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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Sales Director at Pryor marks out global expansion

Alastair Morris has been promoted to Sales Director at Pryor Marking Technology, one of the world leaders in providing traceability solutions for supply chains, particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Alastair has worked as Business Development Manager at the company for the past 16 months, successfully achieving growth for the business in new and existing markets.

His new role as Sales Director will see him heading up the sales and marketing functions at the group, which sells to over 60 countries and has a UK head office, a subsidiary in France and a joint-venture operation in India.

He will manage a sales force of 10, which has expanded recently with two new staff, due to the continued success of the business. Alastair will be focusing on upgrading marking technology in the company’s mature UK and USA markets and increasing sales from growing markets in the Far East.  He will also be developing technologies to exploit new opportunities in nuclear and oil and gas.

Pryor Marking Technology’s Managing Director Neil Andrew said: “Alastair has demonstrated that he has the vision and the ability to lead the sales and marketing function in what is a very exciting time for our business.   He will be working to grow sales of our engraving and machinery business in our home and export markets and also to create and exploit new market opportunities.”

Before joining Pryor Marking Technology, Alastair worked in a Technical Sales role within the automotive division of Bosch, where he was based for nine years, most recently as Sales Manager.

An Engineering Graduate, Alastair has the technical understanding of engineering applications, combined with the experience in sales and business development.

Pryor Marking Technology is renowned for its expertise in developing bespoke solutions to ensure complete traceability of components. Recent innovation in developing fully robotic laser marking technology has seen the company increase turnover by 20%, with major new contracts won in the automotive sector.

Alastair Morris, Sales Director at Pryor Marking Technology, said: “Traceability of component parts is essential in so many different sectors and Pryor Marking Technology is much more than just a manufacturer of product marking equipment. Being able to offer a complete solution, from bespoke design of software to production and installation of equipment, plus servicing and after-care, is what sets us apart from the competition.   I am very excited to take up my new role as Sales Director to extend our global presence and to focus on further extending the business within key UK and European market sectors.”

Pryor Marking Technology, which was established back in 1849, started life as a manufacturer of hand tools, becoming the partner of choice for developing traceability solutions for a wide range of market sectors.