Productivity is the ultimate result of the MPS operator-friendly press technology and service.

Core values: Solution-oriented, courage, high-quality, passion, and attentiveness are core values of MPS.

Operator focused, results driven: MPS designs presses to enhance the talents of operators and enable them to maximize their efficiencies and print jobs that not only meet, but surpass, the performance expected in today’s label and flexible packaging market.

“The next few months will be an exciting milestone in the history of MPS,” comments Wim van de Bosch, CEO of MPS. “With years of proven success, the combination of new headquarters and corporate identity communicates MPS’s commitment to our customers, the narrow web print industry, and future growth goals, at an international level.”

With a tagline “MPS. Operator Focused, Results Driven.”, MPS is a worldwide, well-known and high-quality brand of flexo and offset press solutions for label and flexible packaging printers. By providing extensive knowledge and world-class service to enhance the printing process, MPS helps customers excel. We improve the printing process and customer experience through product innovation. Through use of our know-how and capabilities, we can recommend press solutions that best serve our customer’s requirements. MPS has a team of experts when it comes to knowledge of the printing process and desired results in label and flexible packaging print runs. We continuously expand our knowledge through regular contact with customers and suppliers, in addition to retail specialists in the area of label and packaging design. We share and apply our expertise every day, and can offer a specific solution for every customer.