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Monday, February 16, 2015

ASPA elects new governing body

New members get leadership roles to help shape a new vision for the Authentication Industry Association
In its first-ever elections since its re-launch last year, Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA) has elected Mr. Umendra Kumar Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, Holostik India Limited as its new President. One of the founder full members, Mr. Gupta has also served as the Association’s President during 1998-2006 and then again in 2008-2010. Mr. Gupta is the only Indian holographer to receive the coveted “Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation” from International Hologram Manufacturers Association for his outstanding contribution to the development of the hologram industry.

The newly elected President of ASPA, Mr. UK Gupta, CMD, Holostik India, said, “It is a privilege to be chosen to lead this Association in a new avatar and at the helm of high growth. Since our re-launch few months back, we have added many new members offering diverse authentication technologies and are integrating their valuable suggestions to be more comprehensively representative of the common interests as an industry body. Today, nearly every industry such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG and others faces the menace of dealing with high-tech, sophisticated counterfeiting. Our Government seems proactive on taking a holistic approach to consumer protection and public welfare. ASPA as an industry body is aligned to support them in protecting brands and safeguarding consumer interest and our member companies are fully geared up to help industries meet this challenge.”

On being elected as the Vice-President of ASPA, Mr. Nakul Pasricha, Chief Operating Officer, PharmaSecure, said, “I am thrilled to be a part of such a progressive Association that is young and mature at the same time. As the industry morphs continuously to address the changing needs of brand protection, ASPA took the bold and proactive decision to re-align its focus with a vision of becoming a global voice of the authentication solution providers. And now, it is even more exciting to see the Association offering new members like us an opportunity to take on leadership roles to help shape its vision and future.”

The governing body also includes Mr. Arun Aggarwal, CEO, Kantas Track-Pack, who will serve as the General Secretary and Treasurer of ASPA, Mr. Luv Shriram, Managing Director, Shriram Veritech, and Mr. Deepak Gupta, Director, Shree Lamipack. The elected governing body has also invited Mr. Nityanand S. Shenoy, President and Managing Director, PRS Permacel and Mr.Mukesh Goyal, Director, Gopsons Paper Limited as two additional co-opted members. Immediate Past President Mr. Manoj Kochar, Director, Holoflex Ltd., will continue to be on the governing body as an ex-officio member.

Since its re-launch in October 2014, ASPA’s membership strength has increased by nearly 25%. The Association recently celebrated its 16th Anniversary in December, and aims to become the singular voice of the authentication solution providers in Asia and around the world. ASPA works closely with global authorities such as International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau (CIB) and Interpol, as well as industry bodies in India such as FICCI CASCADE, CII, ASSOCHAM and Indian Institute of Packaging. Recently, two ASPA members were also appointed to represent Asia on the IHMA Board. ASPA Code of Conduct mandates that its members adhere to the highest level of quality and ethical standards.