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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Color-Logic and HP SmartStream Designer Simplify Variable Metallic Data Design

A new video released by Color-Logic--developer of the Process Metallic Color System--shows how, when used together, the Color-Logic system and HP SmartStream Designer enable graphic designers to automatically produce white ink masks necessary for printing variable data in metallic using digital presses. 

Discussing the technique, Color-Logic Chief Technical Officer Richard Ainge commented: "Producing metallic images, text, vector graphics, or sequential numbers with digital presses on a metallic substrate necessitates producing a white ink mask for every variable data field in a design. This means that variable data printing in metallic was virtually impossible until Color-Logic developed a foolproof technique, enabling HP SmartStream Designer to automatically and effortlessly produce the required white ink masks with a simple click of the designer's mouse. A video on the Color-Logic website shows how to prepare files using Color-Logic with HP SmartStream Designer."

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