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Eminence Business Media

Monday, February 9, 2015

Omron Automation underlines its prowess in industrial automation at SPS Automation India - 2015

Sameer Gandhi, MD, Omron Industrial Automation
Omron Automation India displayed its prowess in the industrial automation technology domain at the exhibition - SPS Automation India - 2015 at Gandhinagar. The exhibition, in its 1st edition, focused on all key innovative technologies across the realm of industry automation solutions that have the ability to reshape the manufacturing sector envisioned on the basis of the government's "Make in India campaign".

Commenting on the participation, Mr. Sameer Gandhi, MD, Omron Automation India, said, "Shows like SPS Automation India 2015 allow us to portray our strengths as complete automation partners and help in strengthening our reach and connect with key audiences - both industry and region specific. This participation is also a part of our efforts to accentuate Omron's presence in the Gujarat market."

Omron, being a pioneer in various industrial automation products, is well positioned in assisting the Indian manufacturing sector with its ‘total solutions' approach. Themed "We Automate!", the Omron booth exhibited the utility of all of its key offerings such as automation solutions for bottling machines , Vision & Safety solutions and the Sysmac integrated automation solutions that help crucial operations in manufacturing organisations especially in the packaging domain.