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Monday, April 27, 2015

Finat announces 2015 new technology webinar series

Finat, the international association for the self-adhesive label industry, announces a series of webinars designed to present the latest independent label industry knowledge and focusing on topics relevant to the future of the industry. Purpose of the webinars is to offer a convenient tool at members’ fingertips to brief them on management, technology and sustainability developments that may impact their business in the near future. The Finat Board’s ‘New Converting Technology’ taskforce is driving the webinar programme, and works closely with Finat’s Young Managers Club that also regularly organizes business webinars specifically for young managers in the label industry with the next ones scheduled for June and October.

The 2015 Technology Webinar Series follows a Finat webinar end of last year on the future of printed electronics. “Proactive knowledge sharing and supporting our members, as well as the industry in general on technologies, trends and challenges is an ongoing focus for Finat, as innovation continues apace. The webinar last year proved so successful that we felt members would benefit from more,” comments Kurt Walker, Finat President. “On closer investigation three topics stood out.”

Sensory Labels and Packaging 
A paper on Sensory Labels and Packaging will be presented by Hannah Hall, Research Manager at Blue Yonder Research. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market has become incredibly competitive and with the additional pressure from the retailers to support promotions whilst keeping retail prices low, this all has to be achieved on efficient budgets. The webinar will provide insights into the techniques used to ensure that brands connect with their end-user on a multi-sensorial, often sub-conscious level that drives loyalty. Brands are constantly looking for added value and partners who share their passion. Strong relationships with brands are built by understanding precisely what they need, paying attention to the smallest details, and through introducing new techniques that can save time and money whilst improving their product offering. The techniques discussed in this webinar are relevant to all sizes of brands – local or global, and are absolutely essential to their growth.

The webinar is open to Finat member company representatives - especially those involved in marketing and product development – who can register on the Finat website via this link.

The Impact of Good Colour Management
Marcus Ruckstadter, Sales Director at EU Zeller + Gmelin will look at why on site colour management is needed to reduce downtime and increase uptime; and how to understand customer as well as brand demands and their key drivers. Also the current challenges, along with the associated costs, printers and converters are will be addressed in the presentation. He will also detail possible solutions based on technology, not the human eye, and process driven financial and customer retention benefits.

Direct Print - A Threat to Pressure Sensitive
Corey Reardon, CEO of AWA Alexandar Watson Associates will expand on potential threats to the label market such as digital heat transfers on to bottles, replacing PS and competing with allied technologies such as sleeves and IML.

“We believe these are subjects our members are keen to get a better understanding of. It will help them to investigate further what the possibilities are for them, now and in the future. Individually or collectively, the information can make a significant difference to the direction an operation takes both in terms of investment and customer development. We look forward to seeing how members use the knowledge to make real changes to the performance of their businesses,” adds Chris Ellison of OPM Labels and Packaging, who is the Finat Board member responsible for new technology awareness. “In tandem with the Young Managers Club webinars, we are building a nice stream of new Finat knowledge sharing activity, all created to support members on their path to success and profitability.”