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Friday, February 13, 2015

MacDermid Printing Solutions introduces new printing plate package for enhanced white ink laydown

MacDermid Printing Solutions announced today the commercial introduction of a new digital flexo printing plate designed specifically for optimized white ink laydown in flexible packaging.  Digital MWW, MacDermid’s new “Whiter White Plate”, has been proven to dramatically reduce mottle, increase opacity, and produce brighter overprint colors. When used in combination with MacDermid’s LUX process and advanced prepress screening, the Digital MWW Printing Plate Package delivers a true step change in white ink laydown.   

MacDermid began development of the Digital MWW plate in late 2012 in conjunction with City Stamp Works, Inc. (CSW) as the two companies sought to determine the optimum combination of plate, screening, and tape for the best possible white ink laydown. After testing more than 270 different combinations, a technique for producing a “Whiter White” was developed. 

“Recent print testing showed an optimal result with a mottle of .35, an opacity of 65.2, and a lightness of 82, which compares favorably to that of 1.5 mil white poly, which has a mottle of .12, opacity at 82 and a lightness of 90,” said Ryan Vest, MacDermid’s Global Director of Innovation. He continued, “While there have been some novel combinations of plate materials and screening technologies before, none of these efforts rival the level of performance achieved with this combination of technologies.” 

Digital MWW is commercially available in thicknesses of 0.045 (1.14mm), 0.067 (1.70mm), 0.107 (2.72mm), and in format sizes up to 50 x 80 inches (1,270mm x 2,032mm).

Founded in 1922, MacDermid, Inc. is a global specialty chemicals company serving the diversified needs of the Electronics, Industrial, Offshore and Printing industries. The Printing Solutions segment manufactures flexo printing plates and equipment for the package printing industry. MacDermid is a wholly owned subsidiary of Platform Specialty Products Corporation.