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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Durable Label Facestock Films for Thermal Transfer Printing

Innovia Film’s Research and Development team is bringing new technology to the surface to produce an advanced range of thermal transfer printable label facestock films for Variable Information Printing (VIP). Rayoface VTT61, VTT81 and WTT92, are coated films that easily meet the high demands and requirements of the durable label and VIP markets.

Offering exceptional value through the conversion and supply chain, these new films offer a higher yield than their predecessors, whilst maintaining or improving upon the films’ performance.  More importantly, in artificial UV exposure tests, the films’ new printable matt top-coat was found to be durable for >75% longer and extensive Thermal Transfer print testing on a range of wax, resin and wax/resin ribbons, found that ANSI Grade A & B barcode verification was achieved over a 10°C wider print head temperature range.

The new films are ideal for producing labels across a broad spectrum of markets such as Industrial Chemicals, Logistics and Transport, Consumer White Goods, Automotive parts, Electronic Components and Tyres.

Alasdair McEwen, Innovia Films’ Product Manager - Labels, commented: “Our new high performance Rayoface VTT and WTT films for variable information printing on durable labels, are technically advanced products that give real benefits throughout the supply chain.  Their extended durability (as proven by our in-house testing) means they are perfectly suited for use in applications such as Marine Drum Labelling, where BS5609 is the benchmark standard.”

Rayoface VTT (high yield, cavitated white) is available in thicknesses of 66 and 81µm (260 and 320 gauge) and Rayoface WTT (solid pigmented white) is available in a thickness of 92µm (360 gauge), for prime, durable label pressure sensitive applications requiring thermal transfer printing.